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December 1944
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Bangor, Wales, UK
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John David was born in Bangor, Wales and started very early questioning life and the essence of life.

After his studies, while staying in Japan, he learned about Osho and in 1976 he found himself in the Ashram in Pune where instinctively he knew that his questions would be answered. He remained there for 15 years.

After Osho's death, John David went to Lucknow and after three weeks in the presence of Papaji he recognized "who he really was". For five years he stayed in Papaj's sangha, and then he started giving satsang in Australia.

Since 2003 John David has been touring many places in Europe, inviting people to satsang and conveying the essence of Advaita in public meetings, intensive weekends and retreats, with the central question: "Who am I?"

Nowadays, John David lives and give satsangs in the Open Sky House Community in Hitdorf, a place next to the Rhine River between Cologne and Düsseldorf in Germany.

He usually travels to Tiruvannamalai in India in the winter and gives there satsangs.


Premananda's teachings are a well-expressed blend of Advaita with Osho's aproaches.

Premananda has a unique capability of explaining difficult Advaita issues in simple yet well-tuned words.

Premanada puts a special emphasis on the "Who Am I?" self inquiry method of Ramana Maharshi (and consequently of his disciple and Premananda's guru Papaji) and encourages you to "Be as you are", abide in your being, in the "I Am" rather than in "I am that or this".


Open Sky House in Hitdorf
Satsang Place

Open Sky House is Premananda's community for conscious awareness.

There is a weekly program including mantra singing and music, films, daily meditations, workshops and a regular Monday evening Satsang.

Premananda also offers weekend intensives and longer retreats.

The Monday evening Satsang is available, via telephone, to everywhere in the world.

You can just visit the place or stay as a guest or a volunteer for some time.

As a visitor, you can join the residents for lunch or dinner, and attend the daily meditations.

He usually travels to Tiruvannamalai in India in the winter and gives there satsangs (see ad below regrading his visit in the beginning of 2011).

Open Sky House
Rheinstr. 54,
Hitdorf on the Rhine, 51371, Germany
(Located between Cologne & Dusseldorf)

By car from Cologne -

  • If you come from Cologne center, take A57 direction Krefeld, then A1 direction Dortmund until motorway cross "Leverkusen-West", If you come from Cologne east, take the A3 direction Oberhausen, then A1 direction Koblenz / Düsseldorf, take the next exit (cross "Leverkusen-West")
  • At motorway cross "Leverkusen-West" take the A59 direction Düsseldorf
  • Take the first exit (Nr. 27) Rheindorf/Hitdorf, then turn right direction Hitdorf
  • In Hitdorf 100m after the Bft petrol station turn left at the sign "Fähre Köln-Langel"
  • Take the 2nd right (Wiesenstr.), about 200m straight along the rhine until Nr 54. You can park on the left side at the yacht harbour.

By car from Düsseldorf -

  • A59 direction Leverkusen
  • At motorway cross "Monheim-Süd", take the exit "Hitdorf", then turn left direction Hitdorf (Langenfelder Str.)
  • After 3 km in Hitdorf go straight ahead across the main street (Hitdorfer Str.) until you come to the Rhine.
  • Turn right until Nr 54. You can park on the left side at the yacht harbour.

By train -

  • S6 from Cologne (17 min.) or Düsseldorf to Leverkusen-Mitte
  • Bus Nr. 233 direction Monheim (17 min). After 8 pm or on the weekend first take bus 211 until Rheindorf-Pützdelle", usually wait 5 minutes and then bus 233.
  • Exit in Hitdorf, bus stop "Werftstrasse"
  • turn down Werftstrasse towards the Rhine, then turn left along the Rhine
  • After approx. 50m house nr. 54.
  • You can also get out of the train S6 in Leverkusen-Rheindorf and call us, we will pick you up.

By boat -

  • from Cologne tram N°12 until termimus Merkenich
  • Bus 121, 10 minutes until terminus "Köln Langel Fähre"
  • Ferry (4 min.) 1 Eur/Person or 3 Eur/car with one Person (until 8pm, in winter until 7pm)
  • turn left and have a nice 5 minutes walk.

By plane -

Cologne Airport (Köln-Bonn) or Düsseldorf international

  • Cheap lines are Germanwings or Easyjet
  • It is easy to take the train from the Cologne airport: S13 until Köln-Deutz, then S6 until Leverkusen-Rheindorf or Leverkusen-Mitte.
  • Daily Schedule & Opening Hours: 

    For weekly program and daily schedule check
    Satsang and concert every Monday Night
    Energy Darshan every Tuesday Night
    Self-Enquiry every Wednesday Night
    Meditation with movements and silent sitting every day at 7am

    When to Go: 

    any time. Volunteers are welcome for 1 week minimum.

    You need to contact Open Sky House office to arrange a visit as a Volunteer or Guest. To just visit the place, they ask you to call them before.
    Services in Location: 

    There are a dining room and a bookstore in the center with a collection of books from Premananda, Ramana Maharshi, Papaji and Osho.
    You can have a computer with internet access, there is a free WLAN and a telephone
    Food is vegeterian and mostly organic.


