Sensei Anthony Stultz

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Sensei Tony, Anthony Stultz
Spiritual Teacher
Navayana Buddhism
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US, Europe, Japan
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Altoona, Pennsylvania, USA
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Sensei Anthony Stultz is an influential figure in a new school of Buddhism known as the Navayana, or "new vehicle" that has roots primarily in Mahayana Buddhism through Zen, Shin and Tibetan or Vajrayana Buddhism but is unique in that it has returned to the roots of Classical Buddhism's focus on social engagement.

He has been serving as a Buddhist minister and counselor for over twenty years and is an accomplished public speaker on mindfulness practices and liberation teaching.

Sensei Stultz has developed The Four Directions, a new form of intervention that uses the language of psychology to illustrate the dharma teachings of Classical Buddhism.

After completing graduate school at the Episcopal Divinity School and studying Buddhist Philosophy at Harvard University he served as a Chaplain at the Penn State University Hershey Medical Center.

He is the Founder and Director of the Blue Mountain Lotus Society, a non-profit Buddhist organization located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Sensei Stultz is also an accomplished author of SoulQuest: Zen Lessons for the Journey of Life (2000), The Book of Common Meditation (2003), Free Your Mind (2007), The Invisible Sun (2007), and Mere Buddhism (2008).

He is a contributing author to Engaged Buddhism in the West (2000) as well as Action Dharma (2003). He also runs the Center for Mindfulness Counseling, integrating Eastern and Western counseling techniques.


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Free Your Mind: The Four Directions of an Awakened Life

by Sensei Anthony Stultz


Through transcending Buddhist terminologies, Sensei Stultz reveals significant insight into our egos and sources of unhappiness. Readers will benefit on several levels through the analysis and practices taught in this work.-Rev. Alfred Bloom, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Buddhism, University of Hawaii"Sensei Stultz is a knowledgeable commentator on the social ethics and practices that have come to be called "engaged Buddhism" he has enriched the discussion of the emerging Buddhism with his experience."-Christopher S. Queen, Ph.D., Dean and Lecturer on Buddhist Studies, Harvard UniversityAuthor and Sensei Anthony Stultz brings together the ancient wisdom of the East and the psychological language of the West, making it easier for those living in a contemporary society to understand the Dharma and put it into practice. Stultz explains the goals, details, and applications of the Four Directions and provides exercises and true stories that will show you how to:·Rediscover your true self·Understand your ego self·Harness your inner power ·Trust in yourselfFree Your Mind takes you on a pilgrimage of self-discovery that will guide you to becoming one with your true self.