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Russia, Ukraine, Spain, Germany, England, France, Italy
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According to Sergey Rubtsov, his awakening took place on January 29, 2006. He was sitting in a room reading a Papaji's book. No more practices, nothing. Aliska (his 2 years old daughter) was playing, Oksana (his wife) was busy with something.

He remembers a moment when Oksana took Alisa in her arms - he noticed it out of the corner of his eyes, and then everything came to silence. At that very moment he was reading Papaji explaining something to a man who had been to many ashrams. So, everything got silent. He doesn't remember the moment and when he saw the consequences, from the outside and within himself, it was like a silent atomic explosion.

He says that it looked like a mushroom cloud with many surrounding circles. The space waved - "I really felt and saw it. I was divided: mind-body and 'I'. The understanding came: 'It doesn't matter what body-mind is doing, I know WHO I AM. That's it! I know! I got everything'".

He says he was laughing and crying: "How stupid I was, how couldn't I understand, the enlightenment is so easy! You are laughing without stop after that".

Then he saw a colorful and 3-D picture: "here stands Papaji (father), then Ramana Maharshi (grandfather) and then Arunachala behind him. That was my line of succession. I understood who is The guru whose grace showed - Maharshi.

According to Sergey Rubtsov, things were recalled and analyzed after several months from the described events.



The stages of the Path to Enlightenment (Awakening).

1. Birth within the human body.
2. Learn to speak, adapts to social life.
3. Pubescence after 14 years.
4. Necessary step: specific experience, which is called "separation of the observer"
5. Necessary step: feeling of astral body (nearly the meaning of Gurjiev), abiblty to move the astral body in space (work with inner tai-chi practices).

After these steps, you can take the road to Enlightenment.

1. Necessary step: experience of Samadhi.
2. Only after all previos steps: the grace of guru, Enlightenment.

Sergey Rubtsov



Moscow, , Russia
+79162125477 (Roman), +79060838459 (Nikolay)
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