Maharishi Paramahamsa

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Fast Facts
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Paramahamsa Mahaguru Elanggovan, Scientific Breath Doctor
Universe Silent, Sanatana Dharma, Yoga Sutra, Shiva Sutra
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Malaysia, UK, USA, Australia, India
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Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
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Other Related Gurus: 
Paranjothi Subramaniam, Dr. Raajamanikam (Yoga Bishek/Telgam/Master), Gnanavallal Parantjothi Mahan


Born in Malaysia in 1971, Elanggovan Thanggavilo is one of the youngest specialists in strategically developed yoga and meditation.

His students often refer to him as “the yoga and meditation scientist”, “doctor of alternate healing” “the Mahaguru of corporate yoga” and other equally complimentary terms because of the simple and lay language that he uses to teach his local and international followers.

Since 1982 he has studied, researched and created yoga and meditation strategies for specific applications including - corporate yoga - brain power enhancement for students of all ages - yoga, breathing and meditation for modern illnesses – use of foods and fauna for health.
From a family with many generations of experience and practice in the use of herbs and fauna for healing, he spent his early years studying under the enlightened Masters listed above.

One of few yoga and mediation specialists outside India, Elanggovan has taught followers ranging from primary school students to senior executives of multi national companies, NGOs and Government hospitals and departments.
His research into Kundalini yoga sets him at the forefront of highly specialized yoga and meditation techniques.

His activities are presently centred in Malaysia where he offers courses ranging from 2 days to 21 days in yoga, healing, meditation, and the 7 Major Chakra System.
He is a published author of two books and dozens of articles featured in Malaysian press. He has been guest speaker for several television programs in both English and Tamil.

He has created two web sites and is active in the modern IT age with several social network groups.

Many of his followers continue to work with him, spreading the value of his teachings.

His studies and research continue unabated. Working with modern illnesses such as HIV, asthma, and malaria as well as continuously refining his unique approach to enhancing brain power.

While scientific research proves that the average human mind utilises between 3% to 7% of the brain’s power, his quest is to create 1 million followers with a brain utilization factor exceeding 30%.

Elanggovan extensively travels Malaysia presenting his courses before embarking on his first world tour, planned for the year 2010.



Life Philosophy
Kundalini Yoga Initiation
Anahatha Chakra Initiation & Body Healing
Yoga, Meditation base Yoga Sutra
Shiva Sutra the Spiritual technique for modern world
Living Enligthenment (Jeevan Mukthi)
Karma Yoga
Brain power Workshop
Unique Brain Beyond Infinite
Initiation for Yoga Guru

LIFE VEDAS (வால்க்கை வேதம்)


These are Question & Answer which was collected from SMS, Mobile, Email, Seminar, Workshop, Preview between Mahaguru Elanggovan & Questioning Individual. With global students & disciple enquiry, management decided to compile with concern of Mahaguru for public availability, as free e-book.

Q> How to know Who Am I?

A> Knowing you is easy, Who You Are, simple just LOST YOU to found YOUR SELF!

“Drop learned and resume innate.”

Q> Mahaguru can you explain further how to lost me and found my self?

A> True SELF of DIVINE is been coated by WORLDLY identity. Every human’s origin is result of expansion, extension and evolution very same SINGLE ATOM. It has been call as God, Shiva, Murugan, Jesus, Buddha and more according to community which in common it’s Compassionate Values. These compassionate values also build in every human by nature and these are accidently coated or hided by pre-conditioned mind.

Q> Pre-conditioned mind? Mahaguru what that mean?

A> Un-conditional mind works base on universe natural Principe caring everybody, everything, everyone, every moment compassionately as that individual caring themselves. Where else Pre-conditioned mind means each and every action with or body is moved just to transact Wealth of MONEY. Continuously living with expectation from others.

A> In other words the moment individual drop their EGO of name, position, stage, community, religious background, profession, skills, age, color, caste, gender, language and any worldly possession then those are moment of possibilities Self Realizing Towards Who Am I.

Q> That means individual will be useless or non respect without value? How it can be possible?

A> Above should be with Awareness & Accepting with Un-Conditional Love. There is no disvalue or disrespect or destructive for Un-Conditional Love.

Q> In this CASE why must you been call us Mahaguru what else we can call you?

A> Mother asking her child and teach her child identify herself to her child as Mother is not due to EGO its PURE natural COMPASSION. That’s her responsible to the CHILD! Same goes here universe and naturally pure compassion for A 21st LIVING MAHAGURU to identify his existence of LIVING & LEAVING forever to student is essential.

A> Anyhow all (anybody) are having choice to choose. I have choice to request you to call my legally register name Elanggovan. If you feel to call by much cute manner I have rights again to choose to be cal l as Elan.

Q> What will be different of those different calling?

A> Universally speaking if you call me Elanggovan as thou we are hi, bye friends. Then you will learn knowledge by intellect. If you call me by Elan then it’s like as thou we are very old & close friends and family relationship. Then you will able learn by intellect & hear in heart as well experience certain practice and its results. Where else if you call “Mahaguru” then it is integration of all from friends, family member, teacher, advisor, consultant, guru and all great gurus calls you make each time. Then you will learn, practice and experience as well express the entirety as WHOLENESS of ONENESS!

Q> Student saying, you are so specific?

A> How you introduce your self if meeting another human? Do you keep change your identification? It all required inner self experience and outer world expression to be daring in offering and handling such a subjective academic call Spiritualism! Be really gifted such soul originated in land of Malaysia as Malaysian Indian.

A> I should add more details its gateway towards harvesting the same benefits of meeting the 1st Aathi (Origin), Saptarishi (Seven Rishi), 18 Siddhars (Highest Intellectually Evolvement in human form)

Q> Who are them 7 Saptarishi & 18 Siddhars?

