Shivkrupanand Swami

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Baba Swami
Samarpan meditation
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India, UK, Austrailia, Canada, Germany, Singapore, USA, Japan
Date of Birth: 
8 november, 1954
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Shivkrupanand Swami was born into a Brahmin family in India, and is said to have displayed curiosity as a child about the existence and nature of consciousness and God. Questioning the followers of the numerous religions, which he saw around him, He sought to know and find this knowledge.

This search continued throughout his early life and at that time he says that three visions regularly came to him in meditation: one was of the Pashupatinath temple in Nepal, the second was of a tall fair-haired ascetic and the third was of a little temple set on a small hill.

He led a normal life, completed a masters degree in business studies and began to work as a marketing manager for a large company in Calcutta. Then one day his work took him to the north of India where an unexpected bank strike interrupted his business activities. Consequently, he decided to fulfil his old desire to visit Kathmandu. The following day after his arrival, he went to the Pashupatinath Temple. As he arrived he says he was met by an elderly man who approached him, addressed him by name, and said that he had been sent to meet him by his guru and had been waiting for him for the past three days.

Shivkrupanand Swami is a pioneer of Samarpan Meditation technique. Claiming to have merged with the divine consciousness, he is said to descend to society from the Himalayan mountains with his wish to make others experience and connect with the universal consciousness.



- H.H.Shri Shivkrupanand Swamiji

Samarpan Meditation

Swamiji's main suggested tool for realizing the truth is the Samarpan Meditation. It is a simple way of Meditation which connects us with Universal Consciousness. It is beyond the realm of religion and is practiced by peoples around the world. Samarpan means surrender (of negativity, of the ego and of thoughts of the past and the future) so that we may experience connection with the divine. When we surrender everything, forget our physical existence and identify ourselves as pure soul mind become still there are no thoughts we are in thoughtless state.



Samarpan Ashram

Samarpan International Ashram is located in a natural environment along the shore of the Arabian Sea. It is filled with tremendous positive energy which affects on every individual visiting the place and the surroundings. This energy has effect on everything even the plant planted there grows at much faster rate compared to other place. One can easily achieve balance and good state of meditation in this ideal environment in the presence of Satguru.


Dandi is 13 km from Navsari, Gujarat, India. It is well connected by the Western Railway network. The nearest international Airport is Mumbai. One can get to Navsari from Mumbai by road (National Highway No. 8) in about 5 hours or by train in about 4 hours.

Daily Schedule & Opening Hours: 

The daily Ashram schedule consist of early morning meditation & evening meditation, listening to audio/video discourses and service activities (seva).

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One can stay in Ashram for one Year, one month, one week. Overseas sadhaks from different countries usually visit Ashram for one month together.

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All the stay and food arrangements are free of cost by the Ashram.
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Vibration has been true mystery as well as experience of Kundalini Yoga if someone is actually faithful towards Kundalini mother.