Jayaprakashendra Saraswathy

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Appaji, Sri Sri Jayaprakashendra Saraswathy Swamiji
Spiritual Teacher
Vedanta, Meditation, Advaita
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Malaysia, UK, Singapore
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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Jagatguru sri sri thevathasendra saraswathy mahaswamiji


As early as the age of 12, JayaPrakashendra Saraswathy had begun his spiritual quest. It was at the Mel-malayanur Vedic Academy that he obtained Upanishad & deeksha from H.H. Jagadguru Sri Thevathasandra Sarawathy Mahaswamiji, with the grace blessing of H.H Jagadguru Sri Chandrasagerandra Saraswathy Mahaswamiji & HH Jagadguru Sri Bodhendra Thirta Mahaswamiji.

Upon graduating, he furthered his quest to attain Nirvikalpa Samadhi, it was at the Thabovanam mounts in Himalayas where swamiji through deep dhyana(meditation) & pranayama abhaysa(Breathing techniques), had acquired the Kriya Yoga, Japa & Turiya (Samadhi stage) under the guidance of Maha Avatar Babaji. Later swamiji performed Tapas in Jaffna Sri Lanka in the concealed Janani Cave for 7 months where swamiji attained jivan Mukthi (enlightenment).

Upon completing his research and studies he began travelling around the globe in attendance to the religious needs and deeds of devotees.

Known as a spiritual yogic healer, he has treated many types of illness namely cancerous related disease, hypertension, asthma, & diabetes through unifying pranayama & yogic therapeutic practice.


His vision: To guide devotees from all walk of life to attain self realization & liberation from the cycle of rebirth & attain Jivan Mukthi state.

His mission: To foster the spirit of sincere devotion, dedication and worship to the Supreme one and to cultivate and propagate Hindu values and morals of life as suited to modern times, with Sanatana Dharma principles being the core foundation; in attaining self realization state.



Sri Chakra Sri Vidya Peetam Ashram mahasmstana
hindu divine society
petaling jaya, selangor 47300, MALAYSIA
603-0122555898 / 603-78736735
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