Satguru Swami Avyakta Saraswati

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13/01/ 1899
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According to the biographers of SwamyiAvy, the identity of their Guru remains a mystery, very common in India in which many teachers remain unknown on purpose and only accept disciples by recommendation. Without adopting any ritual and without relying on any traditional religious conditioned custom, SatguruAvy challenged his path with pure faith on his Guru and reached the Moksha safely.


(January / 1899 - January 13, 1970 **) Indian TrikaGuru of Kerala
South of India.
 The details about the birth of SatguruAvy as they affectionately called it, are unknown.
The father died when he was five years old and his mother when he was six years old.
Since his birth (**), he was impressed by spiritual experiences.
His childhood developed in a mystical atmosphere with great awareness of the spiritual dimension SatguruAvy perennially found himself in very special samādhi, which led to the suggestion that he was born blessed.
When he turned 18, SatguruAvy became a vagrant yogi all over India.
Before the summer of 1920, he returned to the south of India and astonished everyone because it was said that he was miraculous performing wonderful cures.
 There SatguruAvy established a school that attracted people and devotees from India and surrounding areas
As a guru, most of the time he remained silent, although occasionally he taught.
 He became Head of Academics in AnanadaJiva Yoga.
 By carrying out training programs for yoga masters from abroad in very reserved, almost hidden, residential homes, as most of the illuminated true Swams do that continue to teach in secret, their priority was always the teaching of spirituality independently of religiosity.
 A devotee named PremaTulasi (1882-1945) compiled many, not all of his teachings, these wonderful archives were compiled and published in Kannada.
SatguruAvy had the power to transmit shaktipat directly with a single touch of his hands and through a special symbol created by him and based on a very specific little ritual
In 1940, he went to the Shiva temple in the village of Ganeshpuri and built his house.
 His devotees expanded it and it became the first ashram that remained hidden for many years as is the custom of some Swamis who secretly teach.
 Considered an avadhuta: which means 'he who is immortal', he died in January 1970
. His samadhi is found in Ganeshpuri
. His ashram, is preserved to this day by



It is an act of grace.
Through tīvra-madhya-śaktipāta - "Supreme Media Grace" who receives it is enlightened and liberated spiritually by itself, depending directly on Lord Shiva, without the need for initiation or instruction from an external guru.
This is facilitated by an intense awakening of his spiritual intuition (pratibhā), which immediately eliminates ignorance
Spiritual work starts directly with the activation of this process.
  This is the most incredible form of INITIATION
In this method the searcher simply makes the firm resolution to be initiated
  Firm determination is the manifestation of the seeker of his total devotion and surrender of his ego to Lord Shiva


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