Mathrusri Anasuya Devi

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Fast Facts
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Jillellamudi Amma, Amma
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Date of Birth: 
28th March, 1923
Place of Birth: 
Jillellamudi, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Mathrusri Anasuya Devi, popularly known as AMMA, Jillellamudi, was born on 28th March, 1923. Jillellamudi, a small village tucked amidst the paddy fields on the southern coast line of Andhra Pradesh has become one of the important pilgrimage centers in India, drawing spiritual seekers from various parts of the country and indeed, the world.

Mother considered the entire creation as her own child. Even a casual visitor to Amma could find his mind steadily gravitating to peace and natural tranquility. Amma evolved a new way of life based on universal brotherhood and complete surrender to God. Mother's philosophy does not discriminate between anyone and the basis of caste, creed, race, nationality, religion or sex.

May be the most important institution at Jillellamudi and dearest to Amma, the Annapurnalayam offers free food to pilgrims and its doors are open at all times of day and night to feed them. It provides a common dining where price and pauper sit side by side and partake Amma's prasadam. The directive of Amma that nobody should return hungry from Jillellamudi is the magna-carta guiding the activities of the Annapuranalayam. This is also a historic institution which fed 175,000 visitors at one sitting in 1973 during Amma's 50th birthday celebrations. Though the menu is simple, food in Annapurnalayam is known to have cured many chronic illnesses.

Mr. Richard Schiffman in this book1 "Mother of All" writes "We need not feel that Mother's feeding of her children is restricted to nourishment for the physical frame alone. It might be said that the food which Amma distributes so lovingly is a maternal symbol of the subtler, spiritual nourishment, the grace, which she invariably showers on one and all who approached her... When a visitor asked her why she does not give any formal spiritual initiation, she answered : the food I give you is your Upadesha".

After Amma left her body in 1985, her mortal coil was placed in the sanctum sanctorum of the "Anasuyeswaralayam" and in 1987, Amma's image was installed in the shrine, where traditional worship like abhishekam and archana takes place. Hymalayam, Vatsayalayam (the top floor of the building, named "House of All", as is only appropriate for the abode of the Universal Mother) and Dhyanamandiram are the other places of worship at Jillellamudi. Amma said "My life is infinite and my history is limited." With immense compassion, the manifest form of the primordial energy dwelt2 the Divine Mother among us in our modern times and blessed all those drawn to her. Even though her physical form is not seen now, her grace is showered abundantly on all those who are far and near.




"Pure empathy for the suffering of others is the hallmark of

"The Darkness which is the basis of light is the real Light."

" "Spiritual" is heads, and "worldly" is tails..According to your
standpoint, one side or the other appears real. One fellow thinks
that Reality is behind all THIS, whereas another thinks that THIS is
all there is. Both are the same to me. When they say there are two,
I unfold it and say there is only ONE."

"I say that we are not the doers, but that some _Sakti_ (Divine
Power) gets things done. THAT does all the mischief while all the
time making you think that you are the cause."

"All forms of sakti [power] are manifestations of that one
Sakti ...If you say that Sakti is making you act, there must be
two, you and Sakti; but if you say that Sakti acts as you, you
speak [wisely] of the ONE alone."

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