Porfiri Ivanov

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Porphyry (Porfiry) Korneyevich Ivanov, God of the Earth, Master of Nature, Порфирий Корнеевич Иванов
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Date of Birth: 
February 20, 1898
Place of Birth: 
Orekhovka village, Luhansk region, Ukraine
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April 10, 1983


Porfiri Ivanov was an Ukraine spiritual mystic who conquered Nature, made miracles, and healed people.

He was born on February 20, 1898, in Orekhovka village, in the Luhansk region of Ukraine to a poor coal miner's family. His youth passed very much like that of other people of his generation and social status in Ukraine. There was a hard work in the mine to help his father to feed family, troubled years of revolution and civil war in Russia, a marriage with two children, usual concerns for daily bread and the self-education at late night hours.

Since his young years he was often asking himself: why do so many people suffer and live such a hard life? Why is it that whatever man does, however good living conditions he creates for himself, he can rarely escape illnesses and feelings of dissatisfaction and can never escape death? Is man doomed to that fate, or maybe there is a way to change the course of human life?

On April 25, 1933, as Porphyry Ivanov wrote in his diaries, a "new", "unprecedented" idea came to his mind, the answer to his questions: opening oneself to Nature and independence in nature.

It was necessary that someone lead the way and prove that the alternative, "independent" path does exist in Nature and it is not just a fantasy. Porphyry Ivanov realized that he was the very person whom Nature selected for this mission. "I have been required in Nature," he would write later.

So, at the age of 35, Porphyry Ivanov changed the course of his life. He started to go gradually without clothes, testing different natural conditions. Ultimately he remained in knee-long black shorts only. Barefoot and almost naked, he could stand at 30—40 °C frost, or spend a winter night outdoors wandering in the snow-covered fields. For quite long periods of time (up to 100 days) he abstained from food and water, exploring whether man can preserve himself by means of another source which exists in the surrounding natural bodies — air, water and earth.

Although his practices look very simple, behind each of them stands a unique experience of the man who passed through hardest ordeals. His way had never been easy. Eyewitnesses recall that sometimes he was trembling all over with cold. He used to say, "I'm a living man, and I feel this cold a thousand times as strongly as you do. But I take it with patience." What was even harder to withstand, as Porphyry Ivanov wrote, was the "coldness of human hearts". Most people did not understand what he had been doing and why. Because of his "strange" ideas and "improper" appearance, he was often subject to mockeries and insults. With bitterness he wrote, "People hated my naked body and said it had no place in civilization. 'Go away,' they told me. 'You are not one of us but an unwelcome stranger. Get off the face of the earth!'"

Soon he started helping sick and needy people. Wherever he went, he never refused to receive those who asked him for help. He cured thousands of people of such diseases as cancer, ulcer, tuberculosis etc. He raised the paralyzed, brought back sight to the blind. For his extraordinary power people often called him Master of Nature.

Official medical authorities and society dismissed Porphyry Ivanov as insane. More than that, as a "socially troublesome element" he was often locked up — a method frequently used by Soviet authorities of that time to exterminate all phenomena not fitting into official ideological and behavioral patterns. Porphyry Ivanov spent close to 12 years in harsh conditions of prisons and mental hospitals.

Throughout the years of his experiment (1933—1983) Porphyry Ivanov sought to make his ideas and practice familiar to a broad audience. He addressed many local and central newspapers and magazines, sought meetings with renowned doctors and scientists, wrote letters to the Ministry of Health, the Central Committee of the Communist Party and other organizations. However, he was constantly turned away and denied any access to the mass media. In the late 1970s, he was even put under house arrest at his home in Verkhny Kondryuchy village, in the Luhansk region of Ukraine. It was only in February 1982 that the first large article about the Teacher came out in Ogonyok, a popular Moscow magazine. After this publication which was titled A Half a Century Experiment, restrictions were eased and Porphyry Ivanov was allowed to receive people coming to him from all over the Soviet Union.

It was particularly in the 1970s—1980s that more and more people, looking at the life and deeds of this man, came to call him God, or God of the Earth.

On April 10, 1983, Porphyry Ivanov died. His body was buried near his home in Verkhny Kondryuchy.


Porfiri Ivanov developed a teaching of how to become healthy spiritually and physically, and left about a hundred notebooks with his articles, poems, parables, and tales.

He taught people what to do to restore health, as defined in a broad sense of this word: 'Health is the notion of life'. According to Ivanov, no medicine, no special physical techniques and exercises will help if your whole notion of life and, therefore, your actions are wrong. The only way to acquire the right notion lies through opening oneself to Nature.

In the core of Porfiri's teaching is the idea of independence in Nature and the practical teaching called 'Detka'.

He realized that people had chosen a wrong path of life. Fearing cold and severe aspects of Nature, we isolate and hide ourselves from nature and surround ourselves with a "warm" and "comfortable" artificial environment. As a result, human life and survival have become fully dependent on the availability of such artificial conditions. Indeed, we need food, clothes and habitation, otherwise we would die of hunger and cold. We need various machines and technologies to secure our means of life and make life more comfortable.

To satisfy our ever-increasing needs we constantly struggle with Nature and destroy her, forcibly extracting from her all we want. But Nature is alive, and she responds to this plight by her own means — by diseases, natural disasters, by making each man subject to death. Our selfish and consumer-minded approach towards Nature inevitably extends to the relations among people. The result is the continued spread of the animosity, mutual mistrust, envy, indifference and feeling of loneliness.

Yet, Nature and her three live bodies — earth, air and water — contain all necessary forces to preserve human life. We simply do not know how to use these forces, and Nature will not let us know as long as we wage our war against her. So, man should try to change his mentality and then his practical attitude towards Nature. Fear and aggressive self-centering should be replaced by love, trust and acceptance of all natural conditions in their entirety. Nature will reciprocate, giving man more of physical and spiritual health. Man will eventually become free and independent in Nature, needing no artificial equipment to sustain his life.

When his war with Nature is stopped, there will be no more victims and casualties on both sides; why should man have to die then? "There is no death in Nature. People have created it by their own wrong actions," Porphyry Ivanov writes. Dependence made man concerned mostly with his struggle for survival and left little room for higher aspirations. So, with dependence driven out, nothing will any longer prevent man from attaining his ultimate predestination—to get filled with the Holy Spirit and become an immortal temple for God.


Portifiri claimed that man starts to learn a new way of living in Nature by means of simple natural actions that were summarized by the Teacher in his practical recommendations, called Detka. According to Portfiri, cold water and other natural factors not only toughen up body, but they also awaken mind and consciousness.

Porphyry Ivanov never maintained that man can become immortal and fully independent in these days, or even in the foreseeable future. According to him, this is a matter of a long gradual evolution of mankind. Therefore, at present no one is expected to imitate his example by walking naked and barefoot — it is both unnecessary and unfeasible. What the Teacher himself asked people for was merely to follow his recommendations.

Portfiri's Writings

Porfiri Ivanov often spoke and wrote in parables, and many of his words require interpretation and many more of his works were written in the period of his development into the God of the Earth, as he was named for his life and deeds.

The most important works of Porfiri Ivanov are "Praise Be to the Lord" Hymn, Dear Child, The Victory of Mine, The Teacher Writes It, and About Nature.


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person seems, perhaps, naturist who submits the motto as saying----health is the notion of life.He used the natural forces to show magics of curing others when others were suffering with serious ailme