Huzur Maharaj

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Main Countries of Activity: 
India, USA
Date of Birth: 
14th March 1829
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In His/Her Body ("alive"): 
Date Left His/Her Body: 
6th December 1898


Hazur Maharaj was the true and the only successor of Param Purush Puran Dhani Soamiji Maharaj. Not only that He rendered service to His Guru in an unparalleled manner but also was he and he alone who revealed the name Radhasoami and discerned the identity between the Supreme Being Radhasoami and Param Purush Puran Dhani Soamiji Maharaj. He then addressed him as "Radhasoami Saheb".

The identification of Guru and Gurumukh was complete. Lalaji Maharaj has described in the biography of Hazur Maharaj that Soamiji Maharaj and Hazur Maharaj were not two but one. Though they appeared two in forms, they were really one in essence. The grace and mercy in abundance was refulgent in both of them in equal measures. No devotee was so near and dear to Soamiji Maharaj as Hazur Maharaj was. In His letters to Hazur Maharaj He addressed him as "Aziz-az-Jan" meaning dearer than self. In ecstasy, Grace and Mercy, once He said, "I do not know whether I am Rai Salig Ram's Guru or he is mine."

In deep meditation Hazur Maharaj listened to the resonance of the name "Radhasoami" coming from the topmost region of the creation and declared that Radhasoami besides true name of the Supreme Being, it is also an ever-reverberating sound. Soamiji Maharaj agreed and explained that true salvation can be attained only if a devotee adheres to the name "Radhasoami" and repeats it internally. Thus practice of repeating the five names became redundant.

Soamiji in his Grace brought forth his rare gift "Sar Bachan-Poetry", which is replete with the Glory and Splendour of Radhasoami Dayal.

Thus Soamiji Maharaj and Hazur Maharaj were Radhasoami Incarnate. It is therefore, logical to have a glimpse of Hazur Maharaj's life and work for a proper understanding of the task of true salvation accomplished by the Supreme Father Soamiji Maharaj.

Hazur Maharaj was born in a Kayastha family of Peepal Mandi, Agra on 14 March 1829. His father, Bahadur Singh, a lawyer of repute, was a highly religious and generous man. Throughout His academic career, Hazur Maharaj was a brilliant student. After completing his primary education in a maktab [Urdu school], he went to Agra College for higher studies. He passed the Senior Cambridge examination from this college in 1847 with distinction in Theology, English, Mathematics and Urdu. Subsequently he devoted himself to higher studies in Persian and Arabic. He also studied advanced books on religion, philosophy and astrology. He took great interest in learning Hindi and Sanskrit and within a short time acquired high proficiency in these languages. His ever-increasing thirst for knowledge knew no bounds. In 1881, He was appointed as the Postmaster General of the North Western Provinces of India, to be the first Indian to hold this coveted post.

He really desired to reveal unto himself the secrets of absolute Truth. Driven by an inner urge to seek a perfect guru, he visited many holy places in the country where he met many religious teachers and saints. He came to the conclusion that many reputed religious leaders were themselves labouring under delusion, and that they were deluding their disciples. Worldly achievements, howsoever great, had no significance for Hazur Maharaj. What really mattered to him was the guidance of a true preceptor who would satisfy his spiritual thirst. His long - cherished ambition was realised when he met Soamiji Maharaj in 1858; in whom he could discern a real guide in flesh and blood. For twenty long years (1858-1878), he served the guru in manner unparalleled in the annals of bhakti.

When in 1878, Soamiji Maharaj departed for His heavenly abode, Hazur Maharaj succeeded Him as the guru and inaugurated an era of consolidation in the history of Radhasoami Satsang. After His retirement from official duties, He finally settled at Agra and devoted His entire time to religious duties. For twenty years (1878-1898) He served humanity at large and spread the divine light of love which He had received from His master. He took very little food and slept less than four hours a day. Excessive work weakened him physically. He left for His heavenly abode on 6 December 1898 after a brief illness. Thousands of his followers rushed to Agra for His last darshan and paid homage to their benevolent guru. His Samadhi was built by His son Lalaji Maharaj at the very place where satsang was held.

Hazur Maharaj can be definitely and correctly styled as Messiah of Love. To Hazur Maharaj goes the credit of revealing the name Radhasoami. A recitation of this true name, according to Hazur Maharaj, would dissolve the ego, generate love, facilitate yoga and purify the body, mind and soul and would prove to be a true companion and a mighty weapon in the inward journey of the spirit. Hazur's ideal of guru-bhakti, which He himself practiced demonstrates the practicability of his theory. In the light of His enormous contribution to the Radhasoami faith, Hazur Maharaj can rightly be called its true founder. It was He who not only systematized the concepts and beliefs and formulated the essentials of the faith but also enunciated the code of moral conduct and practices for the followers. Hazur Maharaj gave the faith its noteworthy name, its vast organization, its large following and an incarnated Supreme Being - Soamiji Maharaj.



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