A> Seven Rishis are Vasiṣṭha, Bharadvāja, Jamadagni, Gautama, Atri, Viśvāmitra, and Agastya

A> 18 Siddhrs are Agastiyar, Nandi Devar, Thirumoolar, Bhogar, Konkanavar, Macchamuni, Goraknath (Gorakkar), Sattaimuni, Sundaranandar, Ramadevar (Yacop), Kudambai, Karuvoorar, Idaikadar,Kamalamuni, Valmiki, Pathanjali, Dhanvanthiri And Paambatti

Each of them they live between 128 years and almost 4000 years and some up to few Yugas

Q> Mahaguru, how to come to these Awareness? Do we need to learn something? Must be expert in any practice like yoga or so?

A> Learning & Knowing too many things is Coating and hiding the natural Divine Value of SELF. Experts in any field is nothing to do with Self Realizing process towards Who Am I? It’s about dropping LEARNED and UNFOLD universally existed neutrality.

Q> Mahaguru, I got more queries DROP LEARNED and UNFOLD universally existed neutrality?

A> I will give you same example, let say an individual could learned that yoga leads towards Peace, Enlightenment, Samadhi, Liberation, Jeevan Mukthi etc. First thing drop that expectation and believe system. Again I don’t ask you to drop practicing, because those can provide benefits in living.

Religious > Praying > God

Compassionate > Breathing > Consciousness

In the above sample situation what’s most natural pre-requisite to do any of others? Obviously Breathing! So UNFOLD means live moment by moment breathing with awareness (focus, concentration, feeling, awareness) with clarity of mind (Consciousness) with virtual & physical (thoughts & action) of Compassionate as law & order of the daily.

Is that anything to learn about breathing, awareness of breathing, compassionate?

A> It works like magic, instant and everlasting advantages from Indian Ancient Art & Sciences of Universal Technology. Breathing with awareness can float pain from human heart to universal heart and in exchange with pleasure from divine for human to sustain in PEACE.

Q> I have heard and read about seed word (vocal vibration) call AUM explanation, Why it’s given so much priority Indian Spiritual usage? Can you Mahaguru explain to us what’s scientific fact on AUM?

A> Good question, AYC have published my work’s on AUM, which 1st time world history the scientific fact is provided. Before that lets have look on normal definitions given for AUM.

Normally in teaching, writing AUM said the exact meaning of AUM has been variable throughout time and dependent on culture. Accepted definitions have ranged from very simple alternatives for other words (such as "truth," "lord," or "praise") to highly complex definitions. Some accepted definitions include. The eternal process of birth, life, death and rebirth, and life incarnate. The AUM is the Universal symbol of Creation. Its four parts represent the four stages of consciousness: Awake, sleeping, dreaming, and the transcendental state. The sacred syllable of creation, the Word that went forth in the beginning and from which all other sounds originated. Unity between all people, creatures, and things. The symbol can generally be viewed as one or more of these things, dependent on context. And off course there list of definition given for AUM all may correct or right in theoretical explanation but it doesn’t gives answer for how it’s scientific fact on AUM being all above as explain?

A> Aum is vocal word or in Tamil call as Mantra, or vibration, that is traditionally chanted at the beginning and end of yoga sessions. It is said to be the sound of the universe. What does that mean?

Meaning of AUM Indian (Tamil) the direct language and character translation are as follow:


One character word in Tamil

Sound (Speech)

English Meaning Interpretation



An exclamation expressive of surprise



Expressing wonder





Thus the sound AUM produces >1 dB sound power to vibrate atom in body to re-align back to original level. Wishing AUM sound will produce Auditory threshold vibration which Sound power Pac Watts reach 10-12 W with sound power level Lw 0 dB. This will give same benefit of a person traveling equal the speed of light 300,000KM per second, which anti-aging is long middle term benefits. This also stage of possibilities for any individual to penetrate the session of ATOM born & die moment, an area of manifested and un-manifested, a form of not darkness and not lightness as well.

Wishing the word in systematic manner will produce vibration on body in spinal column where the person thoughts able to focus that specific location from bottom to top. Eventually feeling of sensation on Pituitary & Pineal Gland should be experience. This gives psychical feeling in 3rd eye spot (in between 2 eye brows) and Crown centre (top centre of head).

The benefit is a lot. If the sound power watts are on specific level it will vibrate 3 para nerves connected with major 72,000 nerves in entire body. That means we are sending signal, touching and renewing (re-pairing) those nerves without physical operation of our body. Autonomic it will re-activate and bring up 100% functionality level of endocrine glands in our body.

On either side of the spinal cord run the sympathetic and para-sympathetic cords, a double chain of ganglia. Ganglia mean a collection of nerve-cells. These constitute the Autonomic System which supplies nerves to the involuntary organs, such as heart, lungs, intestines, kidneys, liver, etc., and controls them.

It takes us for a ride on this universal movement, through our breath, our awareness, and our physical energy and we begin to sense a bigger connection that is both uplifting and soothing.

Situation And Sound Source

Sound power Pac Watts

sound power level Lw

dB re 10-12 W

Rocket engine

1,000,000 W

180 dB

Turbojet engine

10,000 W

160 dB


1,000 W

150 dB

Heavy truck engine or loudspeaker rock concert

100 W

140 dB


1 W

120 dB

Excavator, trumpet

0.3 W

115 dB

Loud speech, vivid children

0.001 W

90 dB

Usual talking, Typewriter

10−5 W

70 dB


10−7 W

50 dB

Auditory threshold (AUM)

10-12 W

0 dB

Auditory threshold mean lowest sound intensity or pitch a subject can detect or that can elicit a response.

The absolute threshold of hearing (ATH) is the minimum sound level of a pure tone that an average ear with normal hearing can hear in a noiseless environment. In biology and ecology, an organism (in Greek organon = instrument) is a living complex adaptive system of organs that influence each other in such a way that they function in some way as a stable whole.

Now we can safely said the very first sound from first Atom when it vibrated is the first universe sound and that is the sound which need to return for every atom in our body to realize originating attribute which is in well 100% neutral condition at wholeness level. Thus mind body and soul perfection is possible! So the sound produce by AUM is for the purpose focusing thoughts in specific center of consciousness which is know as chakra in along Spinal Cord Central Nerve System (CNS) in meditating world and this specific center of consciousness associated and connected part of our biological body known as endocrine gland in medical terms to harvest divine attribute.

