Igor Kufayev

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Fast Facts
Other Names and Nicknames: 
Igor Anvar Kufayev, Vamadeva
Spiritual Teacher
Yoga, Maharishi Vedic Science, Vedanta, Kashmir Shaivism
Main Countries of Activity: 
Germany, UK, Mexico
Date of Birth: 
January 5, 1966
Place of Birth: 
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
In His/Her Body ("alive"): 


Igor Kufayev was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. In his childhood he had many spiritual experiences associated with Kundalini syndrome. Classically trained in art from the age of 12 he attended a private studio of a martial artist and painter Shamil Rakhimov, a place of underground meetings between liberal thinkers, poets and painters. His mentor's tragic death lead to young Igor's decision to become an artist.

Igor received his formal education at the Art College in Tashkent, and after two years of compulsory military service, resumed his studies at the Theater and Art Institute. In 1988 he was accepted as a student of a second year to the Academy of Arts [now Imperial Academy of Arts] in St Petersburg, Russia.

In 1990 he left Russia and moved to Warsaw, Poland. An encounter with art critic Andrzej Matynia lead to Kufayev's first solo exhibition 'Eternal Compromise'. He moved to London in 1991 and became a British Citizen in 1996. In less than a decade Kufayev managed to establish himself as a successful artist, and opened his own studio in 1994 where he held private views of his work annually. He traveled widely visiting major art-fairs around Europe, as well as painting in France and Italy. Despite his relative success, he was deeply disillusioned about the state of art and all its prevalent trends.

An early interest towards spirituality lead to his practice of Yoga, with initiation to Transcendental Meditation, founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Studies diverse spiritual traditions, Indian Philosophy, Sufi, Zen. The turning point came in 2001, when in wake of an advanced yogic technique 'TM-Sidhi Program' he experienced a full and intense ascent of Kundalini Shakti.

On his return to London, Igor abandons his art career due to profound Yogic experiences and continuing long hours of meditation. He also concentrates on reading Vedanta scriptures, while experiencing expanded states of awareness. During this time he has visitations and spontaneous guidance, discovers teachings of Muktananda and tradition of Kashmir Shaiva Masters.

He leads correspondence sharing his insights into Reality with other seekers. Making Sadhana (spiritual practice) the central pillar of his life, around which all other activities revolve; dividing his time between reading, writing and traveling.

He claims that When psychic powers, siddhis, manifested he was able to practice Pranic Healing, successfully treating patients with cancer and chronic conditions. However he realized that without the psyche-physiological transformation of an individual true healing cannot take place. Uprooting the cause of suffering, the ignorance of one's real nature as the Self of all, is now the main purpose of his teaching.

He currently lives in Mallorca, Spain, living with his partner, Amrita Ma Devi, and their three children, girls Ramana and Uma and boy Keahnu.

He is offering gatherings and retreats for the seekers of truth worldwide, at the present mainly in North America and Europe.


The Path of the Heart is not an escape route into transcendence to leave sensory experience or the world behind – which in so many spiritual traditions is negated as illusion. This is not the path of avoidance. Instead, our hearts are opened to behold the rawness and depth of every facet of life, the dance of Shakti – we are called upon to heal the deep gap between spirit and matter, the masculine and the feminine, the transcendence and the embodiment. We are invited to claim our birthright to fully partake in the glorious play of life, and become One with the creative potential of Consciousness Itself – to live life from the ground of our Being, in happiness and bliss.

"So when I said at the beginning, I don’t belong to any tradition, I want to make one little adjustment to that. I do belong to a tradition and that is the tradition which could be called simply, “the Heart.” And don’t try to decipher it again through any “isms” or spiritual traditions, because the experience of the Heart transcends all traditions. And the time has come when we have to transcend those traditions that calcify to themselves...”

The Self is Universal

Walking this path means to awaken to the essence of what we truly are, — pure Consciousness ‒ expressed through the uniqueness of our individuality. The Self is universal. It is the core of Awareness within the Heart of each of us, the ground of our Being, ever-present, ever-conscious, ever-blissful.

“There’s no such thing like Pure Awareness outside of your awareness. I AM — the face of Awareness looking in recognition of my own Self. Let these words resonate in your Heart — and it will bring you home. This is an integral spirituality — it’s not spirituality of the mind or the senses. It’s spirituality which does not leave one stone unturned. It includes absolutely everything and excludes nothing. It’s not my teaching. This Teaching is the only Teaching out there that has ever existed. Because this Teaching is older than Time. And those who drank from the Source are drunk on the Source...”

The Path of the Heart embraces the universal teaching of brother and sisterhood, of deep respect for one another. It teaches us to look beyond outer appearances, to see the vibrant, luminous Divinity that we are, to see God in each other and all manifestation. It invites us to celebrate differences as the manifold expression of God's creative play, and to birth the shared vision of life lived from the throbbing, fluid, ecstatic wisdom of the Heart.



Online Kundalini Course, May/August 2021
7-day Meditation Immersion, Germany, 2021


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