Hazrat Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi

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Other Names and Nicknames: 
Azeemi Sahab, Khwaja Sahab, Babajee, Abbajee, Abba-Huzoor
Sufism, Islam
Main Countries of Activity: 
Pakistan, UK, Canada, Russia, UAE, Bahrain
Date of Birth: 
17 October 1927
Place of Birth: 
Saharanpur, UP, India
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Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi, chief editor of monthly Roohani Digest Karachi and Rohani Digest International, is a Pakistani scholar of international repute in the field of spiritualism. He has presented spiritualism, that used to be considered something mysterious and hard-to-learn, in the most modern and scientific way bringing it out of the dark shadows of myths and lore. His contribution in scientifisizing and institutionalizing the most ancient body of knowledge according to the needs of the people of modern age will be remembered for times to come.

Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi, an able student of His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya, was born on Monday 17th October 1927, in the town of Anbaith Pirzadgan, District Saharanpur (UP), India. He belongs to the lineage of Hazrat Abu Ayub Ansari, the famous Companion and the host of the Holy Prophet Mohammed(Peace-Be-Upon-Him).

Most of people know Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi because of his unique style of writing. He has authored forty-eight books so far besides eighty pamphlets and articles covering almost every aspect of metaphysical sciences. Most of his authored books (in Urdu language) have been translated into English, Thai, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Pashto, and Sindhi.

He has also authored a remarkable book on the life history of the Holy Prophet titled as Mohammad (PBUH), The Prophet of God. In the first volume of this work he has given a detailed account of the struggles and strivings of the Holy Prophet for spreading the Islamic Teachings. In the second volume of this work he has explained the Miracles of the Holy Prophet in the light of Spiritual Science and in the third volume he has explained the underlying meanings of the events of the lives of the prophets of God. He has also explained the contents of his Mentor’s Book Loh-o-Qalum (translated: The Pen and the Scripturum); the only authentic book on spiritual metaphysical sciences and divine laws. These too have also been translated into English.

Introduction of Color Therapy, a therapeutic system based upon the treatment of diseases by using colors and colorful lights, nationally and internationally, is yet another feather in his cap. He also guided and supervised a PhD thesis on the subject of Chromopathy. The International University of Colombo has conferred a PhD degree on that work.

His articles in spite of the uniqueness of their subject matter remain within comprehension of the common man. Presentation of a divine body of knowledge that has reached him in disciplic succession in the most simple and understandable way is an incredible success and achievement of Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi.

His column 'ROOHANI DAAK' (Spiritual Mail) in the local daily 'Jang', has become a legend through which millions of people have been advised for their socio-economic, psychological and spiritual problems over the past thirty years. Besides suggesting solutions for the problems of the people, questions and queries about the most complicated and enigmatic phenomena of nature are also replied comprehensively in the light of the spiritual sciences. Every month more than eleven thousand letters seeking his guidance are received and replied as a free service.

In addition to these literary contributions to develop the mental faculties of the young generation he has established a chain of fifty-three Muraqba Halls across the length & breadth of Pakistan and 26 in major cities of other countries i.e., 13 in Europe, 4 in America, 1 in Canada, 2 in U.A.E, 1 in Bahrain, 1 in Thailand, 1 in Russia, 1 in Denmark, 1 in Holland, 1 in Norway. These Muraqba Halls have been established to teach spiritual sciences and to train and prepare that lot of people who could carry the torch of the Divine mission of spreading peace and harmony after enlightening their own souls. Muraqba hall is a center operating under his direct supervision and guidance where the students of spiritual sciences are taught the art of sufi meditation, spiritual healing, color therapy and learn to serve others without any discrimination of caste, color or creed, as a free service to the humanity.

Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi, a mission oriented person, trained by his able teacher His Divine Grace Qalander Baba Auliya, is striving really very hard to spread this message that cognition of the soul is the only way to cognize our Lord God and the cognition of the hidden potentialities of the soul are essential for a peaceful living. For this purpose he has evolved that branch of knowledge, which has been termed as Parapsychology and deals with the laws of nature operative at the preternatural level.

Seminars, conferences, lectures, public meeting, symposia and workshops arranged on the subject of Spiritualism and his appearance in many TV programs in USA, participation in various programs of BBC, private channels of Radio and TVs in England and other European Countries and UAE have played a vital role in introducing this sublime body of knowledge.