Beyond these AUM there are 11 more vocal vibration (seed word) which directly corresponding different Sound power Pac Watts and sound power level Lw which essential to specifically bring thoughts, feeling, concentration and awareness in major specific centre of consciousness also know as Chakra (spool of energy in rotating wheel form). This handling is important to undertake specific health issue & its related endocrine gland system.

I would say a individual able to travel in speed of light without need of any rocket or flight by just wishing ‘AUM’ in systematic way.

Q> Mahaguru is that means Awareness is Gateway for Spiritualism?

A> Yes. Both type of attitude is like 2 rail tracks. 1.Good 2.Bad It's not surprise for individual to have both character but it's Block/Gateway Lock if they don't Accept, Admit, Experience Both side of Psyche Value. Ordinary human will take stock of all good deeds, good thoughts, positive emotion, and all good actions mentally, physically and virtually. Extra-Ordinary human will STOCK CHECK of both especially the NEGATIVE ASPECT! every moment in life, it's simple and greatest. Realizing without shy, w/o shame & w/o guilty of ALL so call all including negative aspect Psyche is key to Spiritualism!

Q> If this is just simple as that then why is Guru so important?

A> It's NEVER enough just by reading past living Enlightenment Guru's books etc. The reason is because reading and knowing can just provide knowledge. The knowledge now must be practice to gain experience. When gain experience that must be realize as UNIVERSE FACT philosophy without ASSUME it as Theory & Myth story! This part of CLARITY only can be given by Living Enlightenment Mahaguru, Yogi, Mahan, Master. That's reason not all human (SOUL) like to be 'CLICK' with ALL Guru/Spiritual Leaders. Each Soul have it's own evolution level and obviously different Guru's have their own experience level. If ever the student's level higher then Guru's it's RARE to get click. Guru's teaching not only from word, but from all 5 sense & 6th sense of Intellectual thus CONTINUOUSLY transmitting & imparting SELF REALIZING codes to disciple!

Q> Mahaguru I have question, if that is so simple then why these type life experience good & bad?

A> In life nothing same but everything are; Whole process of life flow is Fluctuating variable except; GAIN + LOST = GREAT LESSON “GL=GL” ; Sum of all GREAT LESSON with Awareness are for SELF REALSING. This is astonishingly unique formula to even to think or accept about the said consistent result! “Great Lesson”

Q> Mahaguru I have read attend your workshop and you talk about what is KARMA, is it really exist?

A> I will explain in the following section:

Does Karma exist?

What is Karma?

Attribute of Karma.

What are possibilities to manage Karma?

If ever Karma exists then Karma means cosmic library. It divided into two major categories first comes as previous actions record in archive form and second formed as future executable program. Most of the future executable program karma is the re-action of old action by individual. Our perspective of editing Karma also can be explain as respond rather then re-act blindly. Attribute of Karma are as follow. Archived Karma written using PEN where else Future Karma has written using PENCIL. Every individual human can edit their own Karma which written using pencil. Karma can be easily edited (view / add / edit / erase) towards highest advantages of individual by Calm Mind and Compassionate Heart!

Not only calm mind means bring thoughts frequency to the lowest level call Delta (3 to 0 Hz) yet in full awareness but an individual should able to polish Pituitary as well Pineal Glands with Kundalini Sensation as equal to massage inside nerve from outside skin. Where else compassionate heart not only aware of the divine attributes (so call positively culture accepted part) within individual but also be feel, be aware, be identify, be admit, be accept, be acknowledge, be experience, and be free from guilt and shame of other side of psyche (dark side/negative aspect) as it which always equally lying dormant within every self. For this to materialize you need to be interest in un-covering and discovering who am I? This interest required two qualities which are Attention (with awareness) & Intention (with caring).

Every individual can edit their existing Karma backward and create intended Karma forward way. As a divine gift special privilege for human with a choice to choose in life edited Karma can be undo too, newly added Karma can be using pen or pencil.

This will be possible when individual doing right method of Heart Centre Meditation (focusing Anahatha Chakra) and Kundalini Yoga Meditation in sustain level everyday. To achieve penetration of the ancient art, science and technology it’s imperative for each individual to meet a well experience, enlightened Guru or Spiritual Master physically in living human form and obtain Kundalini Initiation from the Guru.

Heart Centre Meditation is like switching on light in darkness of COSMIC VALLEY to locate cosmic server where else practicing Kundalini Yoga Meditation after a Guru’s initiation is equal to using highest and exact user level & exact password to access a section of individual data in COSMIC SERVER.

Immediately upon obtaining the Kundalini Initiation the disciple are able to do realistic yoga meditation with Kundalini Sensation in Forehead Centre (3rd eye spot) as 3rd Dimensional Experience. This is the experience originates from physical body connects cosmic body and communicate with transcendental energy. Which otherwise (all other meditation without a pure Kundalini Initiation & Sensation) all other types of meditation are fall in the non-physical experience merely visualize and imagination manner. Even thou all normal imagination base meditation can be give benefits it are only as thou individual just having ordinary user id & password.

Enlighten Guru able to give Kundalini Initiation and a disciple can experience instantly and this is the art will be stick forever as everlasting feeling of Kundalini Sensation from the moment of Kundalini Initiation given. Then it’s disciple’s wish how well intended to practice, how frequently wanted to practice accessing the Universal Cosmic Server base on the trust, loyalty and un-conditional love on the ART as well the GURU then accordingly the disciple’s personal perfection and mastering level will grow continuously. To obtain full ability ideally suggested will take estimate of five to ten years.

With grace of Guru and sustain practice besides the individual editing Karma disciples can also able to Create and Install own Operating System in Cosmic Server to execute their own Karma in customized manner. This is possible because Cosmic Server runs on superlative superb environment which allow every individual install their own Operating System without shut down the Cosmic Server.

Dear compassionate intellects, flower of my heart and intellects of the world this is a scientific, simple, save, moral, legal and ethic possible base with self research oriented practice. Let’s give your self a chance to experience the wonderment real of human life.

It’s very rare privilege be having been taken human birth!

