Mahashakti Anandini Ma

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Fast Facts
Other Names and Nicknames: 
Ritu (birthname), Guru Anandini, Anandini
Sanhar Yoga, Meditation, Shaktipat
Main Countries of Activity: 
India, USA
Date of Birth: 
Place of Birth: 
Delhi, India
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Mahashakti Anandini Ma's real name is Ritu. She was born on 20th november, 1971 in Delhi, India.

It is said that people used to see glimpse Of a true meditator in her even during her childhood. As she grew older she started experimenting with meditation. The image of Buddha sitting in the lotus posture inspired her and so she used to sit in lotus posture for hours.

After practicing meditations for five years, she went through some spiritual experiences and according to her claim got enlightened on 25th august, 2007. After a few days, she says she reached the seventh chakra.

Besides Sanhar Yoga, Mahashakti Anandini offers different meditation techniques and satsang. After her transformation, she started helping individuals raise themselves and connect with their higher self. She believes that the easiest way way to reach your ultimate destination is to follow the footsteps of saints and gurus who have already merged with the divine. She believes that with the help of an enlightened master, spiritual evolution can be accelerated.


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Devi roop

Mahashakthi anadini Bhakth's picture

I was roaming in life like a stray animal before I came contact with Gurumaa Anandini...Once I saw glimpse of her divine Darshan at that instant I became her devotee....I assume heaven is definitely p

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Om Mahashakti Anandini Namah

my life is not according to the way i want,in short i am not a happy person in my life,i was searching for peace but could not find anywhere,tried to reach every book including my religion's books but didn't find what i was looking heart beats too fast and i am sad always,depression kind of feeling i always have ,once i was visiting my facebook i found Mahashakti Anandini Maa's profile,i thought i should seek her help too ,so i wrote an email to her chief deciple Seema Nayyar jee,afet 2 or 3 days i got a reply from her,she asked me to do a task,it was like sitting in a quite place and chant her holy name Om Mahashakti AnandiniNamah while keeping the holy image of her beautiful feet in my mind ...although its not allowed in my religion but keeping in view the state i am going through i did this and i feel no hessitation that i felt great...its a wonderful feeling and i am doing it daily now..i clearly feel that the light of mahashakti is coming to me,i am waiting for further tasks now...the only thing which i think missing is the very slow response to our emails ,i request Mahashakti to give the task to reply emails fast to someone else too so that we could get immediate response.

Om Mahashakti Anandini Namah

faisal | Mon, 07/11/2016 - 07:58