Jan Koehoorn

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Advaita Vedanta
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Enkhuizen, Netherland
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Alexander Smit - his guru


Jan Koehoorn started Satsang about 10 years ago. His Guru, the Dutch teacher Alexander Smit died in 1998 and only many years after, after asked by friends to start his teaching he began Satsang.

* more to follow on biography soon

Jan Koehoorn is a well-respected teacher in the Netherlands right now, known for his direct and no-nonsense teaching and very much inspired by the traditional self inquiry in Advaita Vedanta.

He writes articles on a regular basis for the Dutch Advaita magazine www.inzicht.org and writes blogs which will be published in a book soon in 2012


Your self-investigation won't change you from a seeker into a finder. It will lead you to the discovery that this seeker that you think you are, is merely a series of thoughts. So, for a seeker, it is impossible to discover anything, because a series of thoughts cannot see or discover anything. Thoughts appear in what you really are, and as such they are objects in consciousness. Thoughts can be seen, but cannot see for themselves. What you really are can see for itself, but cannot be seen. You can only BE it, never see it as you could see any object. And yet, any object is a reflection of your true nature.

~Jan Koehoorn



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