Pilot Baba

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Mahayogi, Kapil Singh
Samadhi, Mahayoga, Yoga-Abhyaasa, Himalyan Tradition, Kriya
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Date of Birth: 
74 years old
Place of Birth: 
Bihar, India
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Hari Baba


Pilot Baba is a Mahayogi who has made his own life an adventure, an inquiry into the nature of things as they are and has not surrendered to conventions of society. He has always thought of the journey ahead and never looked back to what is behind. Now that he has become a Mahayogi he is a master at the helm of his journey.

Pilot Babaji is a Himalayan Master from a linage which traces it's ancestry to Kriparacharyaji of the Mahabharata. His guru is Hari Baba, whose guru is the legendary immortal master, Babaji. He has demonstrated the breathless state of samadhi (unitive trance state in which vital life functions like respiration and metabolism are reduced dramatically, encountered only in individuals close to death) underground, underwater, under airtight glass container to uplift human consciousness, to awaken us to recognize our self, going back to the very core, the joy of being. HE INVITES YOU to discover the hidden treasures within yourself to enrich your life for better , successful living.


Baba says:I am not concerned with any ‘isms’ I have come to show you the path to yourself. I can become the bridge to your destination, I invite you to come and use this bridge to reach your destination ie yourself. I have no interest in any of the organisations or the religions of ‘isms’. I am not interested in establishing any sect or a cult. I want to show you the path that can take you from misery to happiness, from bondage to libration, from ignorance to enlightment, from this world to yourself. I have not come to teach you any philosophy or a system of belief but come to show you the path to yourself, your seed, your destination.

I have not invented anything new, I have not made any inventions but I want to share what I have discovered. I want you also to discover the truth, after this discovery, there is nothing more to discover. The ultimate destination after which there is no destination, the ultimate goal where all goals end, the ultimate seed. There is no Invention but a discovery a revealation. There can be no liberation or revealation of the ultimate truth without direct experience of reality, so I cannot give you the experience and none other can too. It has to be your experience only, so I have come to show you the path because I have travelled through that path to my destination, I have reaveled my ultimate truth so I can guide you to yours.

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akhil kaushik's picture

pilot baba is a great siddha from himalayas.he is my sadguru as well.i have no words to explain his powers.he met with lord shiva in kailash .

jasdir singh jaura's picture

If you..

If you ever met baba ji in future, than say him Congragulation ! for meeting lord shiva in/at kailash, From my side.. :)

jasdir singh jaura | Sat, 05/26/2012 - 11:46