    Accommodation options include a very beautiful dormitory, single room with en-suite or double room with en-suite.

    Prices and Fees: 
    As a volunteer 50 Euro/week (includes all meditations, Mon and Tues Satsang but not special weekends and retreats. Some activities like Gurdjieff dances and Just Dance cost extra.)
    Maps and Pictures of Location: 

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    Books & Media

    Recommended Books: 
    Cover image

    ARUNACHALA TALKS: Spiritual Wisdom Offered In A Direct Simple Expression To Touch Your Heart

    by John David


    These talks discuss the main issues that need to be considered on the path to Awakening. Premananda explains the path of Self-inquiry in The Teaching of Ramana Maharshi, explores the notion of destiny in Destiny, gives an overview of the spiritual journey in The Spiritual Roadmap, delves into the ego or false Self in The Fortress, exposes the illusion of falling in love Hollywood-style in Authentic Love, examines the way of the heart in Devotion, and extolls living in the Now, in Presence.

    Recommended Audio: 

    Pro Opinions

    A wonderful teacher

    mika's picture

    Premananda is a gentle soul and a wonderful ego-less teacher of Advaita.

    A sweet and intensive teacher

    arjuna's picture

    Premananda has a good heart, and a lot is happening in his community.

    me too anymore

    Karl Jacob's picture
    leo's picture

    Didn't get it

    What you too?

    Anymore what?

    leo | Tue, 10/20/2009 - 06:45
    Karl Jacob's picture

    this was a bit for

    this was a bit for anjuna.

    we know each other in real.

    he changed his comment to "I don´t know"

    mine now should mean : I don´t know too anymore"

    makes any sense ?

    Karl Jacob | Tue, 10/20/2009 - 20:00
    leo's picture

    What happened?

    But anjuna was very excited a time ago and even lived in the open sky house in germany.

    what happened????

    leo | Wed, 10/21/2009 - 07:46
    arjuna's picture

    you have to make your own experience

    Yes I've been living in Premananda's community. And as it is a very intensive place you get to be confronted and project it onto the teacher. Basically you have to make you own experience. And sometimes not believe your judgements if they come up.
    I got a lot from the 3 years I spent near Premananda. It's been a rich time and I don't regret it. The people there are like my falily now, even if I don't see them so often.
    At a certain point it was time for me to go on my own and to experience something else.
    If you're interested in Premananda I suggest you go and visit him or check his video page there:

    What I mean with "I don't know" is just to be open to what is happening instead to believe your ideas or other people's ideas. Then you're open to something new. And who cares if you have a "nice" or "bad" experience? The most important is that something happens for you. So follow your heart...

    arjuna | Thu, 12/03/2009 - 14:23
    Karl Jacob's picture

    that´s true

    everbody has to make his own experiences and the openskyhouse and premananda are more than worth a try.

    Karl Jacob | Fri, 12/18/2009 - 21:32
    anderlaus's picture


    I'll remember this advice. Some years ago I planned to go to there, there was some event taking place. But then I heard very problematic opinions from friends of friends from Tiruvanamalai-India who knew him years back and did not have a high regard of him.

    anderlaus | Fri, 12/18/2009 - 22:27
    Karl Jacob's picture

    if I would have listened to

    if I would have listened to such, I would have never met osho...

    Karl Jacob | Sat, 12/19/2009 - 02:16

    he still is

    Karl Jacob's picture

    he still is with huge distance to most other teachers the only one
    I recommend anytime to anybody, who wants to meet a teacher
    or get connected with spirituality or spend some time in a spiritual

    Con Opinions

    he thinks a lot of himself

    rikbik's picture

    Premananda is one of those teachers who needs you, in order to run the community that he founded. For this he will play tricks on you. He will tell you that this is all for your all benefit...

    lalala's picture

    thank you

    Thank you very much Ribkbik for writing your experience on I was in his community for a month in total... After the first couple of days I also came to the conclusion that the degree of obedience was scary. I was trying to find out what was going on, and reading your experience helped me very much. Thank you!!

    lalala | Sun, 01/23/2011 - 11:48
    Bente's picture

    Spot on!

    Thank you so much for your story! I was in Open Sky house as a volunteer. From day one I noticed: this guy does not practice what he preaches. I was totally shocked and it was a wonderful experience.

    Bente | Mon, 11/24/2014 - 11:23

    rikbik accurate

    NIDHI PARKASH's picture

    accurate has been seeming comment of rikbik.

    anderlaus's picture

    supporting arguments

    nidhi, On what exactly do you base your firm judgement? Have you been in the open sky house?

    anderlaus | Fri, 12/18/2009 - 22:30
    NIDHI PARKASH's picture

    Supporting arguments

    Please see the comments of Rikvic to whom I seconded in view of surveys conducted regarding such people.Now, one more baba under scanning lenses investigating agencies about him news has been broadcast today on news channels in India. Truth about such people may be in secret and there are a few persons who have lived with these people knew the truth but these persons cannot reveal the actual truths because of opposing powers in the societies due to blind faith.