Veethiya Mathiyaal Velleelaaam! (Overcome faith via Consciousness)

(Indian Proverb)

Q> Mahaguru first you say there is no special skills or technique required but in this Karma subject you talk about two new technique which is Heart Centre Meditation and Kundalini Yoga Meditation. Why these come into picture?

A> Not all required such technique and not all able to achieve the intellectual evolution without those techniques. If I say to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Penang is just need to walk or by car. We also always have option travel by flight. Those techniques if feel carefully then Heart Centre Meditation enhance compassionate and Kundalini Yoga Meditation Unfold Awareness.

Q> Mahaguru I have read your article LEARN to DIE to LIVE a LIFE & Celebrate It! Why you say this?

A> In human existence if there is action there will re-action. Means if we do action call talk then re-action will sound produce, from this sound there is can be further talking by others to you back. Among all action human expecting every action follow by pre-determine re-action. Am I right? Yes. Now is there most a time all action follow by expected re-action? No. Why? The reason is because human’s action replied by re-action where else nature’s action should respond by human. Anyhow the only perfect action’s re-action’s of human life is action of birth follow by re-action of death. Both are nature and both processes are un-aware by the individual. Now if a person can RESPOND to physical life then moment by moment then a great possibilities leads towards Awareness of both process will be cultivate. The only way is RESPOND to both or either one process (BIRTH and/or DEATH) means AWARENESS of the action with RESPOND. Technically speaking every individual BIRTH is already executed so individual have the other option to RESPOND on DEATH. The method is LEARN to DIE. It’s simple because all individual practice it everyday more then learning, doing, practicing any other specific activities in total life that’s more then 33% of life time in existence.

This lead to LIVING & LEAVING with awareness & wholeness. Anyhow what ever Objective and Goals DIE is ultimate process of existence. Dying is universal ART. Art of Dying is Simplest & Greatest LEARNING process can be acquired by every individual. Consciously or Un-Consciously dying process only can take place upon the individual ACCEPT and ALLOW the instruction is carried out.

Which in SUMMARY All process Stops & unique energy transmission will take places > Breathing > Blood Flow > Prana (Bio energy) > & SELF (Micro Mind) EXIST from BODY and will be emerge back to SELF (Macro Mind).

Q> Mahaguru how can married family member’s involve in spiritualism towards enlightenment or Samadhi? Which normally people talks Samadhi all only possible for individual without wordily involvement or suitable for monk kind of people?

A> Only Own Mind Can Be Effect of Bondage or Liberation.

All integration is required Physical joints as in 3rd dimension world. Disconnection of Physical Body allow to take or execute the stage call Birth, which happen which by CUTTING umbilicord! All integration ever made virtually joints all existence as in 4th dimension universal level. Mind is medium of these connections. Disconnection of this Psychological link is allowed to achieve Bramachary or Sanyas stage.

(Which allow experiencing Real Bramachary/Sanyas/Celibate status? Psychological is way which frequency of human mind connected with other part of entities in general call worldly desires ~ to relationship, to status, to assets, to pain, to pleasure etc.)

Even thou can’t change external factor but everyone can alter internal mind vibrant. This mind alteration is effect for suffer or enjoyment and the any course/incident will remain neutral.

Q> Mahaguru I various view on Vegetarian is important for spiritualism towards liberation. How is this true?

A> For Spiritual Unfolding vegetarian is pre-request, how ever it will contribute added value advantages.

Q> How can Mahaguru mostly Indian say should eat anything by killing animal?

A> who say Indian only say? In fact global researcher and medical experts start to rank meats and non vegetables food should rarely consume or not at all to harvest highest health benefits. If you think shouldn’t kill animal for meat for spiritualism then you shouldn’t breath at ALL!

Q> Why Mahaguru? How can?

A> Each and every breath every body destroying or killing hundreds of thousands of life in forms from Air

Q> Then they say should not eat blood & meat?

A> Scientific reason by avoiding meat and non-vegetable will decrease toxin possibilities in body, avoid dangerous virus, germ or bacteria infection thus the individual can manage body is temple with highest HEALTHIER LIFE. It also contributes much calmer emotion, best endocrine glands functionality which will enable best hormones regulation to highest intellectual evolution!

Q> Mahaguru you mean meat eater too can achieve Samadhi or high Spiritualism path?

A> Yes! Can!

A> However my dear compassionate, flower of my heart, intellectual of world as highest advantages is by eating vegetable is highly recommended!

A> Recommendation for whom still eating meats let it drop from you not force to not eating for a sake of spiritualism.

Q> Mahaguru I have question related the earlier Q&A which people use to say for spiritualism or enlightenment or Samadhi individual must be celibacy without attachment life especially most people advice not involve in sexual life at all for highest spiritualism experience?

Mahaguru this again they relate to life force or Kundalini Shakhty which a individual should not discharge semen or sperm etc.

A> I would like group your question to 1st people say no sexual life for better spiritualism experience and 2nd shouldn’t waste semen.

A> Activity of physical sex can have instant energy lost but continues sex thoughts can have total energy lost. It’s more destructive to have thoughts rather then experience. Now my question is, is anybody who wanted to be celibacy have acquired technique or method which can completely cease away those thoughts?

A> Now next question is shouldn’t waste or release semen/sperm, now do you think the only method to release sexual desire by having intimate between another person or this can be executed by single individual?

A> Technically speaking it can be wasted without other party involvement.

A> IF someone stand up and say, I have strongest will power to be discipline enough and stay without self action towards sexual desire then another question is?

A> The semen saved from wastage should be travel upward.

A> For it travel upward it must be in active life wet form.

A> If it’s in active & wet form body will get heat once in a while.

A> If body is heat or to tired normally semen is discharge by it’s own without any action at sleeping period.

A> Have anyone acquired ART or TECHNIQUE to avoid this wastage? Each of you question your self?

These are the EXPERIENCE base technique not available in any written format!

Q> Mahaguru why you focus or combine both Yoga Sutra & Siva Sutra.

A> Yoga Sutra technique expecting and leads practitioner towards avoid any attachment related experience with awareness. Practicing Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Dyanam, Mantra & Tantra can contribute HEALTHIER BODY as well MIND PURIFICATION.

