Ramakant Maharaj

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Birthname: Ramakant Sawant
Advaita, Inchegeri Navnath Sampradaya (Nath Sampradaya)
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Phondaghat village, Gadagesakhal Wadi, Sindhudurga district, Maharashtra, India
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Bainath Maharaj


Ramakant Maharaj, nee Ramakant Sawant, was born in 1941 in the village of Phondaghat, Gadagesakhal Wadi, Sindhudurga District, Maharashtra, India.

During the years 1962 - 1981 he was a disciple of Nisargadatta Maharaj and was with his master until Maharaj's death in 1981. On October 2nd, 1962, he took Naam Mantra from Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Until his passing, he was the last Indian disciple of Nisargadatta who was known to be giving teachings in satsang. He spoke good English and his teachings were simple and direct and were given free of charge to anyone interested. Satsangs consisting of questions and answers were given most days when he was in Nashik. The Advaita teachings were delivered with clarity and force. They were a living expression of the wisdom of non-duality delivered within the Inchegiri Navnath Sampradaya line of teachings, understandings and practice.

He lived in Jagtap Mala, Nisargadatta Nagar, Nashik Road, Nashik, Maharashtra, where his ashram called "Ranjit Ashram" is located. This ashram was named in remembrance of Ranjit Maharaj who was a close friend of Ramakant Maharaj and a frequent visitor to the ashram. Besides Ramakant Maharaj's devotees, the local devotees of Nisargadatta Maharaj and Ranjit Maharaj would continue to attend the ashram. Nisargadatta Maharaj would occasionally visit his disciples in the area, before the ashram was built 20 years ago. Nisargadatta Maharaj has said that one day this corner, known as Nisargadatta Nagar, would be very busy with seekers from all over.


Watch and wait! The melting process has started. So many experiences will happen that will make you strong. Don’t think or try to identify with what is Ultimate Reality, and what is not - is this it? (....or is that it?) Forget about the words ultimate or not ultimate. Remove these words. Your spontaneous presence is ultimate, your spontaneous and invisible presence is ultimate and beyond that. Upon your spontaneous presence, experiences have appeared.

What you are experiencing during this dissolving process, what is happening is correct. But you’ve not to question what is happening or not. It is the melting process marching towards oneness. Some types of layers of experiences are happening during this melting process that is dissolving you. In the ultimate stage, the witnesser, the witness and the witnessing are all totally dissolved. You are not able to witness anything. This happens - it is the outcome of the meditation. Why I emphasise meditation is because so many thoughts were impressed upon us since childhood till today. So the melting process will take some time and that is why meditation is required. Strong dedication is the perfect term - you must have strong dedication towards your self, dedication to the Master who has shown you that unidentified identity. Why do you require a Master? Because of Him only we kept up the teachings. Without Nisargadatta I would not be able to talk one single word. I would go to some God temple, some God this, looking for happiness and peace.. But now we have some strong foundations. What he (Nisargadatta) says is “except your Selfless Self, nothing is there”. When I see my Self nothing is there. What do you want me to convey? Except yourself there is no God, no Atman, Brahman. What do you want to convey. I am trying to find out the….?

Then it will be open. The door of Knowledge will be open completely. So this dedication, this conviction, what he (Nisargadatta) says is perfect.

Story of beggar boy whose uncle says you are not a beggar you are really a millionaire. The boy doesn't believe him and says “You are making a fool of me, a liar. Impossible!” So the uncle takes him to the bank and shows him the account with all this money in his name. Then having all the evidence in front of him he is convinced and accepts it. Likewise, the Master says: ‘You are Brahman, Atman.’ Why are you not believing it, saying: ‘No, you are joking’? How can you be convinced? In order to have conviction then you need this process of meditation. The effect of the meditation will be that all illusionary layers will be dissolved. All the illusionary layers will be dissolved. Then you will come across your Perfection - ‘Ooh….I Am That’….the spontaneous perfection….'Oh I Am That!' (He gestures with surprise) The Master is perfect. Therefore you are giving more response to Master. Because He has shown you Your Ultimate Truth.

It is not a blind faith. Because of Him only you catch Reality. You Realize, if you have not come across a Master you will like go here and there, (seeking/reading etc) this type and that type of knowledge, that type of person, guru, this master, that master. Except your Self, nothing is there. Strong! (He gestures with clenched fist). How to accept it. How to…..slowly, silently, permanently ...




Ranjit Ashram

The ashram exists about 12 years. The corner where the ashram is now on was occasionally visited by Nisargadatta Maharaj and Ranjit Maharaj.

Currently, teachings and satsang are given there by Ramakant Maharaj.

Several direct disciples of Nisargadatta Maharaj frequent the ashram from time to time. They speak the local language of Marathi but do not teach.

Ranjit Ashram
Jagtap Mala, Nashik Road,
Nashik, Maharashtra 422101, India
Nisargadatta Nagar
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Charles Shaw

The best way to reach Ranjit Ashram is by taxi from Mumbai Airport. KK Travels are the recommended firm for this (www.kktravels.com).

Special Events: 

Birthdays of lineage masters (Nisargadatta Maharaj, Ranjit Maharaj and others) are celebrated.

