Kisaburou Kawaguchi

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Fast Facts
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Date of Birth: 
circa 1950
Place of Birth: 
Saga Prefecture, Japan
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Kisaburou Kawaguchi was born around the year 1950.

In 1971, he is said to gain special healing power all of a sudden in the course of nature. Then afetr, he was active below the surface for 24 years.

In 1995, he founded the Kirakunokai group right after the Great Hanshin Earthquake occured.

In 2006, some Japanese bloggers wrote about him and about Kirakunokai and he became known.

Nowadays, he is active in healing the earth, in protecting Japan from earthquakes, and in bringing happiness to people. He is mainly active in japan.


"Somebody else - self-realization"

This is to set one's intention and to act in all matters with a priority to somebody else. "Somebody else" means all others except oneself; i.e. family, one's dearests, relatives, someone that makes commercial gain.

"Basis of water in tub"

Kisaburou Kawaguchi says that if we take precedence to concentrate or act for anyone else without expecting something in return, that energy (qi) will enhance us like water in tub - if we push the water in the tub toward the other side, water will hit the other side and will return to our side of the tub. He says qi energy functions like water in tub.

"Healing of the earth"


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