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Mitcham, Victoria, Australia
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In 1996, at the age of 27, Sage says he had a sudden and unexpected spiritual experience after meeting his spiritual master that was to change his life forever. He felt that this happening was the spiritual embodiment of what he sees as an enlightened spirit that he refers by the name The Enlightened One, which he claims was pre-destined to come into Sage’s life at a certain time.

This happening led Sage to travel to India and Nepal in 1997 to reconnect and align spiritual essence with past and present masters Sathya Sai Baba, Ramana Maharshi, Meher Baba, and B.S.Rajneesh (Osho) and visit sacred sights such Hampi and Bodhgaya, where the Buddha was enlightened. During this time, Sage says he entered profound deep meditative transformations that signalled for him a new beginning.

Returning to Australia in 1998, Sage went to live at Samaya Ashram, in the beautiful Byron Bay hinterland. For six months Sage lived in retreat, living in a tent-then a tepee, absorbed in deep meditative consciousness. This retreat culminated in what he claims as the extinguishing of the self to a life in enlightenment to start a new chapter in the life of this spirit.

He says that after this enlightenment the beautiful celestial ‘Feather’ visited him and recognized his Buddhahood and took him to live at the Rainbow Temple.

Sage sees himself as the reincarnation of the spirit called The Enlightened One and associates himself to the linage of Bodhisattvas, enlightened Buddha’s, who have taken the sacred vow to awaken people from the dream of illusionary self. They come to awaken because they too, once lived the dream.

He teaches out of Sydney, Australia.



Sage's essential message is that existence itself, its very nature, is enlightened and divine; however, we have developed (or rather adopted) the false reality of a self that is always searching for self-fulfillment and completeness. This being an impossibility (because we are already divine and the self being merely a thought construct) has entrapped us in a never ending desire of becoming and the search for happiness.

Sage teaches the mind must inevitably come to the realisation that greed, ambition, violence and ignorance we see on the global context, is but a mere reflection of self-identified existence; and while ever we prescribe to the individual, a self existence, we sustain separation and division that begets ignorance. When thought (which is the basis of self) realises it is the source of the problem, not the solution, then there is a radical change in consciousness to which a higher consciousness governs and brings our life into complete order.

Sage believes the greatest crisis to our awakening is an over arching intellectualisation that has conditioned the mind to an exclusively thought based consciousness, obsessed with knowledge and information as the source for wisdom and the solution to our problems. Not realising thought is the source of disorder, society is moving further away from realising and living the essential nature of our being: enlightenment.

His teachings encompass the Eightfold Path to spiritual enlightenment which holistically transforms self-identified existence to an abiding, universal consciousness.

Rather than giving you new tools (which only condition the mind), Sage awakens insight, perception and a movement into awareness, which alone frees your mind from the confines of the self to radically transform consciousness and your life to a state of being that is always lived in the now.

Sage's essential teachings is the Eightfold Path to spiritual enlightenment which are given as workshops and talks.

The Eightfold Path to Spiritual Enlightenment (overview)

Right Aspiration
Right Spiritual Understanding
These two aspects are the spiritual paths

Right Knowledge
Right Meditation
These two aspects are the Samadhi paths

Right Food
Right Relationship
These two aspects are the interrelated paths

Right Livelihood
Right Lifestyle
These two aspects are the sociological paths

Each of the eight paths is like the piece of the puzzle; that when put together, becomes whole, complete and undivided, integrating your life as the embodiment of enlightenment.Therefore, the Eightfold Path to Spiritual Enlightenment is the embodiment of spiritual oneness.

Existential basis for the teaching of
The Eightfold Path to Spiritual Enlightenment

Life is one oceanic stream of awakened consciousness living in the timeless presence of the now.

Existence (sentient and non-sentient) is inherently empty, impermanent and insubstantial. Out of this shunyatic emptiness, phenomena seemingly arise and return in the glorious display of manifested existence.

This transcendental reality is realized when thought perceives the reality of its own non-self (anatman), which liberates the mind from self-consciousness, to the universal consciousness of being. This is the Buddha mind.

The self constructed reality

Through the Darwinian theory of natural selection, biological evolution of the brain and the nervous system evolved neurological and cognizant complexities in human beings that advanced thought to the seemingly, independent reality of a thinking self.

Thought being fragmented, established an ‘I’, a centre, where experience, knowledge and thought could take place that advanced security and permanence of the species in an environment of survival of the fittest. This gave rise to thought as the solitary (but illusionary) role of self monarchy.

Thought, seeing itself distinct and individual, conceptualized duality in existence. This led to the phenomenon of the experiencer of experience, the perceiver of perception. Unable to let go of this evolutionary past, the self still clings onto its perceived self-existence.

The self now...

We are still living this duality. Wars, violence, nationalism, tribalism, dogmatism, secularism, intellectualism and the myriad of self-fulfilments are outward signs of this self-identification.

The self fragments the divine oceanic oneness into the individualism of self-consciousness. Our unique personal name, individual experiences and sensory perceptions reinforce and strengthen our sense of self. The remembrance of our past, while projecting into the future, creates a sense of psychological time and continuity of existence. Desire perpetuates self-fulfilment.

The living of life through the self gives rise to an intrinsic fear in our lives that propels us towards the search of spiritual oneness.




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The Genki Centre
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