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Advaita, Navnath Sampradaya
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India, USA
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One of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj's notable Western devotees was a California woman named Jean Dunn.

Dunn edited and printed 100 copies of a booklet by Maharaj himself (the only one originally written by his own hand) called "Self Knowledge and Self Realization". It's an early work, very different from I AM THAT and the later books, and can be found for free on the internet (see links section).

Dunn had spent time with Nisargadatta Maharaj before his death in 1981, and that association led her in 1978 to write an article about Maharaj's teaching for The Mountain Path, the journal of Sri Ramanasramam. It was an article that attracted the attention of the then recently retired Ramesh Balsekar, who subsequently read I AM THAT and sought out Maharaj's talks.

Although many of Nisargadatta's students transcribed and edited Maharaj's talks and a few wrote books about his satsang, it can be said that none are better than Jean Dunn's three. They were compiled from daily talks given by Maharaj at his Bombay apartment from 1979 onwards.

Jean Dunn was a chain smoker as was Maharaj and suffered from emphasema as a result. In about 1993, when flying to Los Angeles, the partially pressurized airplane trip nearly killed her.

She told friends stories about Maharaj and the games he played with her. Her world revolved around him as befits a true Bhakta. At times he would go out of his way to ignore her by sitting where she wouldn't be able to see him or turning his back on her, or any number of other things that gurus do to challenge the ego.

Jack Kornfield and Jean Dunn appear in a video about Maharaj called “Awaken to the Eternal”.

Nisargadatta Maharaj acknowledged Jeaמ's profound understanding of his teaching and told her she was to carry on his work for him. After he left the body in 1982, Jean lived the rest of her life making the teachings available from her home in Vacaville, California. Before she passed away, she appointed a student of hers, Ngeton, as her successor.


Ebook versions of the books of Nisargadatta Maharaj edited by Jean Dunn are attached at the bottom of this Guru Profile



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Seeds of Consciousness: The Wisdom of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

by Nisargadatta Maharaj


The wisdom contained in this collection of talks emerged from dialogues with those who came from all over the world to learn the mysteries of life at the feet of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, one of the most revered holy men of India.


These talks occurred between July 7, 1979, and April 2, 1980, in the same setting as the other books. Daily, visitors would enter the ground floor residence in Khetwadi, Bombay, and either remain silent in Maharaj\'s presence or pose questions to him to bring forth his wisdom. He would say he is not a learned man and therefore can only speak from his own experience, and that whatever he has been able to know about his true being applies to everyone else.


Maharaj\'s admonition to \"be\" and to know what one \"is\" - in the sense of timeless being - emerges from these dialogues and will touch the lives of many for a long time to come.


This series of questions and answers bears the same stamp of authenticity that all these books share, and continue to provide insights for modern man in his spiritual journeys, leading him out of suffering and sorrow. The editor, Jean Dunn, has done the world a great service by bringing these talks to light, in translation from the original Marathi language.

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