Param Pujya Ma

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Spiritual Teacher
Vedanta, All religions, Unity
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Lahore, India
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Other Related Gurus: 
Lord Ram


Born in 1924 to a family in Lahore, she is said to have possessed a unique attitude of loving identification with all. After studying at Government School Lahore and Kinnaird College thereafter, she became the Director of Physical Education at Punjab University. Remembered for her rare qualities by some associates of that time till this day, she may lived life in the perspective of the ultimate reality.

1958 saw a complete transition into the spiritual sphere, when she decided to give '5 years to God' and spent those years in complete absorption in the scriptures and their elucidations. The Srimadbhagavadgita, the Principal Upanishads and many other texts were rendered in spontaneous verse that emanated from within her core for the benefit of mankind.

In 1965 she went to Madhuban, on the outskirts of Karnal, only to be the inspiring nucleus of Arpana, and people from all religions and lands came to her to learn and give of themselves as she guided them towards practical service as a natural corollary to spiritual living.


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