Sadhvi Chaitanya

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Sadhvi Vrnda Chaitanya, Sadhvi Chattanaya, Sadhviji
Vedanta, Advaita, Hinduism
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Sadhvi Chaitanya, currently Resident Director and Acharya of Arsha Vijnana
Mandiram near Valdosta, Georgia is a former Professor at the University of
California, Berkley and has taught at several US universities including San
Francisco, Oberlin, Oregon and Valdosta. She is a prolific speaker who has
given lectures and seminars at many prestigious events in US and abroad,
including at the Vatican Inter Faith meeting last June. She is also a resident Acharya at Sri Shiva Vishnu Temple in Washington, DC, currently doing a monthly lecture series.


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Arsha Vijnana Mandiram

Arsha Vijnana Mandiram is a spiritual retreat center located in Southern Georgia devoted to the study of Vedanta and Sanskrit. In the Sanskrit language, the word “Arsha” means “of the sages.” “Vijanana” means direct knowledge of oneself as the whole that is well understood and assimilated. “Mandiram” means an abode of joy. Arsha Vijnana Mandiram is a sanctuary for the understanding of oneself as free of all limitations as unfolded by Vedic seers. Arsha Vijnana Mandiram was founded in March 2006 by Pujya Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswatiji --an internationally renowned master and traditional teacher of Vedanta. His disciple, Sri Sadhvi Chaitanya, is the resident Acharya of the center.

Arsha Vijnana Mandiram is open to all serious spiritual seekers regardless of nationality or religious background. It actively seeks to promote religious tolerance and respect for diversity. The Retreat Center is available for any like-minded groups or leaders wishing to assemble for the purposes of ceremonial worship and/or the dissemination of teachings.

Arsha Vijnana Mandiram
2935 Beaty Road,
Pavo, Georgia , USA