Moez Masoud

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Moez Masud, معز مسعود
Public Speaker
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Egypt, United Kingdom
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Cairo, Egypt
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Moez Masud was born in Egypt and attended the American schools in Kuwait and in Egypt. Later, he took up a lifestyle of excessive partying, the kind that took the lives of three of his close friends.

After facing two near-death experiences himself, his previously nonchalant, or even rebellious attitude towards religion changed drastically and he began a close and deep study of the Quran.

He began to share his tremendous experience with those around him, and was soon after regularly invited to speak about his new-found realizations.

Upon graduating from university, Moez was invited to lead the special night prayers on Ramadan in the US. A year later, the ART (Arab Radio & Television) contacted him and that was the start of his TV career.

Since then, he has traveled in the US, Malaysia, and the UK giving talks, leading workshops and youth camps, as well as making TV & radio show appearances.

Currently a student of Islamic sciences under renowned traditional scholars, Moez also works as an advertising freelancer in Egypt where he lives with his wife and son.

His most recent TV show, “Stairway to Paradise”, airs worldwide on ART International and Iqraa. His recent appearances at the 2005 FOSIS conference and at the May 2005 National Mawlid have cemented his reputation as one of the West’s leading Muslim motivational speakers.

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Moez tries to remind himself and others that the Prophet Muhammad - upon whom be God’s blessings and peace - invites humanity to a relationship with God that is founded upon our love for Him, and that earning His love is the human being’s greatest success.


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