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Neeru Ma, Niru
Spiritual Teacher
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Neeru was a disciple of Osho as well as of Papaji, Gangaji and Dolano.

She lives in Arambol Goa on a house on a cliff where she gives satsangs a few days a week. She also conducts intensive retreats in the neighboring Mandrem village.


Neeru puts special emphasis on realizing spirituality in every day life - how to live your truth, how to live your clarity, how to live yourself finally.

She transmits simplicity and aliveness in an intense and
absolutely unique way and shows how we can finally realize what we have been longing, what we have been searching for all our life.


Neeru Satsangs in Goa
Satsang Place

Neeru's lives in Arambol in north Goa in a house on a cliff. She gives satsangs in her home as well as in the neighboring village Mandrem (about 2KM south to Arambol) in Amalia Camp in Dunes.

She also travels to Pune and Tiruvannamalai occasionally and gives satsangs there.

c/o Ludu Naik,
Arambol, Goa 403524, India
Special Events: 

Intensive retreats in Amalia Camp in Dunes in Mandrem, Goa.

Meetings in Arambol 3 times a week (except during the Intensives)

- in Neeru´s house on the cliff, every Tuesday and Friday at 10 am
- in Magic Park, near Piya Guest House
every Sunday at 4 pm

For the intensive retreats, you need to register in advance in Neeru's website above.
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A kind teacher

dora's picture

Neeru is a kind though tough teacher. If you happen to be in north Goa during the season, go and check her satsangs

nelo's picture

I agree

I agree with you!

nelo | Wed, 07/16/2008 - 21:42
mayasurfer's picture


Neeru must be 70 now. She gives Satsang 3x a week in Arambol/Goa and once a month she holds a 12 day retreat. From April to October she gives Satsangs in Spain, Germany, Austria and Russia. Then she is off to India again. She is a brilliant Satsang teacher. Words cannot express the love and power and humour as she points us to the Truth and guides us back to our true nature. Yes, she can be tough...because she never gives up. She is a true Guru. Have a look at her website Thank you, Neeru, thank you, thank you, thank you.

mayasurfer | Sun, 11/16/2008 - 11:05
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