Shlomo Kalo

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שלמה קאלו
Spiritual Teacher
Judaism, Christianity, Absolute trust in God, Advaita, Zen
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Sofia, Bulgaria
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Date Left His/Her Body: 
Aug 30, 2014
Other Related Gurus: 
Rivka Zohar - his consort and disciple (former and well-known Israeli singer)


Shlomo Kalo was an Israeli spiritual teacher, author and spiritual thinker who published more than 60 books. Some of his works are published in 17 countries.

He was born in 1928, in Sofia, Bulgaria. Aged 12, Kalo joined an anti-Fascist underground in Bulgaria. Aged 15, under Nazi occupation, he was imprisoned in a concentration camp in Somovit. Aged 18, he won a prize in a poetry competition and went to Prague, where he studied medicine and worked as a freelance journalist. Before immigrating to Israel, aged 21, he was sent to Olomouc to train as a pilot. In 1958 he was awarded M.Sc. in microbiology by the Tel Aviv University. For 26 years and until his retirement in 1988 he worked as the director of medical laboratories.


The sharp turn in his life in which he got realized occurred in the first week of 1969 while taking a bus to work. The turn is well reflected, among others, in his writings.

1988 was the year when the extensive media exposure of his contemplative and spiritual lifework began. Since that time, messages and solutions to a variety of issues have been both aired by national TV and radio channels, and widely covered by the press in Israel.

More than 60 titles of his were published in Israel, some of which were translated into English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Greek, Malayalam, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Korean, Serbo-Croatian, Hungarian and Romanian. His writings include: literary fiction and nonfiction, novels, juvenile, a new genre- "The Documented Story" and discourses.

Shlomo Kalo died on August 30, 2014 in the morning in his house in Jaffa, Israel. He felt pains in his chest but refused to call the emergency medical services and dies shortly after from heart failure.


The fundamental points in the teachings of Shlomo Kalo are:

  • Adherence to values - not to lie, not to chase lucre, not to commit adultery.
  • Absolute trust in God, whose name is Love, and that whoever wins Enlightenment is awakened to see and to know himself as an inseparable part of Him, still being in flesh.

The principle is a sincere and persevering effort to live these ideals in one's heart, mind and deeds, at all times always, under all circumstances.

Absolute trust in God is an exhaustive answer to any question, a perfect remedy to any sickness, an absolute solution to any problem.

God - Infinity, Freedom, Love - as Reality.

At the time of the awakening there is no trace of 'fear',no 'throbbing of the heart' and no time limit. Happiness alone. True happiness, pure, endless which only he who has experienced it knows it. The Enlightened one is the absolute happiness itself. Freedom he is, Infinity, Eternity, Love. Physically the body stretches like a string, heat emanates from the area of the heart. The appetite vanishes. The sexual drive seems ludicrous. The 'I' has ceased dying. The Enlightened one is a living teaching of impeccable moral.



DAAT (D.A.T.)- organization and publisher

DAAT are organizing the publishing of Shlomo Kalo's writings and you can also check on meeting Kalo by contacting them.

D.A.T. Publications - Shlomo Kalo Publishing
POB 27019,
Jaffa, 61270, Israel
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Free of charge.

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by Shlomo Kalo


An extremely original and well-written book" Juliet Annan, Penguin UK. Many books have been written about the experiences of Europe's Jews during the Second World War, but few stand comparison with this account. Based on the author's own experience, as a teenage partisan interned in a concentration camp in his native Bulgaria, this book paints a vivid picture of the harsh realities of the daily routine. A varied cast of characters - ranging from sadistic paramilitaries to skeletal inmates engaged in a grotesque struggle for survival - is brought vividly to life. The style is terse, direct and uncompromising, making no concessions to sentimentality and eschewing conventional literary flourishes. Interspersed in the text there are quotations from various religious sources - Jewish, Christian, and mystical - underlining the author's belief in the survival of the human spirit in the face of adversity. "Athar" is a highly original, and worthwhile contribution to the literature of the Holocaust, a work of supreme authenticity and artistry. Philip Simpson " is rare to encounter such compelling book - a book that contains so many overwhelming emotions, an ethereal, poetic and yet earthly prose, Indeed... Athar is a unique work. unforgettable book of such tremendous quality" William R. Helms, The New Press, US "'Athar' is without doubt a remarkable novel - poetic, tough, moving and disturbing. I admired it greatly...Shlomo Kalo's wonderful work." Isabela Pereira, Bloomsbury, UK Shlomo Kalo is thinker, novelist and one of the most prolific writers in Israel. Some of his 80 published fiction and non-fiction titles, written in a variety of genres and themes, have appeared in 16 countries.

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Deeply impressed by his book

erez's picture

I haven't met him yet, I wonder if it is still possible.

enormous gratitude and respect

shira's picture

I have enormous gratitude and respect to this pure teacher.

An inspiring and modest teacher

avi's picture

If you read Hebrew than you are fortunate!

nourishing words- his book "the chosen"

sushka's picture

i have read his book "the chosen". his words were like honey to my heart. nourishing.

Omkaradatta's picture


I don't really understand nourishing words... it seems here even a piece of plain white bread has more nourishment value ;-).

OK, so did it make a permanent difference, or will you need more words soon? I don't mean to make an issue out of it, just asking.

Omkaradatta | Thu, 12/18/2008 - 00:18

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Less impressed by another book

david's picture

The book "The self as a fighter" is indeed splendid.