A> Shiva Sutra allow and leads practitioner towards experience all with awareness eventually bring about MODERATION.

“Learning to ROMANCE the opposite side of human psyche is

ART of Blending Dance of opposite.”






Reality while




A> Thru years of experience being with thousand over student from all around world integration of both handle 21st and beyond within wordily life while exploring spiritual experience.

Q> Why you are call as Mahaguru and how you achieve this stage, who knows about it?

Mahaguru answer

A> A mother will conceive a child and get delivery a baby become daughter of the said mother. Upon the daughter grown, married then she too will get pregnant she has to update or inform to the outside world and to her mother too, saying that she already successfully conceived baby and pregnant and achieved pre-motherhood stage. The outside world can only recognize her pregnancy while stomach size growing bigger not at initial stage. Pre-parental process she experience is her experience knowledge acquired practically, and the world got to accept what she obtain it successful and real.

Same its goes here as first step students of yoga meditation obtain knowledge impacted by his Guru and eventually become teacher him self that’s the moment he achieved his enlightenment and self realization level with intellectual evolution to create another students of yoga meditation then he is achieve the status of Guru and thus name recognizing the Guru is important. At this level initially the Guru him self have to provide the info to outside world that he have achieve the Guru stage. In my situation I have done responsibility by recognize self and provide a platform to recognize as Mahaguru to outside world.

In summary the above fact is know as re-action of INTERCOURSE action. Successful conceived a baby is known and result as of Sexual Intercourse where else Successful conceived Universal Mind Knowledge is call as Cosmic Intellectual Intercourse. CONCEIVED BABY is 3rd dimensional activities and CONCEIVED UNIVERSAL MIND KNOWLEDGE is 4th dimensional activities.

Both INTERCOURSES only can be known to the ACHIEVED personal until updated to outside world.

Q> Mahaguru I have read your article “Can a student studying in university while studying in kindergarten?” What do you mean?

A> ** Even thou all praying system in Hinduism created for specific people for specific age Limits knowingly there is NO external GOD. Praying, rituals, do give benefit yet it’s important to move up SCIENTIFIC Practicing like Yoga, Dyanam, Pranayama.

Q> Mahaguru do you say stop praying? How can?

A> It required pure Daring to DROP BLAMING POINT (God) to DROP PRAYING attitude! You will stop praying upon stop reserving blaming point for future.

Q> Mahaguru you say “NO external GOD”, why?

A> Human body is temple architect and structure, body’s endocrine gland’s in psychical body are goddess which also known as Chakra in astral body. This fundamental of Indian philosophy, the essences of most Sutra’s. Then how can be another external entity?

CASE STUDY of Sivalingam is not sex symbol or its not external god either

Siva means Consciousness = intellectual evolution

Lingam means Object = Via Pineal Gland perfection

Lingam Object is Shape of Pineal Endocrine Gland in Head. The sides curve is both brain equal look. The connection from Pineal Gland connecting the centre of Eye Brows (3rd eye spot) is front long image. Centre of eye brows is where both the parasympathetic & sympathetic nerve merge or lock with spinal cord nerve (Idakala, Pinkala, Shusumanadi).


Q> You mean to say there is NO God?

A> Dear Compassionate intellect I say all existence is god it self! It also corresponds with modern metaphysic sciences ATOM Principe.

Q> Then why Indian have so many goddess?

A> It’s VARIOUS inner self intellectual evolution FREQUENCY projected externally as symbolic icons.


Q> Is there anything wrong by conducting ritual & praying?

A> No. Praying does give benefits. More over all ritual gives un-comparable health benefits, such as Agnihotra in proper manner gives universe air nutrition balancing & purification. Save to protect losing ozone.


0 – 2 Child without logic mind you don’t require teach anyway.

3 – 7 Child with best development of brain development can teach about temple and god as such.

Child above 8 years old must be thought the real scientific FACT the most advance rather then keeps rolling old syllabus / old talks / old theoretical / old myth kind of stories.

Q> Are you religious teacher?

A> No, my friend.

Q> Then why only talk about Hinduism/Indian Praying System?

A> It’s my origin and comfortable for me to explain directly as one of example for all, and other people from any other background got to do home work self analyst and self realize which ever parallel with my briefing.

Q> What is Religious & Spiritualism?

A> Religious is code of ethic to be follow when we were come into being with divine nature of compassionate to stay with good humanity and human values, its god fearing and devoting.

A> Spiritualism is unfolding inherent in nature within divine nature of compassionate, its god realizing. (Self express, self acceptance, self experience as it is towards SELF Realization)

Q> Guru why you most time say Nothing Is Yours?

A> My friend you should complete my statements:

“Nothing is Yours, You Are Everything!”

Whether you own it or not you’re the thing it self, at every moment. So you just don’t be so proud if you own it, and don’t be so humiliated if you not own it. Too proud and so humiliated are emotions which very energetic mind frequency. Both will be resistant or block in between “You ~ Thing”. Most likely if you own it then chances to lose are very high, and if want it opportunity to received will be long, hard and delay.

“Be RELAX if you have nothing and be PEACE upon having things”

Anyhow you are EVERYTHING all MOMENT

Q> Mahaguru why challenge life occur for almost all human?

A> Do you mean about health, study, wealth, relationship, about earning money?

Q> Mainly on earning money?

A> Oh material world of money, anyhow I will give 7 Secret of Universal Challenge for Human towards Unfolding human creative and compassionate. These will suites all materialistic related issue.


(TRACKING SYSTEM for Physical Activities & Achievement Balancing)

Normally every individual would prefer to save his or her hard-earned wealth or fame without losing it unnecessarily. Nevertheless knowingly or unknowingly, some individuals may lose it temporarily or permanently some possession things.

If questioned why? They will reply with many varied answers but the following PHILOSOPHICAL FACTS are the core answers.


1. They have the CAPACITY and SKILLS of earning a minimum of 10 times of what they have lost immediately.

2. They are GIFTED to earn a minimum of 10 times of what they have lost.

3. OPPORTUNITIES are available immediately to earn a minimum of 10 times of what they have lost.

4. It is Nature/Creator REMINDING them that they have the capacity of actually acquiring more than what they have lost.

5. It is the Universe’s way to request individuals to release more of their CREATIVITY which otherwise lies hidden in the human heart.

