Master Kessani

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Maître Kessani, Master KS
Enlightenment of the Heart, Unconditional Love
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Master Doukas, Master Catherine


He claims he got enlightened in 2011. He teaches meditation of the Heart and gives Spiritual transmission and Darshan.


Teaches Love from the spiritual Heart, path of the Enlightenment of the Heart.

"... And I remind you of the power of Love, the Master said. Do not give up your burning desire to spread the love, do not let wither your entire hard stretched to the fullness of Love. Do not look... look no further... the Fire of eternal Life is not an illumination emerging of the understanding of reality, or a serenity that appears when your questions have been answered... the Fire of eternal Life it is Love that lives in your Heart... you have nothing to ask, you have nothing to ask, simply turn your awareness to the center of yourself, and you will find yourself in contact with the Love that throbs in your Heart. You are a Master power, the Master said. There is no difference between the realization of solar Masters... and the awakening of the inner divinity... because the Sun in the Heart is Divinity in the Heart. You are a God in sleep, the Master is an awaken God

......And I remind you the power of Love. Nothing but Love-Will, nothing but Love-Consciousness, nothing but Love-Energy has the power to awaken the God that you are. Have no hesitation : deploy all the will of Heart and shine with all your Heart. This is the divine path, such is the divine command. "

Apocryphal teachings of Jesus from Master KESSANI

Jesus teaching



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