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Fast Facts
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Other Names and Nicknames: 
The Power With.in
Spiritual Teacher
Nonduality, Advaita, Zen
Main Countries of Activity: 
Canada, Philippines, Lithuania
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Rimvi is a native of Lithuania, who in order to know more of himself, traveled all around Europe. After that, he found himself in Asia, living in the Philippines and experiencing more life experiences in the other side of the world.

He now lives in Vancouver, Canada.

During his travels all around the world, Rimvi had rediscovered himself and life itself. Wanting to share this with others globally, he had started his website *see links). He also currently holds local events within Vancouver to spread the message of consciousness locally.

In this new age of the internet generation, Rimvi spreads the message of consciousness through his online informational resource on conscious living and harnessing one's power within. Along with this, he also creates videos in his YouTube channel. His teachings are freely available on social media to penetrate those of the new generation of the internet. In this way, Rimvi hopes that consciousness can expand regardless of one's country, age, or community.

www.thepowerwith.in, www.rimvi.com


"Nothing that can be said will say more than silence itself."

Rimvi's teachings are freely available on the internet. He has written several articles in his website (see links) and has a lot of videos in his YouTube channel (see "View Video tab)) about self-realization and conscious living.

On Knowing Oneself:

"The only thing you really need is to Know Yourself. Not your identity, not your body, not even your mind. All of these are yours already, so find out: Who Are You, the One having all these things?"

"Find out the truth of who you think you are in order to know the truth of who you really are."

"Who is practicing to be yourself? You or your mind?"

Other Excerpts:

"Your attention is Your Energy and Your are Your Attention. Be conscious and aware of where your attention is during the day. Is it with you or is it somewhere else? If you find that it's somewhere else, bring it back. With every time you do it, your bring back energy to yourself."

"Do not identify yourself with your mind, for it is merely a tool for your life."

"All the good qualities manifest spontaneously in the true being of the self."

"It is only when you include 'me' in your pains or sufferings, that restlessness occurs. Without 'me' to be affected, there is only peaceful observing presence."

"Look and see: Is there you who lives a life? Or is it life, living you?

www.thepowerwith.in, www.rimvi.com



Rimvi's talks and other activities are usually held online for everyone around the world to be able to participate in. The links to these events are announced in his Website (see below) and details are also available in his Facebook page(see links).

Rimvi also currently holds local events within Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver Venue
Satsang Place

This is where Rimvi usually holds his local events within Vancouver.

Comox Street,
Vancouver, British Columbia , Canada
Maps and Pictures of Location: 
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