Igor Kufayev

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Igor Anvar Kufayev, Vamadeva
Spiritual Teacher
Yoga, Maharishi Vedic Science, Vedanta, Kashmir Shaivism
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UK, Uzbekistan
Date of Birth: 
January 5, 1966
Place of Birth: 
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
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Igor Kufayev was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. In his childhood he had many spiritual experiences associated with Kundalini syndrome. Classically trained in art from the age of 12 he attended a private studio of a martial artist and painter Shamil Rakhimov, a place of underground meetings between liberal thinkers, poets and painters. His mentor's tragic death lead to young Igor's decision to become an artist.

Igor received his formal education at the Art College in Tashkent, and after two years of compulsory military service, resumed his studies at the Theater and Art Institute. In 1988 he was accepted as a student of a second year to the Academy of Arts [now Imperial Academy of Arts] in St Petersburg, Russia.

In 1990 he left Russia and moved to Warsaw, Poland. An encounter with art critic Andrzej Matynia lead to Kufayev's first solo exhibition 'Eternal Compromise'. He moved to London in 1991 and became a British Citizen in 1996. In less than a decade Kufayev managed to establish himself as a successful artist, and opened his own studio in 1994 where he held private views of his work annually. He traveled widely visiting major art-fairs around Europe, as well as painting in France and Italy. Despite his relative success, he was deeply disillusioned about the state of art and all its prevalent trends.

An early interest towards spirituality lead to his practice of Yoga, with initiation to Transcendental Meditation, founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Studies diverse spiritual traditions, Indian Philosophy, Sufi, Zen. The turning point came in 2001, when in wake of an advanced yogic technique 'TM-Sidhi Program' he experienced a full and intense ascent of Kundalini Shakti.

On his return to London, Igor abandons his art career due to profound Yogic experiences and continuing long hours of meditation. He also concentrates on reading Vedanta scriptures, while experiencing expanded states of awareness. During this time he has visitations and spontaneous guidance, discovers teachings of Muktananda and tradition of Kashmir Shaiva Masters.

He leads correspondence sharing his insights into Reality with other seekers. Making Sadhana (spiritual practice) the central pillar of his life, around which all other activities revolve; dividing his time between reading, writing and traveling.

He claims that When psychic powers, siddhis, manifested he was able to practice Pranic Healing, successfully treating patients with cancer and chronic conditions. However he realized that without the psyche-physiological transformation of an individual true healing cannot take place. Uprooting the cause of suffering, the ignorance of one's real nature as the Self of all, is now the main purpose of his teaching.

He currently lives in England and Uzbekistan, living with his partner, Amrita Ma Devi, and their two children, girl Ramana and boy Keahnu.

He is offering gatherings and retreats for the seekers of truth worldwide, at the present mainly in North America and Europe.


On the incentives behind right action:

'' ...The scriptures deal with the practical solution to answer the most perplexing dilemma: What is the right conduct for a human being to perform in any given scenario, from environmental to domestic, from the global issues to the family ones. All scriptures have the same structure divided in two parts: the esoteric, ''other-worldly'' (dealing with the actual experience of the divine by means of direct contact) and the exoteric, ''this-worldly'' , emphasizing the need for the obedience, law and order.

It is because, before the actual communion with the divine takes place, the human action will always suffer from the subjective motivation based on partial understanding of any given situation ( in life). So for the majority of the followers the ''this-worldly'' law is an injunction that must be observed in order to keep the harmony. Often (historically) those who fervently tried to observe the ( exoteric) ''right path'' have never felt comfortable with those who had the actual taste of reality and more than often dented the scriptural truth towards the fixed dogma of what they've understood to be the only path to righteous being... ''

''... No amount of ''common sense'', ''a good will'' or ''being responsible'' is enough to act rightly and to perform the right action, because all those notions are always, always individually bound by man-made concepts and however noble in their agenda will always fall short of the action performed in freedom from
the karmic influences. Someone would say the right ''education'' etc, but no amount of knowledge can make man act with pure intention. The history shows that some of them most intelligent and educated beings on the planet have fell victim to the terrible ethical compromises. Take the scientists, Albert Einstein for example, being a genius never the less helped American government to create the atomic bomb knowing well it will be used ( tried ) on people.

