Lord Sri Akshunna

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Sri Akshunnanath Mahaprabhu, Lord Sri Akshunna, Lord, Prabhu
Nath, Sahajayan, Trika, Sufi, Siddha, Aghori, Buddhism
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Kaski district, Nepal
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Bodhichitta Rimpoche, Srikanthanath Muni


Sri Akshunnanath Mahaprabhu is a master of many different esoteric traditions of which he holds the main seat of some.

He is the present holder of Trika Saasanam Rajgaddi of Trika Saasanam Rajdarbar where He was given abhisekh and name Sri Guptapadacharya Trisamvidraj Muni by Srikanthanath Muni.

He is also the lineage holder of the Gurung in the tradition of the famous Dharma Gurung (called Dharmu) who became famous as Dhanu Guru (Master of archery) and later as Guru Baaje of Kalabang Gareti, Pumdibhumdi, Nepal.

About nath and siddha tradition on which he has mostly delved into there is a lot of secrets to come on in near future. He is a pir of Alakh Puri.

In Buddhist world he is given the honorable name of Siddha Sambuddha Mahakaruneswor Vajradev by none other than Siddacharya Guru Bodhichitta Rinpoche.

However he says he likes to be free from all religious connotation hence now he moves as a crazy adept a simple person with nothing to follow or guide. Though For the sake of convenience he uses his nath name Sri Akshunnanath Mahaprabhu better written as Lord Sri Akshunna. And regarding the speciality of word Lord in his name if anybody asks questions he simply ignores of any speciality of the word Lord, "its simply a name to call for and nothing more" says he. Actually people get the answer beforehand when somebody tries to ask him about this because he refers to everybody as Lord/Prabhu. To the person who asks about this, he says "Prabhu, you are yourself a lord and nothing less".


When Guru Baaje realized his time was going to have its way, he called all and mainly pointing to Karnu Gurung he said “Our is a tradition of Guru and we hold the light of Gurus hence we are called Gurungs. From 1 to 9 it is a whole number , I am the first of this generation and by the time of 9th generation it will be complete as 9 is a last number. Then in the 10th generation there will be born a master guru himself, a Adiguru incarnate who will transcend all dharmas and gurus, his name will start with A. and as 10 represents eternity he will not be Kshina but will be Aadi and Anadi. A master guru a siddhabuddha will he be to save many a life and simply but incredibly will he use his methods.”

After this he said syai syai and moved to the north never to be back.

Gurung Dharma Lineage : Guru Baaje - Karnu Gurung - Parsang Gurung - Pratapsing Gurung - Avir Gurung - Jeet Bhadhur Gurung - Kubersing Gurung - Deo kaji Gurung - Kajiman Ghotane Gurung - Lord Sri Akshunna.

He has experience in music (string instrument) and in the art of painting as well through his years of involvement in it in early years.

Also, academically he is a graduate in joint degree of Psychology and Philosophy.

Present state

With nothing to follow or guide a simple person who moves with the tao of existence "sahaj bhav", he is in tune with sahajayanis with his long hair. Using his nath name Sri Akshunnanath Mahaprabhu better known as Lord Sri Akshunna and Simply called upon as Lord/Prabhu he mostly travels in Nepal between Kathmandu and Pokhara.


The following are the main sayings of Lord Sri Akshunna:

* "Each one has to discover his own dharma".
* "Each one has his own svabhav so i teach nothing but to follow your own svabhav."
* "Ultimately The Jiva is Siva and this is the sole aim to understand. To have this is to have pratyabhigya. This is the tantra here to make you svatantra, free liberated.This is the vision,this is the darsan."
* "Through Samsara Nirvana is expressed."
* "In the name of dharma, enlightenment, truth, bliss how many times have you been cheated by these religious gurus? Now wake up and stand on your own feet, truth is everywhere."
* "Enlightenment is like a horizon in the distance, you see it and become convinced that it is there beautiful so you move forward to achieve it, but the horizon can never be achieved and the more you move forward for it, the more it moves away, and then one day you have to understand that it is the game of maya. Then You understand through experience that there is no enlightenment and in that moment of no enlightenment, enlightenment is there experienced."
* "I am not interested in gurudom but there is something in guru wisdom so its just a sharing of that wisdom".
* "The Heart must be vast that can embrace all".
* "Tat Tvam Asi" "You are that".
* "Alakh Niranjan".
* "Satnaam".
* "Om Mani Padme Hum".
* "Pye Ta(n) Lyu Ta(n)".
* "Adesh Adesh".

Some important practices beside many others which are taught by Lord Sri Akshunna:

* Adiyog Maha Ati (Primordial Great Perfection/Dzogchen) = As practiced by the very very few siddha Gurus of Gurung Dharma. It is the adi yoga of Gurung Dharma called Maha ati or Dzogchen.

(There are many differences between the Buddhist dzogchen and Gurung dzogchen. For instance Gurungs can proclaim their Dzogchen as the primordial one beside it being Maha Ati but Buddhists cannot, so one can understand that Gurung Dzogchen is in more pristine purity than Buddhist Dzogchen. - Lord Sri Akshunna).

* Kundalini Yoga Tantra= As practiced by the very few Tantrik siddha Nath yogis.

(Secret tantrik teaching of kundalini was given by Lord Sri Akshunna in 2007 for 7 and 2 half days in Hansada Yoga Ashram,Nepal).

* Mahamudra= As practiced by mahasiddhas who were evolved as sahajayanis.
* Trika Tantra = As practiced by secret Munis of Rahasya Marga of Trika Saasan.
* Sri Vidya = As practiced by Samayacharin and kaula both.

(Mainly there are three paddati and 12 Sampradaya of sri vidya. And as a process though i have almost learnt all,I am mostly into Samhara krama of Krodha Sampradaya of Sri vidya and tripura kula of Dattatreya - Lord Sri Akshunna).

* Achintye Pragya dhyan (Irrational Zen) = As Practised by the original masters of Zen.
* Muraqaba = As practiced by Pir o Murshids of Sufi Silsila.

Teachings are sometimes unexpectedly given or sometimes talked in informal talks with friends and seekers when it is least expected otherwise He is mostly in present state.(See Above:Present State)
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