Jisu Mikal Solaris

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Mike, Jisu, M
Ancient Christianity, Alchemy, Morienus the Alchemist
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Semaphore, Australia
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Other Related Gurus: 
Morienus,Maria the Jewess,Mary Magdalene,Jesus


Jisu Mikal was born Michael Pudney in 1954 and at an early age of 15 had a vision of the philosopher's stone.This vision was in the form of a very vivid dream.And so from about the age of 16 Jisu decided to study everything he could on alchemy.These studies lead Jisu to perform many experiments but all of these were fruitless research and lead to nothing,so Jisu spent all his spare time in study and meditation on the great works of alchemy to the neglect of what folks call a normal life.In 1976 Jisu studied art at North Adelaide school of Art and found many alchemical clues to the correct understanding of the Holy Grail and the Philosopher's stone in studying the great paintings and religious artifacts of the early Christian tradition.Many alchemical experiments ensued from these studies and great progress was made in understanding the stone in it's geometric,spiritual and actual physical forms. Alchemical experiments were Jisu's main activities for many years in the 1980's and 1990's and so Jisu lived in great poverty and hardship like the many alchemists of the past. Finnally in 1991 Jisu obtained a Bachelor of Art Degree..from the University of South Australia.This period of Study especially the art of the ancient Christian world..the correct understanding of the Holy Grail and Philosopher's stone finnally was obtained and since 2001 Jisu has used the understanding of the grail and the stone to obtain the true Christian sacrament as was illuminated in the early Christian traditions such as those of Mary Magdalene,Maria the Jewess and Morienus the hermit of Jerusalem.From 2001 Jisu spends his time working towards the third phase of the great work in making the philosopher's stone.Jisu also works for the charities St Vincent de Paul and meals on wheels...But chiefly serves the community by giving the sacrament and blessing of the stone of the wise.


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13 Westralia Ave.
Adelaide, 5017, Australia