He is invited to the Universities and Educational Institutes of Pakistan and abroad for Lectures. He has addressed and lectured the audience in Glasgow University, Arthur Finley College, Karachi University, Faisalabad Agriculture University, The Punjab University, Lahore; Lahore Bar Council, King Edward Medical College, Lahore, Nishtar Medical College, Multan, Islamic Centre Peshawar University, Town Hall Waltham Stow and students and teachers of many other institutes.

Through addressing people and affording a chance to them for direct counseling, he is rendering such a service for his fellow beings, which cannot be ignored by any chance. All these seemingly herculean tasks have the only motive of enabling the man to be acquainted with his Cherishing Lord after equipping himself with insight and vision through that sacred knowledge, which are the heritage of mankind and a legacy of the prophets of God.

Three of his books have been included in the syllabus of the Salford University, Manchester UK. His book Ehsan-o-Tasawaf has been included in the syllabus of M.A. Islamiyat (Masters program)at the Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan. He has been appointed the Faculty Member and an Associate Professor of Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, as a token of acknowledgement of his achievements and contributions.

Spiritual Training Workshops are arranged in Markazi Muraqba Hall (Main Meditation Centre), Karachi, every year. Distinguished delegates also participate and patronize these workshops. Zil-e-Ahmad, Chancellor of Sir Syed University, Dr. Zafar Saeed Saifi, the Vice Chancellor of Karachi University, Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Chaudhri, Vice Chancellor of Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan and many other distinguished delegates have participated in these workshops. These workshops are attended by a large number of people from the country and abroad.

Azeemi Public School has been established to impart quality education to the children of low-income group, in Surjani Town, Karachi by Khwaja Shamsudin Azeemi Educational Society. Objective of this society is to strive for teaching Spiritual and Modern Sciences. Libraries, Research Centers and Educational Institutes for quality Education will also be established by this Society.

In order to promote the reading habits in the people, 85 Spiritual Libraries in the country and 90 libraries in different parts of the world have been established. For teaching the spiritual knowledge curriculum based upon theory and practical have been prepared, and the students of Qalander Shaoor Academy are taught the books authored by Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi. In these classes they are made to perform the exercises of concentration to develop their latent potentials.

After a long break now, since his health deteriorated a few years back, where he suffered paralysis and went into coma for 3 days; he has regained his full health eversince and resumed his direct teaching classes for the spiritual students from August 2009 onwards. The subjects include parapsychology, metaphysics, spiritual ethics, purification, advanced meditation techniques, etc, both theory and practicals. The current batch will run for two years or so.

He advocates the removal of gender discrimination and suggests that women should strive to equip themselves with insight and vision by learning the material and spiritual sciences. He has elaborated that the spiritual potentials of man and woman are equal. He has authored a book 101 Auliya Allah Khawateen (101 Lady Saints), in which he has described and dealt with the teachings and the wonder-workings of the Lady Saints.

Khwaja Shamsuddin Azeemi says, “The main objective of life, for the men and women, is to get acquainted with the spiritual knowledge; the legacy of the prophets of God for having a deeper realization of the latent potential of their souls so that they could get closer to the Lord Creator and man could live a peaceful life."


Main Aims & Objectives of Azeemia Spiritual Mission:

- To serve the Religion by remaining on the Straight Path.

- To strive to advance the Spiritual Mission of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) after practicing his teachings truthfully.

- To serve the creatures of God.

- To invite the people to acquire the religious knowledge besides learning the spiritual and the modern sciences.

- To help people to have that thinking pattern through which they could be aware of their Soul and the Spiritual Potentials.

- To be sympathetic and courteous with everyone, as much as possible, irrespective of his caste, creed or color by considering the whole mankind a family.


Man is made up of clay, and gets results from clay. This is a continuous process of sowing and reaping.

Nations that are indulged into materialism get ruined and vanished from the leaf of existence.

A pray without deed is like a body without soul.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had told a word of wisdom that a person could only get acquainted with his Creator (ALLAH), when all his deeds are selfless and merely dedicated to ALLAH.

ALLAH is nearer than the jugular vein. ALLAH is the Beginning, ALLAH is the End. ALLAH is the Hidden and the Manifest. ALLAH is encompassing everything.

Light in which a person’s eyes see is a veil between his self and ALLAH.

