Paul Lowe

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Swami Anand Teertha, Paul G. Lowe
Spiritual Teacher
New Age
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Born in England, he was a therapist there and then traveled to India and join the community of Osho (Rajneesh) in Pune and became a sannyasi. Osho gave him the sannyasi name Swami Anand Teertha and later, he became Osho's chief disciple and therapist.

Some used to claim that Lowe had been named as Osho's successor but those others who were around Osho at the time state that Osho did not see him that way and didn't think of anyone as his successor.

After the scandalous termination of the Rajneeshpuram Ranch in Oregon, he wandered the world in search for his own niche in the modern spiritual movement.

Lowe is highly criticized for trying to completely disown Osho and hiding his most significant period with him.


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In Each Moment: A New Way to Live

by Paul G. Lowe


"In Each Moment" offers a practical approach to discovering a depth of joy and possibility in life that most people have never known. It leads the way to replacing the stress of insecurity, jealousy, anger and fear with delight, wisdom, an expanded intelligence and deep fulfillment.

Can the path of personal fulfillment lead to the attainment of freedom and spiritual awakening, is a question that often arises for people interested in spiritual matters. Paul Lowe, a well-respected pioneer in the field of consciousness and spiritual development, has explored this question thoroughly. He has spent more than 30 years integrating western psychological perspectives with eastern spiritual traditions and practices. His journey has taken him from the intoxicating days of the California human potential movement in the 1960's to ascetic 18 hour days of meditation in India. He now concludes that no approach to enlightenment works.

Yet, something IS possible. Something that can include and go beyond all the techniques. Something so simple yet radical that people find it hard to believe it can work. IN EACH MOMENT explores the paradox that although we cannot DO anything to become free and more awake, we can make ourselves available to that possibility; while at the same time, inviting greater joy and a ordinary, rich spirituality into our daily lives.

IN EACH MOMENT is a welcome antidote to the volumes dedicated to self-improvement. Working to become a "better person" has become one of the most common modern addictions. Well-intentioned as it may be and far more benign than alcohol, drugs or smoking, the self-improvement fervor has also prevented people from experiencing themselves as they truly are.

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How to Be Happy

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