6. It is an invitation of nature to RENDER more of your services to the world.

7. MORE service providers are required and you are with those possessing KNOWLEDGE.

8. Individuals are PERFECTLY prepared to handle particular critical situations.

9. THINK of yourself as a born winner as well intelligent and think of what, when, where, which, whose, why and how of the above.

10. Just dare to earn the EXTRA benefits 10 times with 100% focus.

“Challenging stimulation are natures responsibilities towards correcting irresponsibility human action.”

Q> Thank you Mahaguru, If that challenge of wealth is unfolding creative, skills and brain ability then why the other part of emotional disturbance problem and more relationship issue?

A> WEALTH & EMOTION is integrated issue. Mahaguru use to say

“Relationship Occur for Self Realization”

Husband & wife. Both they are stimulation for each other’s self realization.

Parent & Children. Parent’s get highly stimulation towards their self realization.

Between friends, working colleagues, public servant, officer, business partner, staff, worker, even between your enemy all relationship occur for self realization purpose. From surface level most human see the status of relationship is actually “Bi-Product” of “Self Realization”, where else great opportunities is to knowing seeing, reading expressing the very individual are “Core Purpose” of relationship occur.

“Important be responsible on relationship rather then, Being attached on it.”

Q> Mahaguru ask why this is best medium of self realization.

A> Mahaguru him self answering his question. Within relationship argument will trigger most moment. Argument and debating with Awareness leads towards STOCK CHECK of Thought(s), Word(s) and Action of one self. The stock checking with awareness and compassion feeling will includes both type of psyche value and its express and experience as it is without manipulation. You have face but you need mirror to view it. Same you have both but you need other’s stimulation to allow expression as result of outer witness in physical world of your own MIND patterns which combination of almost all Mahabharata characters & Ramayana duties.

You may think and assume with so much confident that your face or cheeks are same color and same size both left & right, but have you ever observe on mirror?

Negative & Positive is inclusive in all Atoms and we are combination of very same atoms trillions, you wanted find way to split or eliminate either psyche value? Don’t even dream about it!

Case scenario

Wife telling husband, what time you coming? in evening I’m going to mall to buy some item. Husband say I might be late. Wife answer oh then I will ask my friend Robert from town to send me back home. Excuse me why trouble others what time you will be in mall? I will be coming straight to town.

What are the hidden thought pattern surface as helping attitude? Few to list.

· Safety

· Worried

· Non-confident on others

· Suspects

· Jealousy

Stock taking these patterns is DOOR OPENER towards SPIRITUALISM PATH

Four Major Great Attribute of Divinity

“TRACKING SYSTEM for Emotional Balancing”

ü Compassionate

ü Innate Harmony

ü Healing Presence

ü Unconditional Love

9 Simplicity of Unconditional Love

ü That which sees no barrier to race, color, religion, caste and gender.

ü Without any form and expectation.

ü Accepting the other for what he or she is, (he or she is perfect just the way he or she is).

ü Looking for goodness within others. (Highlight the goodness and downplay the weakness).

ü It is in the giving first that you make the other realize.

ü Creating the win-win situation.

ü Forgiving and Forgetting.

ü Love is Universe

ü Is Divine!

Ideally if a person able TRACK both wealth and emotion related issue the will be flowing Life Confident & Satisfaction Surface.





Walking the path

I know that I know


Peace in Mind & Peace in Experience

Life is confident

I know that I don’t know

Contentment (satisfaction)

There is an end of suffering. Peace in MIND.

Experience painful

I don’t know that I know


There is a cause or origin of suffering

Living in Ignorance

I don’t know that I don’t know


There is suffering

Q> Mahaguru you say almost all of Mahabharata & Ramayana?

A> What is Mahabharata?

It’s Hindu itihāsa (literally "history") which describe human goals main groups

· Dharma or duty

· Artha or purpose

· Kāma pleasure or desire

· Moksha or liberation

Comprising all relationship and characteristic so multiple face and multiple position for every individual to society and the world (the nature of the 'Self‘). Example as husband or wife to spouse, as mother or father to children, as brother or sister to siblings, as superior to workers and staff for their upper management levels, as friend to good one, as enemy for unlike ones, as soft smiles to somebody, as anger projector to the others, as supporter to most and as opposition to the others, as helper to some and as disturber to the others, as fighter to some and as friendlier to most, as listener to some and as protester to others, as un-expected to some and as pre-expected to others, as fair to some, as iniquitous (sinful) to the others, to be good, and to be naughty. These can be extended to almost thousands of various character appearances within this birth of current MIND, Body, Soul existence for every individual in world. Base on major type of character some part will express by some individual more frequently and more aggressively. The other all parts will stay dormant and much alive energy within every human!

A> What is Ramayana?

A> It’s mostly duties of relationships and ideal characters for various situation between different individual at different places and various timing.

Example how is ideal servant, the ideal brother, the ideal wife and the ideal king, ideal scientist, ideal devotee and many more ideal duties & relationships.

Q> Mean’s are you saying we don’t required to read those Epics?

A> Anyone can read but reading in consciousness of awareness which every individual including themselves whom reading can and inherent in nature caring every character’s as well should carried every duties regards of people, place and timing.

Reader will have nothing learn, or feel or experience if as thou reading a story book which about a history happen in India few thousands years ago. No! it’s worlds longest and greatest Epic which describe all almost all possibilities of characteristic from past centuries current and future human evolution and characteristic flow.

These reading helps like touch like on face to view it clearly on mirror’s image.

Q> Mahaguru we have heard there is many Ancient Sutras, do have to read all, how to get it?

A> If time, space and situation permits yes you might read but as per Mahabharata example which confirm it’s much easier to read, view, observe the book call “SELF” it will unfold all world sutra’s value of essences.

