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Fast Facts
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Other Names and Nicknames: 
Johannes Linstead (birthname), Guru Seva, Seva Singh
Taoism, Zen, Osho, Yoga
Main Countries of Activity: 
Dominican Republic, Canada, United States
Date of Birth: 
Place of Birth: 
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Sevaji is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga instructor, author, healer, Reiki master, Qi Gong practitioner, and multi-award winning musician.

He is the founder of Divine Earth which serves as a commune and a way of life, promoting holistic living and vegetarianism.

As a musician he has won numerous awards for his recording of Spanish guitar and World Music under the name Johannes Linstead, including being named Canada’s “Guitarist of the Year”. His albums have charted in the Top Ten on coveted Billboard Magazine charts, has performed for royalty, and has sold over half a million albums.

After a period of intense meditation, Sevaji says he experienced an awakening of the Kundalini at the age of 24. This awakening lead him down his path: to awaken and uplift humanity through the gifts of music and meditation.

Apart from touring around North America with his ensemble, Sevaji conducts yoga classes and retreats at his ashram located in the Dominican Republic.


Yoga (based on Kundalini yoga), Zen meditation, Qi Gong, Taoism.

A Loving Reminder...

To your friends be joyful
To your elders be attentive
To your parents be respectful
To strangers be courteous
To your enemies be forgiving
To the animals be caring
To your body be nurturing
To your mind be discerning
To your heart be grateful
To the weak be helpful
To the slow be patient
To the blind be vision
To the foolish be wisdom
To the less fortunate be generosity
To the earth be gentle
To the dying be the gate
To your beloved be faithful
To your soul be truthful

To all things and beings of this Divine Earth be Love.

We must shoulder each other in these times and put care into our actions, lest through selfish acts we create karma for ourselves and pain and suffering for others. There is only one path to your soul, and that is the path of Dharma. All others lead to sorrow.

We know we have gone astray when we have caused harm to another in body or mind. Through ego we believe the fulfillment of a selfish desire is more important than the confluence of peace, love and kindness. Buddha has said “an insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.” Thus, calm the ego and establish yourself in Spirit so that you bring happiness into the lives of those you care about.

The egoic mind is the root of harmful desires. Imagine a lake. The lake may be peacefully calm and serene, smoothly reflecting the moon and stars above. Suddenly a desire arises in the mind and a stone is thrown into water. All serenity disappears and the ripples from the tossed stone stone spread near and far, and disruptive waves travel on and on. One unguided thought born out of ego has this effect, that its waves of energy ripple through the causal realm becoming karma. Everything is caused and this leads to an effect or outcome; every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

If we wish to live in our truth we must cause as little harm as possible. Cause goodness to arise in your thoughts and cause love to be expressed through your heart. In this way, goodness and love are yours to fill the universe and then share amongst the hearts of all beings.



Divine Earth Yoga Ashram
Divine Earth Yoga Ashram
Sosua, Puerto Plata , Dominican Republic
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5 am - 7 pm

Vegetarian meals only, no alcohol, no drugs

Shared accommodations in ashram villa.