Satyaa and Pari

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Satyaa and Pari
Pari was born in a village in the Greek mountains. In his early twenties, Pari went to India, following a call from within to search for truth and God. After meeting various Saints and ashrams mainly in south India, he was led to Poona where he met Osho and took sannyas in december 1980. Renouncing the world doesn´t mean renouncing anything outside was one of Osho´s main teachings for him and enjoying and accepting the world as she is. Pari has a unique way of reminding people of the simplicity of their own inner nature which is always silent ,untouched by any trouble, desire or anxiety. This is a gift of love we are participating in, where everybody regardless of background ,culture, race is welcome to participate in.

Since early childhood Satyaa was always singing and dancing, spending hours repeating songs she liked. Later she learned piano,classical and modern dance. Finished a musical high school and studied the visual arts (cinema, photography, painting...) in the university of Beaux Arts of Geneva. Loving her studies, still there was a feeling of something missing in her life and this deep longing inside led her to India where she met Osho and took sannyas in Poona in march 1989. By Osho´s grace she discovered a totally new way of life, a new way to dance and sing connected to love and meditation.

Satyaa and Pari met in the community around Papaji, who always stressed the meaning of Bhakti to thus recognize devotion as a direct way around God in us. Pari is holding weekly public satsangs at the Alexis Zorbas center in Corfu in german and english from may to october. Furthermore he is performing together with Satyaa, who has produced Cds with mantras and devotional songs. The rest of the year they are traveling together and giving mantra concerts at various yoga centers and festivals in Europe and the U.S.

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