Q>Mahaguru him self asking and telling eventually you will drop all including me as your Mahaguru. “What ever you adopted for a purpose all will drop by time”

A> I’m your experimental lab upon your experience at highest peak drop all including forget about me as well as your Mahaguru or your guidance or your spiritual Master, because allowing autopilot or auto cruise the Self Drive will have to begin. Trusting universal intelligent is letting go everything and anything!

Q> Mahaguru can we have some idea of what about most famous Vedas & Sutras?

Ancient knowledge like Shiva Sutra, Yoga Sutra, Ayurveda, Ganita Sutra, Shulba Sutra, or even about Kama Sutra, Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, Atharvaveda, Upanishads, Vedanga etc







Anyone practicing yoga should adhere to the values of non-violence, truth, honesty and show restraint.

Ahimsa : Nonviolence

Satya : Truthfulness

Asteya : Nonstealing

Aparigraha : Non-covertness



They are observances to be followed by the yoga practitioner like contemplation, contentment, penance and study of scriptures.

Saucha : Cleanliness

Santosa : Contentment (satisfaction)

Tapas : Sustained practice

Svadhyaya : Self study

God pranidhana: Surrender to God



These physical exercises help in concentration of the mind.

Body Posture



It involves breathing exercises that help the aspirant to gain control of prana or life energy.

Breathing Techniques



It is a stage of sense withdrawal. The aspirant's mind is focused on the internal object of concentration and has a feeling of detachment from the outside world.

Moderating 5 intellect








In this stage, the aspirant is able to concentrate on one subject or an idea.

Full Focus on activities



It is the stage of steady concentration on one subject or an idea.

Bring thought to relax towards lower frequency of Delta



This is the stage where the individual consciousness merges with the divine consciousness.

Self realize stage of mind.

Sat : Eternal/Soul

Chit : Knowledge/Super consciousness

Ananda : Happiness/Continues

"Sūtra" literally means a thread or line that holds things together, and more metaphorically refers to an aphorism (or line, rule, formula), or a collection of such aphorisms in the form of a manual.

A> Are you asking the universal knowledge. If you ask Indian knowledge it self means knowledge of world, here you asking almost entire Indian knowledge.

A> Shiva Sutra ~ 112 Simple, easy yet world's most wonderful and powerful breathing techniques. Shiva Sutra allows and leads practitioner towards experience all with awareness eventually bring about MODERATION. Life is MODERATE.

A> Yoga Sutra ~ About 840,000 over posture, combination of 100 over Mudras, 100 Pranayama, 108 Life spot or 39 Minor Chakra, 7 Major Chakra, 2 Para Chakra, Kriyas, Bandhas, Yantras, Mantras and awareness philosophies.

A> Ganita Sutra ~ About Maths

A> Shulba Sutra ~ Geometry related documents

A> Kama Sutra ~ Is an ancient Indian text widely considered to be the standard work on human sexual behavior in Sanskrit literature written by the Indian scholar Mallanāga Vātsyāyana. A portion of the work consists of practical advice on sex. Is largely in prose, with many inserted anustubh poetry verses. Kāma means sensual or sexual pleasure.

A> Ayurveda, the 'science of life' is a system of traditional medicine native to India and practiced in other parts of the world as a form of alternative medicine. In Sanskrit, the word Ayurveda comprises the words āyus, meaning 'life', and veda, meaning 'related to knowledge' or 'science'. Evolving throughout its history, Ayurveda remains an influential system of medicine in South Asia. The earliest literature of Ayurveda appeared during the Vedic period in India. The Sushruta Samhita and the Charaka Samhita were influential works on traditional medicine during this era. Ayurvedic practitioners also claim to have identified a number of medicinal preparations and surgical procedures for curing various ailments and diseases.


Is hymns to be recited. Rigvedic hymns are dedicated to various deities. Mainly:

Agni ~ Fire

Soma ~ Plant

Dyaus Pita ~ Father Heaven

Prithivi ~ Mother Earth

Surya ~ Sub

Vayu ~ Air

Apas ~ Water

Parjanya ~ Thunder

Vac ~ Word


Scarifies formula ‘Mantras’ for ritual with public attending officiating priest, for example:

* Full moon

* Agnihotra


Scarifies formula ‘Mantras’ for ritual with public attending chanter of hymns set

to melodies. It’s sung, using specifically indicated melodies.


Scarifies formula ‘Mantras’ for ritual with public attending chanter of hymns set to melodies collection of spells and incantations stories, predictions, apotropaic charms some speculative hymns healing and magic.


Upa ~ nearby

ni ~ at the proper place, down

sad ~ that is "sitting down near” a teacher in order to receive instruction

It’s covering about including advance metaphysics :

· universal spirit

· individual soul

· identity of both

Modern criticism of Upanishad transcendentalism

Ø mere illusion

Ø could not be reconciled with a permanent and homogeneous reality

Ø led to a complete denial of plurality


Is member of the six Veda

Ø Shiksha (śikṣā): phonetics and phonology (sandhi)

teaching of the correct pronunciation of the Vedic hymns and mantras

Ø Chandas (chandas): meter

the study of Vedic meter

Ø Vyakarana (vyākaraṇa): grammar

impetus for linguistic analysis and grammar

Ø Nirukta (nirukta): etymology

explanation, etymological interpretation

Ø Jyotisha (jyotiṣa): astrology and astronomy,

dealing particularly with the auspicious days for performing sacrifices.

Ø Kalpa (kalpa):

Ritual (naming, birth, marriage etc)

A>Main six schools of Indian philosophy

o Nyaya (Reasoning)

Thought is its methodology.

