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Fast Facts
Other Names and Nicknames: 
Raja Yogi Mohanji, Sri Mohanji, P.K. Mohan, Parabrahma
Dattatreya, Nath
Main Countries of Activity: 
India, U.A.E., U.K., Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Malaysia
Date of Birth: 
Place of Birth: 
Palakkad, Kerala, India
In His/Her Body ("alive"): 


Mohanji is a spiritual master who used to work in top executive positions in Shipping and Logistic outfits in the Middle East, combining the worldly and spiritual life.

He has been visiting and meditating in Himalayas since 2000. He claims he was guided by the Himalayan masters to conduct meditation and deliver Shaktipat (transfer of energy from the higher consciousness to one on the material plane).

In 2007, Mohanji says he received telepathically two meditations by higher Masters: "The Power of Purity" and "The 360 Degrees" meditations. He says the first meditation has a cleansing effect filled with Grace, while the second is meant to center the seeker and connect him with the higher masters. Both meditations have therapeutic benefits and help release stress and even the cause of the stress, which are stored emotions, anger, and expectations.

By the end of 2012, he began to dedicate his time and energy to the service of the children of mother earth. He is simple, casual and unassuming. His spiritual mission is global and continues to expand.

As a Spiritual Master, Mohanji is always ready and available for help the way he could. He refuses to be framed into any image. He says: “My aim is not to bind or blind people, but to liberate all those who are ready and receptive. I am glad if my existence helped a few people to get liberated or at least taste the path. I am just doing my duty. Not conforming to any image is my way of staying liberated. All that matters is what you can do in the present. No image matters.”

Mohanji's wife Biba Mohan heads ACT Foundation globally. His daughter Mila Mohan is 3 years old.



Mohanji follows the spiritual path that he termed as “The Path of Pathlessness” – with no set rituals and norms, simply purity, faith and surrender. Purity and Faith are the two pillars of his path.

Non-violence in thoughts, words and actions along with purity in these three levels helps one's journey tremendously. Like an ever vigilant soldier, we should also protect ourselves from the ever lurking enemy – TAMAS or Inertia. We must counter inertia with positive action on a consistent basis.


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