Omkar Maharaj

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Shree Omkar Maharaj, Shri Omkar Maharaj
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Dombivli, Maharashtra, India
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Shri Omkar Maharaj was born on 15th May 1969 in Dombivli, India. A popular legend is that his childhood hobby was to read religious and spiritual books and to sit in meditatiion for long hours. He claims to be self realized and that following that he started writing Abhang and Dohe spiritual poems. He also leactues on science and Spirituality.

After completing His academic education (MA), he started his own construction business and nowadays he is still in that business. He also established Shree Shaneshwar Sansthan, the Shani Mandir at Dombivli.

At some point he noticed that just discussions and lectures on spirituality are not helping to spread knowledge and so he started imparting the knowledge by shaktipaat and so many are said to have experienced the Kundalini energy within themselves in that way.


God is a universal truth.

God is not the property of any single individual or religion or any organisation.

This Universal Truth was there in the past and will remain in future also, its always available to all.

The Masters who realised this Universal Truth were present in the past, are in present time and will appear in future also.

The Universal Truth and its Knowledge is available to all as like sunlight, air, water is available to all.

Everyone has the right to realise the Universal Truth and awaken the divine energy irrespective of his past and present state.

Only your decision to start the process of awakening will help you to realise the God.

As we are children's of the God, there is no restrictions or laws to realise the God.

Our body is like a pot (Kund), the divine energy in this pot is called as Kundalini Energy.

The divine Kundalini energy rests in dormant state in our body, we utilise only 2-3% of this energy for our routine work like walking, eating, watching, sleeping etc.

To be spiritual means to awaken this unused energy and to realise the untapped knowledge.

As the divine cosmic energy is within our body we can not ignore her or reject her presence.

When mind and intellect reaches its limit, we realise God, and this realisation is within our body and not anywhere else.

When we realise God, we realise Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavir, Nanak, Christ, Mohammad and all prophets within us.

To know this universal Truth is the only religion and the duty to be performed by us.


Omkar Mission

The center offers Guru darshans, daily meditations and weekly Satsangs.

Omkar Mission
Shaneshwar Sansthan, Manpada,
Dombivli, Maharashtra 421201, India
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Vitthal Sawant
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8PM Aarti
8.15PM - 9PM Meditation
9PM - 9.30 Group Discussions