Padma Wolff

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Padma Wolff met her teachers from the lineage of the East-Indian sage Sri Ramana Maharishi, in particular: Isaac, Sri Poonjaji, Gangaji and Eli Jaxon-Bear, in the mid-nineties. Inspired by these encounters, she thoroughly investigated the controversial interface between psychotherapy and spirituality, as part of her studies in psychology. In particular through Eli Jaxon-Bear and the “Leela Therapy” he developed, she experienced how useful and potent the combination of psychotherapeutic and spiritual means can serve to support the discovery of our true Self – that has always been and will always be whole and intact, everything true healing could aim at. Accordingly Padma understands psychotherapy in the etymologically original and literal sense of the word as accompanying the soul back to its origin – and back into its original state.

Padma is available for Leela-Therapy and Enneagram classes based on the work of Eli Jaxon-Bear and for Satsang, including Satsangs given together with her long-term partner Torsten Brügge. Meetings with Padma are characterized by her sincere openness and warmth, as well as by her lively and clear intellect. In her Satsang, including those meetings held together with Torsten, the intensive connection with Gangaji and Eli throughout many years is clearly felt.

In Europe, Padma’s voice is familiar to many, as she has interpreted all of Gangaji’s and Eli Jaxon-Bear’s events in German-speaking countries since 1997.

Torsten and PadmaPadma and Torsten both have professional experience in psychological fields of activity. In their "private practice for meditation and self-inquiry" in Hamburg, Germany, in addition to Satsang, Retreats and Enneagram classes, they also offer supervision groups for people in the helping professions.

Padma also provides private counselling and coaching sessions by phone. Arrangements can be made by e-mail via:

Her German book on "Satsang and Psychotherapy" was published in 2007 by VDM Verlag Dr. Müller.


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