Nava Yogendra Swami

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International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), Hare Krishna Movement, Gaudiya Vaishnavism
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Udhampur, Jammu & Kashmir, India
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He left home as a A naishtik brahmachari when he was nine years old to become a Sadhu and lived in jungles. He returned home and again left at the age of seventeen and lived at Shri Vrindavana Dham.

He became the disciple of Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in the year 1974 and took Sanyas in the year 1975 at the age of 29.

After taking Sanyas, he traveled around the world over a dozen times for preaching purposes. He was preaching the Vedic Philosophy in several languages such as Dogri, Urdu, Punjabi, English, Bengali, Gujrati and some of the African languages. He was also establishing, developing, and running temples and preaching centers at Africa, England, America, Chandigarh, Vrindavana, Udhampur, Katra, Lucknow, Amritsar, Maharahstra and other places.

He is said to be very loving and affectionate with people and keen in helping them solving their problems.


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