The absolute right action is based on one's level of awareness which in turn rests on one's status of being established in the Self. That is the only criteria for the right action. When man acts without longing, freed from the duality of the opposing nature, firmly established in Self-referral state, he/she is fit for the action which always promotes peace, light and evolution...''

On Religion :

'' Religion versus Spirituality? Man-made order versus Natural Law? Body versus Soul? What's more sacred ? What's more important ? What's more profound? The answer is not obvious, even if the answer is both. After all we live in a moment in time, when even the truth betrays itself of three quoters. The Natural Law does not manifests itself fully and that means we live in sin, even if not aware of it. That's why it is called the age of ignorance. The Iron Age, when everything can get rusted, a special insight is needed, a guidance from that level which is beyond the influence of the elements.

When the Natural Law is manifested in its entirety, there is no need for an organized system of believes, there is no need for any spiritual practice, no need for meditation or any other technique to uphold what is out there fully reflecting Absolute. Every cell and every planet is realigned to express the totality. Everything is in the state of equilibrium anyway, gods and humans are drinking soma ( manna ), so what need for any commandments or any togas. Every being is aware of a Being. There is no self other than the Self of all. When that knowledge is lost the harmony is no longer possible ( there is no other ignorance, except for the ignorance of one's real nature ) Prophets and revelations come into the world precisely at those periods, when that knowledge is lost being eclipsed by darkness.

All revelations are in essence the expressions of the Absolute in its desire to restore and uphold the Natural Law. Revelation leads to the establishment of the spiritual teaching and that, if the infested power strong enough, gives birth to a religion. So religions are most sacred and most beautiful gift to the world. All history of the mankind is the history of the spirit taking different shapes over and over again. Religion being shaped by the culture gives rise to civilization. The revelation of One truth speaks through the mother tongue of the prophet, which gives the uniqueness to every religion and superiority to none. Religion and civilization are synonymous. The rise and the fall of religions are the rise and the falls of civilizations. The root of the word ( relio ) stands for re-unite. It is the highest achievement of human endeavor on the collective level and the most cherished human concept.

It is not the religions to be blamed for failing to deliver or for the atrocities committed in the names of their God. How come, that which came into existence to re-unite, is being used to separate? That which came into the world to restore harmony is being used to manipulate the essence of life itself ? It is the loss of the essence with time to be blamed, declares Bhagavad Gita, it is the loss of that element which makes the religion capable to re-unite. Transcendence of all opposites, in the presence of Oneness.

The paradox of life is that spiritual revelation comes from a vertical axis, only to spill into the horizontal plain of existence. The seers are mountain dwellers, while the churches and temples are being build in the valleys. The message from the summit gets distorted, and picked differently at the different levels and altitudes.

Spirituality is a recognized necessity for total freedom. Religion is a discipline of the inherited cultural phenomena distilled into community for the sake of a social order.

We are now living in time of religious decadence, the time of bankruptcy of its theology and ideology and the hypocrisy of the custodians. Until the critical mass is finally shifted, that will be the case and no attempt is going to convert an ignorant christian, muslim or a hindu to recognize the Christ, the Allah, the Shiva deep within one's own heart. Until that heart is filled with enough silence and enough peace.

Yet it is changing and the new wave of Energy is already out and deep within, all one need to do is to have the silence to sense it. It is erected to spill it's seed into the horizontal plane of the world, to fertilize it once again. After all that was the late-motive of christianity itself, with the Cross being the place where the flesh and spirit are reconciled in the paradoxical manner of a cross. ''

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