Padmagiri Baba

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Vikaram Naicker (birthname), Padmagirinathar, Jeevasiddhan, Naadodi Siddhan, Dindigul Baba, Anandha Siddhar, Jeeva Siddan, Naadodi Siddhan
Saivam, Vaishnavam, Buddhism, Taoism, Siddhar
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Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India
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Siddhar Padmagiri baba born on april 5,1976 in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu.

He was born to a traditional family called Naicker. Baba's father Govindasamy, mother Suriakala. His real name is Vikraman. Baba's Home god name is Angalaparameshwari. Their family built a temple for their home god inside their home itself.From childhood itself ,People who were came to the temple asked our baba to give viboothi(Holy ash).Baba used to give viboothi to people ,people believed that its solving so many problems.

Baba completed his higher education and joined in GTN Arts college ,which is in Dindigul. In 1993 April 4th the first incident happend to him. In the particular day he met a sadhu in Tiruma Thirupathi. The sadhu Himself named as PANDACHARYA SOWMIA DHAVA MAHARAJ and he blessed him and told, according to his testemony, that in the future he will become a devine person.

Years running away, he didn't have an intention for marriage. But his mother was very much worried and everyday she was asking about the marriage to baba. One fine day Baba accepted for his marriage.Finally his marriage was held on March 10,2003. Baba's wife name is Meeenakumari ,she is also from a very traditional family.After marriage baba finds very difficult to fit in the family and marriage life. His mind is always tuning towards the spiritual way. Baba never don't know why he is thinking about the spiritual way.

In the year 1994 He got an opportunity to met a Holy person called MOOTTAI THOOKKI SWAMIGAL in Kanakkanpatti which is very near to Palani. Baba went along with his wife to see Moottai thookki swamigal. Moottai swamigal saw Baba and told that "UN PATHAI VERA" (It means that your path is not this way,its different)And he asked our baba to walk behind him. They both walking in a corn field.The same day itself Baba and his wife visit SAKKADAI SIDDHAR of palani. They both standing in front of the sakkadai siddhar. The siddhar angrily looks the eyes of the baba and Took a piece of paper and throws towards Baba, it means that YOU ARE ONE AMONG US, You have to defeat all the family oriented problems and come towards us.





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You can meet PADMAGIRI BABA in Thiruvannamalai.

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