    NIDHI PARKASH | Sat, 12/19/2009 - 17:17
    nelo's picture

    "such people"

    You repeat "such people" over and over again, what "such people"? all the teachers? advaita teachers? teachers with blue eyes? teachers that have a beard?

    You are posting just for the sake of posting with meaningless blah blah. You don't know this premananda, there are no surveys about him, why do you spam the opinions? An opinion is about a specific teacher that you had a direct experience with for the sake of others not for the sake of your own boredom.

    nelo | Sat, 12/19/2009 - 21:47
    NIDHI PARKASH's picture

    > Such people

    Hello my precious brother Nelo,
    'SUCH PEOPLE' means a wolf in the clothes of sheep.
    For the persons of wisdom only one indication is enough but the persons who have stopped their powers of discrimination have become prey to such people; therefore, I am forced regrettably to redraw your attention towards the broad cast news of yesterday; if you access to Indian news channels.
    By the grace of Almighty myself has the social duty as well as sacred right to save my own brothers and sisters from jaws of wolves and from the unholy capturing of these people; hence, my posting of comments for those only who desire to open their eyes of understanding to see the dawn of absolute existence, absolute knowledge, absolute bliss but the owls are naturally debarred to see the light of the days in the point of view of which owls cannot understand the day-light.

    You may be either devotee of premananda or not; I don't know but premananda has been a person of your liking on account of which you are forced to mention the second para in your comments filled with decorums such and such as; so you are humbly requested to answer my below quarries due to yours such and such:----
    1.Tell me how many times the phrase 'such people' has been found repeated in my comments which were read by you?
    2.Love begets love, knowledge begets knowledge; hence love is done for the seeking of love in view of which you have unconsciously, without the application of the mind, correctly said that my posting of comments has been for the seeking of posts; and it is hereby my point which may do good to some seekers, some persons who have their minds open for the seeking of knowledge. Hereby, your negative comments toward me become positive to me; whether you can't brood such and such positively along-with?
    3.What is meant by posting meaningless blah blah?
    4.What are you understanding about premananda, speak hereby? Certainly, greater saint even than premananda about which I have already revealed his sinful act yesterday and also again today as---. Further, it is for your information with ref. to my previous day said news broadcast and survey of such people that at a time at news channel aj tak at 12.10 am relative news again under broadcast to which i am hearing which pertains to very, very reputed, highly profiled and one of the most celebrated saints regarding his sinful deeds, mischievous act, the act which needs the prosecution of the saint in the law of the nation and effected person has demanded narco test of the saint through media, government and through the court of law for the seeking of justice. The persons whose eyes folded cannot understand this news; whether it is?
    5.What is boredom and how can it be for the sake of others when the experience may be through the media, government, law as well as even through one's own general observation also, why not it being so?
    Please do answering these five questions prior to enter into private mode answering and questions with me about your theses on premananda if you written through research etc.

    NIDHI PARKASH | Sun, 12/20/2009 - 19:36
    Karl Jacob's picture

    maybe he confuses the indian

    maybe he confuses the indian premananda with the english premananda living in germany.

    Karl Jacob | Tue, 12/22/2009 - 13:40

    I spend a month in his community

    lalala's picture

    I spend a month in his community and saw him from up close. I would definitely NOT recommend anyone going there, if you look for a genuine spiritual teacher.

    "I can give you Self-realization... tomorrow!"

    chasbaba's picture

    Friend and I went to see him in London. Holds meetings on a regular basis wherever to bring in new recruits. His exact words to me were "I could have you Self-realized tomorrow".


    Riha's picture

    I spent some time in his community. It was a really disappointing experience with this self-made-guru, who claims to be enlightened and to be able to give it also to others.

    "SUCK IT AND BE IN THE NOW" Spermananda, oops!! Premananda

    gracemay160's picture

    Premananda is a Predator. When all else fails and you need money give yourself Guru Status, even Broadcast yourself on the Net as a Guru.

    seeker's picture

    This is not the right way

    This opinion looks too similar in style, timing and context to the one posted a few days ago.

    I feel it is the same writer under different usernames that has a lot on her heart about Premananda. I don't think this is the right way to deal with what you feel about him in terms of your own spiritual progress.

    seeker | Wed, 06/22/2011 - 07:08
    gracemay160's picture

    I am not the same person who

    I am not the same person who made the other comment.....

    gracemay160 | Wed, 06/22/2011 - 11:53

    Sex, money and power

    Northernlight's picture

    No doubt John David has a good grasp of non-dual teachings, and also some spiritual power. The community is a beautiful place with an amazing energy to it, and also (I think) beautiful people.


    Grey's picture

    Yo también he sido víctima de este sinvergüenza.
    Este verano, en España, en la ciudad de Denia.