In the lust for wealth and luxurious living standards, mankind has made this world a hell.

People, who are not patient, content and pious, get distanced away from ALLAH. And getting away from ALLAH is deprivation of peace of mind.

By adopting the alluring principles of Islam, we can acquire extraordinary charm and attraction.

Being obliged and thankful to a benefactor is the foremost demand of nobility.

Every person must have an acquaintance with his Creator (ALLAH), just like he is familiar with his parents.

Human soul travels in the moments of splendor (Noor). And human wit travels in the moments of light (Roshni).

When a person wants to live and comprehend life in his own individual circle, his observation and thinking becomes finite. Such a person lacks sincerity and purity.

A self centered person can never move ahead and progress on the path of spiritualism.

Unless a person adopts religious values, he could not be sincere with this world and the universe.

A person who possesses pious thoughts and chaste morals, his or her soul gets enlightened.

In this Universe, Present and Future, both are fiction. The whole universe is Past.

Life is nothing, but transference of lights from ALLAH ALMIGHTY.

Love is the sole medium of ALLAH'S acquaintance, whereas hatred takes you away from ALLAH.

If we are not aware of our souls, then mentioning ALLAH as a Creator and Lord of the universe would just be hypothetical.

In a person's life, the concept of happiness and sorrow is directly connected to the person's thoughts and imaginations.

ALLAH Almighty is the best Creator amongst all creators whose creativity is not constraint to any kind of resources.

Soul is a real person, and soul is secure from the feelings of deprivation, fidgety and ailments.

If there is no concept of goodness and badness, then, both righteousness and evil deeds would become unmentionable.

Nations who contemplate on the system of universe, the path of success and prosperity gets opened for them.

Every person in this world apprehends individually. This individual apprehension is a source of identification and acquaintance of each other.

Remember that whenever you give, do it with the intention of pleasing God; without any hope for fame, respect or reward from others.

Do not scare children in an early age, as this fear will remain hidden in their minds, which would prevent them achieving big things in life.

Do not call your children lazy, bad, or worthless. Instead, when you notice their weaknesses and shortcomings imagine that not long ago, you were a child too and you made numerous mistakes and acted carelessly.

Treat them with respect and love so that their hearts are filled with you respect and obedience.

Never let the doubt in. No one with doubt in his heart can be a Sufi. Doubt is the biggest weapon of Satan through which he is able to create distance between God and you.

Education has always been and always will be the secret of success. Individuals and nations who took pains to educate themselves are clearly the powerful nations and the powerful people in the world.

Simply believing explanations of the facts (assumption) is not acceptable in Spiritual world. Only seeing and experiences of the inner-eye are worth believing.

Forgiveness & Detachment:
Three things that are the biggest secrets of success

When you do something to hurt anyone, be very quick to ask for forgiveness.
If somebody hurts you, forgive him or her.
Do your best, but do not worry about the outcome, because the outcome is in the hands of the Lord. Greed

Because our life on this planet is short and someday all of us have to go, it is foolish to love a temporary place and ignore the final destination. It is like if someone stopped at a motel for a few days and started decorating or refurbishing the place even though he knew that he has to leave the place in a few days! Nobody lives forever, why then all the hassle?

Always be happy. No matter what happens, the single most important thing is to be happy and to spread happiness to others.

One of the best ways to become a friend of God is by helping and serving His creations.

Intuition is one of the 11,500 hidden senses that each human has. We can feed our intuition through Muraqaba (Sufi meditation).

Joy of spiritual fulfillment through Muraqaba (Sufi meditation) and other spiritual exercises is far deeper and profound than joy of material things.

When two people meet, they always talk to each other. Before the conversation if one begins to think of words that will cause the other person to become delighted he or she will make the other person extremely at ease, convincible and light hearted.

Love and respect of others is the biggest secret of success.

Muraqaba (Sufi Meditation):
20 advantages of Muraqaba (Sufi meditation)
-Higher concentration
-Improved self-confidence and attitude
-Increased Spiritual energy flow
-Sub-conscious power
-Activates Intuition and Telepathy
-Experience with the Unseen
-Normal Blood Pressure
-Cleansing of thought process
-Decreases aging process
-Real strength for Soul
-Develops Personality, charm and attraction
-Restores physical, mental and spiritual energy
-Love for fellow beings and all creatures in general
-Self-Control against lust and base desires
-Diminishes anger and violent feelings
-Peaceful sleep and lucid dreams, true dreams
-Stronger prayers and their realization

We must trust God for all of our needs. Look at your past and see how every single need that you had was met by Nature.

