Maitreyi Amma

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Spiritual Teacher
Awareness, Bhakti,
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France, Germany, Italy
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Sri Tathata


Maitreyi Amma was born in Normandy (France) in December 1952. Her birth was special. After several days, her parents noticed that she was blind. She recovered sight miraculously at the age of six and half.
She was a child full of joy, always feeling the Presence of the Divine, and as such she entered the adventure of life on earth. From an early age she wanted to share her perception that the Divine is real, that He is within us and all around.
Maitreyi Amma felt sure she would meet a great sage in India and that she was destined for an important mission, but as a teenager and adult she had important responsibilities which prevented her leaving France. Nevertheless she was blessed with Divine manifestations in all aspects of her life.

India, the Land of Sages

In Delhi, she had a very great experience: the Divine appeared to her in the form of light, He guided her and asked her to serve Him in Benares. She made her Seva in one year, caring for the children of the street and giving them solace. She became a Mother in Benares.
Then she continued her journey, making a great number of pilgrimages throughout India, periods of retreat in a cave near Rishikesh, and with extraordinary experiences marking her returns to France. During this time she met many great masters.

The Encounter

Her thirst for Truth remained unsatisfied, so she implored the Divine, first at Benares on the bank of the Ganga, and then at Kolashatri , to let her meet the one with whom she would fulfill her true mission. Then one day in February 2000, in Kollur (Karnataka), she felt thirsty and "by chance" entered a house. Sri Tathata gave her some water. She immediately recognised him as the One.

From that moment on, he guided her telepathicly every day for a year. In February 2001, she received telepathic messages urging her to go to Sri Tathata's ashram. When she arrived there, her heart was filled with immense joy and she knew that her new life had begun.
A few weeks later, Sri Tathata initiated her into his particular pranayama. After spending 7½ months at his side, he asked her to return to France to begin the mission.

The Mission

In February 2002, a hundred French people, accompanied by Maitreyi Amma, came to participate in the Mahayaga (10 days of rituals to the Sacred Fire) led by Sri Tathata. Since then groups of French people have come many times a year to see Sri Tathata, receive his teachings and initiations.

Simultaneously, Maitreyi Amma gives darshans, teachings and conferences, and leads sat-sangs and seminars in France. The most intense moments are during her darshans, as she is in Union with Sri Tathata and also radiates the light and grace of the Divine Mother.

A small group formed around her to help in her mission, and the association Dharma Pîtha - Les Enfants de Bénarès was created; this association supports humanitarian activities especially in Benares.

After many months spent close to Sri Tath?ta, this year 2004, Maitreyi Amma has new responsibilities: spread Sri Tathata's light and make the Dharma Peetha known throughout the world



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