Daily Schedule & Opening Hours: 

6.30am-7.30am - Early Morning Bhajans (Kakad Arati), Talk from Maharaj, Meditation

11.30 - 12.30 - Morning Bhajans, Talk from Maharaj, Meditation

17.30 - 18.30 - Afternoon/Evening Bhajans, Talk from Maharaj, Meditation

When to Go: 

Late Sept till end of April, otherwise it gets very hot in Nashik.

Dress respectfully. Ladies are asked to cover the body (wear loose long clothing and scarves).

Accommodation is available mostly in a clean shared house beside the ashram with electricity, cooker, hot water, gas etc. There is nominal rent for the house and shared costs. Please inquire in advance.

Prices and Fees: 
Attendance to satsangs is free of charge.

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Books & Media

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I Am That

by Nisargadatta Maharaj, Translated by Maurice Frydman


Back cover This collection of the timeless teachings of one of the greatest sages of India, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, is a testament to the uniqueness of the seer\'s life and work and is regarded by many as a modern spiritual classic. I Am That (first published in 1973) continues to draw new audiences and to enlighten seekers anxious for self-realization. Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj was a teacher who did not propound any ideology or religion, but gently unwrapped the mystery of the self. His message was simple, direct, and sublime. I Am That preserves his dialogs with the followers who came from around the world seeking guidance in destroying false identities. The sage\'s sole concern was with the human suffering and the ending of suffering. It was his mission to guide the individual to an understanding of his true nature and the timelessness of being. He taught that the mind must recognize and penetrate its own state of being--not \"being this or that, here or there, then or now,\" but just timeless being. A simple man, Maharaj was a householder and petty storekeeper in Bombay where he lived and died in 1981 at the age of 84. He had not been educated formally but came to be respected and loved for his insights into the crux of human pain and for the extraordinary lucidity of his direct disclosure. Hundreds of diverse seekers traveled the globe and sought him out in his unpretentious home in Bombay (now Mumbai) to hear him. To all of them, he gave hope that \"beyond the real experience is not the mind, but the self, the light in which everything appears ... the awareness in which everything happens.\" In the humble abode of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, but for the electric lights and the noises of the street traffic, one would not know in which period of human history one dwells. There is an atmosphere of timelessness about his tiny room; the subjects discussed are timeless -- valid for all times; the way they are expounded and examined is also timeless; the centuries, millennia and yugas fall off and one deals with matters immensely ancient and eternally new. The discussions held and teachings given would have been the same ten thousand years ago and will be the same ten thousand years hence. There will always be conscious beings wondering about the fact of their being conscious and enquiring into its cause and aim. Whence am I? Who am I? Whither am I? Such questions have no beginning and no end. And it is crucial to know the answers, for without a full understanding of oneself, both in time and in timelessness, life is but a dream, imposed on us by powers we do not know, for purposes we cannot grasp. I Am That is a legacy from a unique teacher who helps the reader to a clearer understanding of himself as he comes to Maharaj with the age-old question, \"Who am I?\" Seekers were never turned away from the humble abode of Maharaj during his life and can still find their answers to this timeless question in the pages of this book today.

Cover image

The Ultimate Medicine: Dialogues with a Realized Master

by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj


The Ultimate Medicine is not for those who like their spirituality watered down, but for serious students searching for awareness. Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (1897-1981) lived and taught in a small apartment in the slums of Bombay. A realized master of the Tantric Nath lineage, he supported himself and his family by selling cheap goods in a small booth on the streets outside his tenement for many years. His life exemplified the concept of absolute nonduality of being. In this volume, Maharaj shares the highest truth of nonduality in his own unique way. His teaching style is abrupt, provocative, and immensely profound, cutting to the core and wasting little effort on inessentials. His terse but potent sayings are known for their ability to trigger shifts in consciousness, just by hearing or reading them.\"The point is that man freed from his fetters is morality personified. Such a man therefore does not need any moralistic injunctions in order to live righteously. Free a man from his bondage and thereafter everything else will take care of itself. On the other hand, man in his unredeemed state cannot possibly live morally, no matter what moral teaching he is given. It is an intrinsic impossibility, for his very foundation is immorality. That is, he lives a lie, a basic contradiction: functioning in all his relationships as the separate entity he believes himself to be, whereas in reality no such separation exists. His every action therefore does violence to other \'selves\' and other \'creatures,\' which are only manifestations of the unitary consciousness. So Society had to invent some restraints in order to protect itself from its own worst excesses and thereby maintain some kind of status quo. The resulting arbitrary rules, which vary with place and time and therefore are purely relative, it calls \'morality,\' and by upholding this man-invented \'idea\' as the highest good–oftentimes sanctioned by religious \'revelation\' and scriptures–society has provided man with one more excuse to disregard the quest for liberation or relegate it to a fairly low priority in his scheme of things.\"

Cover image

Consciousness and the Absolute: The Final Talks of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

by Nisargadatta Maharaj


The wisdom contained in this collection of talks emerged from dialogues with those who came from all over the world to learn the mysteries of life at the feet of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, one of the most revered holy men of India. The talks in Consciousness and the Absolute were recorded shortly before Nisargadatta\'s death in 1981, and translated directly to English with no changes. In a question-and-answer format, the visitors and devotees accompanied this great master during his final teachings. His message uncompromisingly remained the same to the end, to dwell only on our beingness, giving it no attributes, dwelling prior to our thoughts.


In Consciousness and the Absolute, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj speaks to us today and tomorrow.