Real strength is gained by handling obstacles of life.

Once connection with God is established, the heart becomes completely satisfied and heavenly bliss of peace and tranquility becomes his or her destiny.

Quest for spiritual knowledge is everyones duty. We must sincerely have a genuine desire in seeking the unseen world and encourage others for its quest.

In the beginning the Spiritual Master makes you aware of your Self, of a treasure within you. And then he opens the door of that treasure.

That first candle burns by itself and then the moths give away their lives for the candle. Let us promise that we will follow the wisdom of the Prophets and will set the standards by first acting on them sincerely. We will introduce humanity to the Spiritual wisdom without making it a business so that we become true friends of God.

Spirituality is having, in addition of worldly and scientific knowledge, a desire for Spiritual growth and mystical knowledge.

Treating Others:
Every single member of humanity whether male or female, big or small, young or old is brother and sister. Superiority is only for the one who is aware of the endless oceans of Spirituality within Soul, has good manners, serves humanity, and never hurts anyone in anyway or form.

Never try to prove your Order superior to any other Sufi Orders, as all Sufi Orders are simply different ways of reaching the same destination. Understand your nocturnal life is as important as our diurnal life. We spend half of our lives in the nocturnal form (dreams, sub-conscious etc.).

Vastness of the Universe:
One Book (kitab al mobeen) - Open and clearly manifested.

The Book contains three hundred million Preserved chapters therein.

Each Preserved chapter consists of eighty thousand Galaxies.

Each Galaxy has more than one hundred billion permanent inhabitants and settled systems and 1.2 trillion unstable systems.

Each system is composed of a Sun (star) and its related planets; averaging 9.12 or 13 planets per solar system



For a full list and details of all centers please see http://wikimapia.org/#lat=25.0199635&lon=67.0730996&z=18&l=0&m=s&v=9&sho...

Meditation Center

Main Meditation Center

Markazi Muraqbah Hall
Karachi, , Pakistan
Contact Persons: 
1) Dr. Waqar Yousuf Azeemi, Administrative Head; 2) Mr. Kamran Basit Azeemi, Office Secretary

19km from Main Karachi Center and towards New Karachi, Surjani Town, Sector 4C, behind Karachi Development Authority Offices. Coordinates: 25°1'13"N 67°4'21"E

Special Events: 

Annual Spiritual Congregation on 27th January, marking the Anniversary of Founder Saint, Hazrat Qalander Baba Auliya. It is a 3-Day event which sees international members, guests and visitors arrive to the Center. One of the main activities conducted annually is usually a spiritual educational workshop from one of the books of the Founder and Patriarch on various spiritual and metaphysical topics, attended by over 800 particpants on an average.

Daily Schedule & Opening Hours: 

Open 24/7. Visiting Hours for spiritual healing and guidance is on Fridays and Sundays from 8:00am to 12:30pm. Daily Muraqbah (Meditation) is conducted after Dawn prayer and after night prayer at the Azeemi Center.

When to Go: 

Visitors can contact the Office Secretary during office hours from 9:00am to 6:00pm and take a convenient appointment.

Attractions, activities, and more to see: 

This is a spiritual retreat & training center. The Spiritual Master will help & guide you take a tour of your Inner Spiritual Universe.

Go with humility and fervour to seek spiritual guidance and initiation and start your journey towards God.
For convenience, prior appointment is advised.
Services in Location: 

All amenities are located withing reach. The center will provide all services as and when requested.


Ample accomodation is available within the Center's premises. Single men and women are accomodated in separate quarters. Foreign Visitors are advised to dress up in decent smart casuals or in local traditional attire. Avoid drinking local tap water and therefore Place an order at Reception Office for a box of mineral water bottles. 3 meals are provided on daily basis with tea breaks also. All visitors may voluntarily involve themselves in different tasks and run errands as required by the Center or instructed by the Administrator.

Prices and Fees: 
None whatsoever.

Pro Opinions

services to


ignoring the caste,creed and color of the persons to whom you are desirous to render services at the time of need has been accurate attitude of the persons who may be called karamayogi as per the teac

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