Paul Hurcomb

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Spiritual Teacher
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Sweden, UK, Spain
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Eastbourne, East Sussex, United Kingdom
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Paul has been deeply touched by the teachings of The Buddha, Ramana Maharshi, Eckhart Tolle, and his own teacher Sri Mooji.

From his early twenties he spent 12 years as a devout Buddhist and lived and worked in a Buddhist community engaging sincerely in spiritual practices, meditation retreats and in depth study of Buddhist scriptures.

However it wasn't until 2003 in his mid 30's when he became critically ill that the truth beyond his conditioned individual identity was recognised. At this point he knew that this experience had revealed something within him that no book, belief or technique ever could.

In the midst of deep pain and suffering he experienced a profound shift in consciousness from mind identity to Heart Presence and he felt a great peace within.

This inner movement continued to deepen, mature and develop over many years. During this time Paul spent long periods in Tiruvanamalai, South India. This holy town is synonymous with the Advaita Self Inquiry teachings popularised by the great Indian sage and mystic Sri Ramana Maharshi.

It was during one of these trips to 'Tiru' that Paul had the good fortune to meet his teacher Sri Mooji, who showed him that even the state of Presence, which is the most sacred and holy feeling in the body, is not the 'final stop' because it too arises within an unchanging background of Awareness.

Since 2010 Paul has been holding 'Meetings in Stillness' with individuals and small groups of people who have an authentic calling to recognise and discover their own true nature.

The main aim of Paul's meetings is to bring the ancient wisdom teachings from the east and present them in a down to earth, ordinary way so that whoever feels drawn to the path of self inquiry can have easy access, and ongoing support and guidance in finding their own stillness, silence and inner peace.



"There is an ongoing deepening from person to presence. This movement takes place in front of something that never changes. That which never changes is You."


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Works well with people

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I've never seen a teacher work so beautifully with people.