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Shri Parampara, Hinduism
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13 July 1973
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My Maa

Born on the 13th of July in Mumbai, in a happy middle class family, Maa was always the beloved one. Named Bhagyashri for being the only girl, she was loved by family & all the lives she touched as a vibrant young girl. Aspiring to join the army like her father, she had a disciplined childhood along with early influences of great saints like Kalavati Aai & Pandurang Shastri Athavale. Still in pursuit of her army career Maa joined the National College in Bandra to study science. Life had a beautiful surprise in store as she met in college her future husband Dr. Swroop Pramanick.
Thus began a truly amazing & divine journey for the young couple. Newly married & deeply in love, life put them in a role that would change the world around them. Being the mediums of Shri Gajanan Maharaj was no easy task. But the young shoulders were strong & dedicated as much as they were willing. A new chapter had begun in the lives of Maa & Bhau that was to test them to limits no normal person could endure. But endure they did & the temple of shri Gajanan Maharaj moved out from their living room to a grand structure that stands tall as the witness to their glory & devotion to Maharaj.
Fourteen years thus passed in spreading the word of Maharaj & touching many lives as they did so. Soon the extended family swelled from a few close friends to thousands of people that throng the temple on festivals. Maa & Bhau lived among this big family along with their two children like a big happy family. They were loved & respected with great reverence by the disciples in the temple. They were friends to some, son & daughter to some & a guide to some. This happy setting of life was to change. It was about to get better.
With the grace of Shri Gajanan Maharaj a realization dawned upon the devotees. The role of Maa & Bhau had far surpassed that of friends or relatives. They had touched lives on a greater & deeper level. Their place in the lives of a few people had surpassed normal relationships. The true reason for being around these two emerged. They were the gurus Shri Gajanan Maharaj always wanted us to seek. On the 1st of November 2007, after a series of divine interventions, Maa obliged to giving her first Diksha. The Sri Parampara was thence established and named so after the Divine Mother Maa Lakshmi. Bhagyashri, our friend, our sister was now our Maa.
Maa was always the epitome of positivity as long as anyone remembers. She carried herself with an easy elegance, a big heart & an innocent smile that made her popular amongst all. The Shri Parampara gave way to a lot of unrecognized emotions welled up in people in the past few years of living around Maa. Most devotees drawn close to Maa & Bhau over the years, suddenly found a purpose to their lives. Maa embraced all those who asked for Diksha. A new journey had begun.
Maa towers over all others & easily stands out in a crowd. Maa had always been there, the recognition came later. The changes that happened in her during the fourteen years were visible & acknowledged but not realized. A happy go lucky person, Maa is absolutely unchanged after all these big changes. She is ritualistic & loves her time spent in daily pooja & havan. Her thoughts emerge straight from the heart are spoken out effortlessly. What melts the hearts & lift the spirits is her smile. She has a mesmerizing effect on people. People of all ages loose themselves to her. The youngest one to seek Diksha was 8 years old & the oldest 70.
A devoted mother & wife, she also is a successful entrepreneur & runs a dental lab. Maa loves life & takes every thing in her stride. She is always up for a good laugh. Her presence can be felt around and she carries an air of liveliness around her. “I am nature” says Maa. This she reflects in every act. A complete nature lover Maa is happiest when surrounded by nature. Plants seem to hug her as she passes by & she fondles them like they were babies. Her many pets also enjoy this affection. Maa has soothed many pained hearts & healed many hurt emotions. She is on the mission of love, something she showers in abundance to those around. With a demeanor like the Divine Mother she is so attached to, Maa truly has become the only purpose in life to many who love her.


The Shri Parampara.
The Shri Parampara was established on 1st of November 2007. It was named after Maa & the Divine Mother Laxhmi, the goddess of prosperity. The pride of this parmapara lies in the fact that it originated from one Indian woman who personifies the many faces of women portrayed by the Hindu religion. With the blissful goddess Lalita Tripura Sundari a playful incarnation of Maha Laxhmi as the presiding deity, Shri Upasana is the core of this order.
A pleasant & easy going tradition has been established under the Shri Parmpara. Based on simple daily rituals & recitals it is an order for every one. The main purpose is to propagate the worship of Maa Laxhmi in every house and thus spread prosperity. It falls under the Shri Upasana



Shri Gajanan Maharaj Mandir,Gajanan Maharaj rd, BEST colony, Goregaon W, Mumbai.

Pro Opinions

I love her :)

VR's picture

She is truely an amazing person. She inspires to love and enjoy every moment in life with a smile.Her melodious voice and her captivating smile fills my heart with joy.

Most Charming Smile !!!

Piyush's picture

Life : Redefined

neya's picture

My mother gave me birth, but my Maa, my Guru gave me life. She has been a friend, a mentor. A divine experience can be felt in her presence.

Amit Phand's picture

Think about her

Why only her presence? You can feel that just by thinking about her.

Amit Phand | Mon, 06/29/2009 - 20:00

I love her!

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I feel very lucky because i get maa my guru.
When i m look at them i feel very relax & confident.

Ultimate Beauty and Strength

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Mother gives us birth to lead a life...
Guru gives us life in true senses...
Now here is a beautiful, divine blend of both...
Maa is a Guru, and also Mahamaya...Adi-shakti...

I love my Maa

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Endowed with divinity,Maa's presence is an assurance of security arround.She is an inspiration.Her broad smiling face enlightens one and all.

Con Opinions


joy's picture

I couldn't find any single text or link about her which usually is not a good indication at all here.

Who is she?

david's picture

Never heard about her, no google about her, no links and yet so many pro opinions? Sounds very suspicious.

Mrunal's picture

There is a world outside

There is a world outside Google. Why r u worried about pro opinions. She is our guru & we don't care if she is on google or not. This is not put up to charm u in any way. Please use the find your guru option & find yourself a Guru.

Mrunal | Fri, 07/10/2009 - 16:16
david's picture

No Sir

No Sir.

The result you get in Goggle says a lot about any figure, especially one claimed to be famous and authoritative like a spiritual teacher or a guru. This is one of the ways how people here can know how authentic and valid is a guru in a world where there are so many fake ones.

This with the too little information provided here in her profile raises doubt. If she is a good one, then provide more information here about her so that people can judge accordingly. Otherwise people would get the wrong impression like I did, wouldn't they?

PS. I have a guru. Thank you :-)

david | Sat, 07/11/2009 - 06:21
Mrunal's picture

I don't think there is any

I don't think there is any thing as a bad Guru. Well any way our website is on its way for people who want to know more. The profile will be updated when it is up.
This profile was created for some who are away & dont get to meet her very often. It would be nice to know who your Guru is.

Mrunal | Sat, 07/11/2009 - 12:46