This methodology is based on a system of logic.

o Visheshika (Physical sciences)

schools of philosophy

o Mimasa (Freedom through action)

ritual, worship and ethical conduct

o Sankhya (Framework of manifestation)

levels of manifestation, consciousness

o Yoga (Practical methods for direct experience)

witnessing of your inner states

o Vedanta (Contemplative self-inquiry)

realization of one's true nature

o Ayurveda (knowledge on life)

A> Thirukkural (Tamil: திருக்குறள் also known as the Kural) is a classic of couplets or Kurals (1330 rhyming Tamil couplets) or aphorisms celebrated by Tamils. It was authored by Thiruvalluvar, a Jain poet of aboriginal Dravidian race and is considered to be the first work to focus on ethics, in Shramana literature of India. Thirukkural expounds various aspects of life and is one of the most important works in Tamil. This is reflected in some of the other names by which the text is known: Tamilmarai (Tamil Veda); poyyamozhi (speech that does not become false); and teyva nul or dheiva nool (divine text). It is dated anywhere from the second century BC to the eighth century AD. The book is considered to be a posterior to Arthashastra by some historians and to precede Manimekalai and Silapathikaram since both the latter acknowledge the Kural text. Thirukkural is and remains to be the book that has been translated into the most number of languages and hence it is called as "Ulaga Podhu Marai" meaning the Common Knowledge for the world. Copies of Tirukkural are available even at places as far as New York. Copies of Tirukkural published as early as 1930 can be found in New York Public Library.

Thirukkural (or the Kural) is a collection of 1330 Tamil couplets organised into 133 chapters. Each chapter has a specific subject ranging from "ploughing a piece of land" to "ruling a country". According to the LIFCO Tamil-Tamil-English dictionary, the Tamil word Kural means Venpa verse with two lines. Thirukkural comes under one of the four categories of Venpas (Tamil verses) called Kural Venpa. Each chapter contains 10 couplets. A couplet consists of seven cirs, with four cirs on the first line and three on the second. A cir is a single or a combination of more than one Tamil word. For example, Thirukkural is a cir formed by combining the two words Thiru and Kural, i.e. Thiru + Kural = Thirukkural. It is has been translated to various other languages. The Thirukkural has achieved a perfect balance between the secular and the spiritual. Thirukural of Thiruvalluvar is the most popular, most widely esteemed Tamil Classic of all times. It is a tamil book on philosophy and life in general, written by Thiruvalluvar, a sage and philosopher, about 2000 years ago. Its appeal is universal. It is the only Tamil literary & World’s Written document work (possibly after the Bible) that has been translated many times in almost all languages of the world.

Indian sages have worked out four great aims in life. The Thirukkural deals with three of the four great aims in life - Aram, Porul, and Inbam. The fourth great aim in life and the culmination of all the previous three is Veedu. Veedu means consciously returning back to our source. It is Sivagati. It is mukti.

Thiruvalluvar does not deal with the fourth aim in life in his Thirukkural. Some say this is because if you follow the first three perfectly, veedu will be automatically achieved.

The Thirukkural is a code of ethics. It has something noble for the ordinary man, the administrator, the king and the ascetic. It is global in perspective and it is as timely today as when it was written more than 2000 years ago. It deals with the power of virtue, extols self control, urges man to perform sacrifice and charity and elucidates the qualities that go to make perfection in all people - the married and the ascetic. The Thirukkural consists of 133 chapters with each containing 10 couplets composed in the kural-venba metre.

Divided into three sections, the first part called arattupaal in 38 chapters enumerates the ways to live a morally upright life; touching on such things as the happy married life and the greatness of those who renounce.

The second poart, called porutpaal tackles the conduct of those involved in administration and socio-political life; about social relations and citizenship.

The third part, inbatupaal, deals with love; about physical longing, about true love and ethics.

Some languages list which Thirukkural has been translated.

Tamil - தமிழ்

Telugu – తెలుగు

Bangla - বাংলা

Gujarati - ગુજરાતી

Hindi - हिन्दी

Kannada - ಕನ್ನಡ

Konkani - कोंकणी

Malayalam - മലയാളം

Marathi - मराठी

Oriya - ଓଡ଼ିଆ

Punjabi - ਪੰਜਾਬੀ

Rajasthani - राजस्थानि

Sanskrit - संस्कृतम्


Asian languages

Arabic - العربيه








Bahasa Melayu


Urdu – ٱردو

European languages

Czech - Česká

Dutch - Nederlands

English - English

Finnish - Suomi

French - Français

German - Deutsch

Hungarian - Magyar

Italian - Italian

Latin - Latina

Norwegian - Norsk

Polish - Polski

Russian - Русский

Spanish - Español

Swedish – Svenska

ü the organization of the first couplet & its remarkable relevance to the rest of the work ?

ü the incredible similarities between Ch. 1 "Praise of God" and Ch. 36 on "Realization" ?

ü the mind-boggling patterns in the words for Worship and the Worshiped?

ü the amazing link between Soul & Body, and it mathematical relevance to Rebirth ?

ü the Numerical Value of Thiruvalluvar himself, which is 133 ?

ü translated to 100 over languages

ü the only ancient document in the world written and available without any humanity conflict and can be recites / read in any religious or general gathering.

ü the only ancient document which talk about god yet accepted by every culture, every religious, every spiritualist, every philosophy, every scientist and every psychologist

ü "For the first time in history, unaltered, original and complete word of CREATOR by nature". If presence of a series of mathematical patterns is the proof of divine authorship, we can include Thirukkural also in the list.


Prime Caption

“Life is School, Situation is Lesson, and the result is nothing else, Knowing Your Self”

“All past; modern, current and future scientific research activities FOUND INFORMATION RESULTS are reversing knowledge of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. Ancient art of Kundalini Yoga Meditation invention, existence & it's usage pre-dates any written & unwritten STUDIES in the world”

“Your radiance starts and ends at your self; You are the origin!”


Can't EAT it, Try to FEEL it, It's FREE,

Anyway extendedly you may pay certain FEES, but its OK. This is the fees/resource paid for your intellectual evolution.

There is great valuable ASSET & Spiritually. Infect that FEES actually you got it FREELY from here 'UNIVERSAL'."

LIFE PHILOSOPHY within 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0






Tear your
Heart and
Research the
Everlasting stage


Resources (within you for greater performance)


Evolved (within you)


eXtraordinary (birth we have taken-human being)


Sit and
Nothingness (Where everything evolve)


Gap of
Heart and
Thought (Cause of all sorrows)


Evolution (But everything is evolve in Null)


Zipped all the way (parallel with nature) till the
End of
Radiance to realize the
Operator (Creator/GOD/ATOM/Origin/............ Exist within you your self) Your radiance starts and ends at your self (origin)!

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