Mar Thoma

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W Thomas, Bishop Thomas, Mt. Rev. W. Thomas
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Pennsylvania, USA
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Mar Thoma was born on November 1, 1971. He claims he came to realization when he was 20 years old.

Here is his account:

I heard the voice of God one night. It was my first real attempt at meditation. I was studying theology at the U of S a Jesuit school in Scranton PA. My wife and I were dating during this time. I remember I was struggling with my mind and asking God if I was doing right by HIM. I was arguing with God all day and was completely drained. That night I was on my knees in prayer and started meditating about Truth when all of a sudden I felt my vision being pulled into the clouds as I was chanting Jesus in my mind as well. What happened next changed my life. As I continued in prayer I heard/felt the voice of God say, "you are doing well." So this was a locution I experienced. I was taken back and came out of the meditation. That event had me on a pink cloud for months. I began to study mysticism. On another occasion I had a vision during night prayer on my knees. There was a glowing white figure in my room and the whole room was filled with fog or mist. I was not sure if it was Mother Mary or an angel but felt to myself it was the Holy Mother. At that time it seemed as though there was a glowing light around me everywhere I was but especially when I would speak about the things of God. Many we're drawn to me and as I was very charismatic. My prayer life was wonderful. I was filled with so much joy and on fire for Christ. I could have sworn there was even an image of Mary impressed into the wall above the place where I used to sleep. At night it also seemed as though I could envision a light above my head. On several occasions I felt heat in my heart twice it occurred very intently, once during prayer with another mystic, a seer from my area, who talks to Jesus Mary and the saints. One time when I was in the chapel doing the divine mercy chaplet on my knees with hands extended I felt this intense heat in my heart. Also, while I was on retreat in NY when in the chapel I used to see spirits around the tabernacle. I knew something was going on when I used to get tingling through my body during the consecration at mass when the bread and wine underwent transubstantiation becoming the body blood soul and divinity of Christ. For many years I had experienced divine mystical union with God.

I had thought that I was going to have to make a choice between my wife Andrea and the priesthood. I did not appreciate this feeling as I loved Andrea and if God wanted me then we were a pair. I wasn't sure what was God’s will, however before we were married a party was thrown for the two of us. Andrea and I were given the icons of Jesus and Mary with the sacred and immaculate heart. Someone took a picture of us together holding the icons and a miraculous picture was developed. When I got the pictures back I noticed a blessing within the image. From the heart of Mary the Holy Spirit was pouring out and an angelic figure was in the background. It's hard to explain unless you see it but I took it as a sign that God was pleased. After we were married things began to die down. Soon we began to have children. Today we have four beautiful children. Joshua Jason Nicole and Natalie. We have experienced the loss of some children as well.

To move on with my story, I met with a Ukrainian priest, Msgr. Reevak, and we became friends. He was the pastor of my wife's church St Vladimir’s which was Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. Msgr. was always trying to push me towards the priesthood. He felt as though God had this plan for me. I did not see how this was possible as I was of the Latin Rite which is celibate. Also, I thought it would be a lot of trouble to change Rites and move to the East for studies and ordination. I was online one day and found a private society, the oblates of St Therese, founded by Msgr Andrew Wingate. Msgr. Andrew was a visionary who was receiving messages concerning the times we were evolving into within the end times. The order was not yet approved by the Vatican as they were seeking a private prelature. This was a multi ritual society, allowing a married priesthood. Msgr. Reevak told me to look into it but I was unable to make contact. Shortly after Msgr Reevak passed on and through a mutual acquaintance I was able to contact the oblates. I joined the order and was ordained. Sometime after I began to experience what is called the Dark Night of the Soul. I fell hard into a dark area. (As I reflect back I believe it was more of the dogma and doctrine that robbed me of my spirituality. My intense focus on doctrine began to change my identity which lead to a separation of self and God.) I continued to move forward trying to come out of this awful felling. After many years of internal struggle moments of clarity began to start up again as I started having momentary periods of bliss in meditation. Also, I began experiencing strong vibrations in my second and sixth chakra as it appeared to be more of a cleansing or reconnecting. I still have heat that emanates from my body. I still get pressure on my third eye at times and I still have dreams that seem to somehow unfold in the future.

I have developed the gifts of the spirit such as knowledge wisdom understanding council etc. I’ve come to a point where I need to bring healing, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding to the world. Many mystics have told me on several occasions that I was chosen or had a calling on my life. I am a master teacher and have the ability to heal the soul. I am moving towards bringing healing to the world.

There is no reason for me to search for a teacher seeking enlightenment when in all truth I am awakened. There is no need to search any further for something that is. I am awakened! I heard the voice of God, felt my body glowing, noticed the light above my head, experienced visions, and experienced heat in my body which still exists to this day. My mind expanded with divine wisdom, knowledge, understanding, council etc. There is no reason to search any further, I am. I am divine love. I am divine light. I am divine beauty. There is a power within me that is unexplainable to the human intellect. That power is divine light, divine love, divine knowledge, divine wisdom, divine understanding and divine healing. I know all of this I just need to bring it to you. Will you receive this gift that I have to offer. I AM the Divinity.

I am Mar Thoma. I am, by nature, a master teacher. Everyone is created to be "The Healthy Human" and although every human being is aware of this they fail to achieve their natural state of being. There are several major factors which prevent The Healthy Human. Many of these major factors which prevent The Healthy Human are a lack of discipline, lack of self control, fear, anxiety, spiritual sickness, little or no exercise, little or no diet etc. etc. etc.

The Healthy Human is one who is 100% whole. The Healthy Human is made up of physical-body, spiritual-body and soul-mind. The Healthy Human is not a human being with a spiritual nature. The Healthy Human is a divine spiritual being experiencing human nature.

I have no products to sell to the public. What I have is divine knowledge, divine wisdom, divine understanding, divine counsel and divine love. I am here to teach. I am here to counsel the sick and suffering. I am The Healthy Human. It is my dream to help each and every human being awaken to the realization of becoming The Healthy Human.

I would be willing to work with you on a regular basis. We can start out on a part time basis to see where source will lead us. How I would present myself to you must include prayer/meditation, exercise, alkalizing diet and one on one session.

I hope and pray that we can build a long lasting friendship together. Thank you for your time.

P.S. I have transformed my own life becoming "The Healthy Human". If you need to know, I did so by becoming whole spirit-body, mind-soul and physical-body. For the physical I have before after pics, however the physical is only a small piece of The Healthy Human.

+W Thomas Wells


Very soon there will be a great shift in consciousness. In a moments time the whole world will experience an Illumination of the Soul. When this occurs you may experience a type of OOB. What you will see is everything you have done right up to this point as well as what you have done incorrectly. In order to prepare for this major shift you must take care in making amends of your past. After this you must take care of your soul by simply living a life of love.


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What you describe here is not enlightenment

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What you describe here is not enlightenment or awakening or self realization. It does seems like glimpses called satori and also some mystical experiences.