Rick the Immortal

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Rick, Rick Moore
Charles Bukowski, Nonduality
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USA, Canada, Mexico
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St. Petersburg, FL, USA
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Known simply as "Rick " or "Rick the Immortal", Rick seems to espouse a non-dual approach, but also vociferously claims spiritual links to now-deceased California poet/author Charles Bukowski. Although Rick has at times paid tribute to Eckhart Tolle and Adyashanti for spiritual inspiration, he seems most consistently to credit the somewhat-unnaproachable American mystic Vinny Pinto as "most closely resonant with my spiritual approach".

Despite the self-chosen moniker "Rick the Immortal", this teacher does not seem to really believe that he is immortal, and rather, seems to use the term almost derisively, in a fashion similar to that of Charles Bukowski.

Beyond the above, little is known about Rick, because his utterances are sparse and often confusing. He nonetheless commands respect as a teacher of a sparse and lean, no-frills spritual approach.

***This just in*** March 2, 2011

Rick has recently become aware of this site. When asked what he thought, he just smiled. Rick has asked me to post a message. Here it is: "Folks, I would like to tell you of a great opportunity I have been aware of since 2009. My colleague, Vinny Pinto has recently invented an elixir that will make a person Immortal. And as far as I know there have been no human trials. I will be willing to offer myself up as a guinea pig and be the first one to experiment with this major elixir.


Seems to be entirely non-dual. Has claimed that his views on The Divine, on Source, are largely in agreement with the spiritual views of the largely-unnaproachable American mystic Vinny Pinto (whom Rick has repeatedly castigated for engaging in what he calls "anti-advertisting" in order to keep would-be devotees from fixating on him.)

Traces certain aspects of spiritual viewpoint/lineage to poet Charles Bukowski.

Employs a certain amount of harshness and sarcasm, and bluntness, in his teachings. He often tries to shock his listeners/readers. He has called this useful for "shock value".

It is also said that he was once informally recognized as reincarnation of an ancient Tibetan Buddhist rinpoche.

I have heard from Rick, as of mid-June 2011, that he is in the process of writing a book on spiritual topics, and the cover copy that I saw bore a title along the lines of "It's All Lies!"


Apparently Rick was born in Florida, lived in Nebraska for much of his adult life, and in lower Missouri briefly, and he seems to now live in Chicago, Illinois in the USA, although there are rumors of a residential retreat compound in the highlands of New Mexico in the US southwest.

He seems to have adherents in USA, Canada, Mexico, South America and Europe. It has been said that two Hindu yogic gurus from India have paid tribute to him and have traveled to the US to see him. This story has not been completely independently verified at this time.

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Of the Charles Bukowski Tradition

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Now this one is hilarious..I love this guy already

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you love rick?

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does anyone know how to get a hold of rick

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