Shai Tubali

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שי טובלי, Shai Tubali
Spiritual Teacher
Nityananda Tradition, The Expansion method
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Ramla, Israel
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gabriel cousens


In the age of 23 Shai Tubali experienced an intense spiritual awakening and shift in consciousness. Immersed in silence during a retreat in the Egyptian desert, he lost his sense of personal self. Standing on the shore of the red sea, he was drawn into a blissful state in which consciousness was all there is. That consciousness became the one who saw through his eyes and also everything it could see.  

The years after this initial awakening were a process of purification and inner transformation leading to Enlightenment. During this time, Shai studied deeply the ancient yogic and kabalistic teachings under the guidance of Gabriel Cousens, a liberated spiritual teacher and direct disciple of Swami Muktananda. He initiated Shai into the lineage of Siddha Yoga. In the age of 33, Cousens recognised Shai as a fully liberated being. According to the Siddha tradition, no one can declare himself enlightened, only another enlightened teacher can give this recognition. 

As of today, Shai has been serving as a spiritual teacher for sixteen years. He is also an international author, thinker and speaker. Whatever role he engages in, the focus of his work and teaching is always the field of psychological and spiritual transformation. His active vision is a spirituality that does not lead away from the world, but rather straight into the heart of life: „It has formed out of my feeling that the concept of the ultimate reality as nothingness or emptiness and us being one with this formlessness doesn’t really work and even creates a disruption in the flow of light. I believe that to be a realized human means to stand exactly in the middle between humanity and spirit; between something and nothing; between person and no-self; between form and formless, spirit and matter.” 

As a part of his expertise, he is also the developer of methods for inner transformation, among them the “White Light Expansion”, “Power Psychology” and chakra analysis. 

In his work, he combines the inner knowledge of the East, Western philosophy, and Western psychology to help people achieve a deep transformation of both psyche and spirit. He has guided hundreds of seminars, trainings, satsangs, retreats and one-on-one meetings with participants from Europe, India, Israel and the USA. In addition, he has written 20 books on the subject of spirituality and self-development that were translated to several languages. His first book “The language of the body” was a Bestseller in Israel, his book “The Seven Wisdoms ofLife” has won the “USA Best Books Award” and was a “Book of the Year Finalist”. He is a distinguished authority in the field of Kundalini and subtle body processes. 

It’s Shai’s deep wish to bring about, along with inspired others, a much-needed shift in contemporary spirituality: An enlightenment that embraces all of our  earthly and spiritual aspects, with the heart at its center.



The ‘White Light for healing’ is claimed to be some sort of an empowering and balancing technique designed to direct a supposedly powerful universal energy into the body through the person’s chakras system.

During a session the instructor uses a consciousness-expansion technique in order to reach a high meditative state. Out of this extraordinary state he is able to transfer the healing – a deep energetic process which charges the chakra system of the person who receives with enhanced life-force and allows it to reach a state of balance and harmony.


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