Ra Uru Hu

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Fast Facts
Other Names and Nicknames: 
Alan (Robert) Krakower
Jovian, Human Design System
Main Countries of Activity: 
Ibiza Island (Spain), USA
Date of Birth: 
April 9, 1948
Place of Birth: 
Montreal, Canada
In His/Her Body ("alive"): 
Date Left His/Her Body: 
March 12, 2011


Ra was born as Alan (Robert) Krakower in Montreal, Canada on April 9, 1948. He disappeared in 1983 and re-emerged as Ra Uru Hu on the Island of Ibiza, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea, in January 1987.

It was then when he began a process of mystical deconstruction climaxing with his encounter with the "Voice", an intelligence that was far superior to anything he had ever experienced. This encounter lasted for eight days and nights from January 3-11, 1987. He was titled "Uru Hu" by the "Voice".

During that time, Ra Uru Hu was taught the basis of the mechanical nature of the universe. He was given immensely detailed and scientific knowledge; it even had its own language referring to particular kinds of human beings as 'raves'. As a skeptic, with a background in physics, Ra had no belief in anything mystical.

Ra Uru Hu died on March 12, 2011.


The Human Design System

The Human Design System is a new, unique and powerful system of knowledge. It provides not only a framework for understanding human life itself, but very specific knowledge about each individual: their health, their personal psychology, their vulnerabilities, as well as their talents, strengths, and gifts.
In its practical application, it instills confidence in those who experiment with the information it provides. It simplifies life and helps to restore a sense of purpose and meaning often lost in our modern lives.

Basic truths about yourself

You can get your picture, this bodygraph of yourself, for free. All it takes is your birth data – your exact time and place of birth. See this for yourself. There are those who can help you interpret it. Everything about you is in that picture. A person who knows Human Design could speak for a week about what is contained in that one picture, and yet it will take only a few short sentences to give you your type, your strategy, and what it is you’ve always been seeking. The bodygraph is a mirror and through it you will recognize yourself. It depends on how much you want to know.

Science is trying to unravel the secrets of our genetic code, but only in a general ‘one size fits all’ model. Human Design can be specific as to your personal genetic formula. This information is presented in a bodygraph with nine centers, which represent your mind, your emotions, your heart, and your intuition, and the rhythms and patterns, which govern your movement through life.

Human Design can give you a strategy for living your life authentically, as your self. It can tell you why you’re with the people you’re with. It can tell you what you’ve always been seeking and where you have been conditioned to be other than yourself. It’s not about changing who you are, but recognizing who you’ve always been.

You will come to understand basic truths about yourself that Freud and Jung could never tell you. They couldn’t tell you, they didn’t know. They didn’t have this tool. Can you imagine how Freud or Jung would have felt if they had a map of their own unconscious? That map is included in your bodygraph.

Freud and Jung speculated about a collective unconscious that we all participated in, but had no idea what a person’s private unconscious really looked like. If you had the time and money to go through years of therapy, dream interpretation, and stumbling around in the dark, you might arrive at some idea of what was moving beneath your own consciousness. They could have seen it in a moment if they had this knowledge. You can see it now. There are those who can help you interpret it or you can learn it for yourself.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and to have beauty in it. Wouldn't it be incredible not to feel frustrated and angry? Wouldn't it feel wonderful to feel comfortable and relaxed inside ourselves? Wouldn't it be exhilarating to actually feel fulfilled in our lives?

The Human Design System can bring about such a transformation. It is not a band-aid or a quick fix. It empowers you with very specific information about your genetic makeup so that you can re-gain trust in yourself to know how and when to act, what decisions will work best for you, and what is most important in your life.


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