Gyan Swami

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Arjun Sinha, Guruji
Kriya Yoga
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India, USA
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Galimapur, Bihar, India
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He is said to be a direct disciple of Mahavatar Babji and claims he was initiated by him in the Himalayas.

Gyan Swami was born on 11th April 1947 in the dynasty of ex-ruling family of India. The village was Galimapur of Saran district surrounded by three great rivers, the Gandak, Saryu and the Ganges.

Stories say that from the age of two, he was keeping himself away from normal crowd of society and was sitting for hours under some trees. According to these stories, at the age of two and half, he forced his grandfather Thakur Tapeshwar Singh to make a Kharaun (a wooden sandal normally used by monks) for him. Some times he would go to the Samadhi of Lakshram Baba (a great saint of 18th century whom there are who claim to still see him walking on the bank of Mahi river).

At the age of nine he is said to have made a place of meditation on the branches of a Neem tree located in the Brahmsthan of the village. Nobody could locate him where he was and he used to meditate there for hours. According to the legend, many used to come to meet him and some of them wanted to take Bhiksha (Alms) through his hands.

He studied at Bihar School and While studying later in Patna Science College he is said to practice advance yogic sadhana without learning from any Guru, just by browsing information from different books of various writers.

He suffered a very serious heart problem in 1966 and doctors declared that he would survive only for a few months. This was a turning point in his life. By what he considers as the grace of Babaji he was saved after he learnt some special Yoga techniques.

later on he joined Bihar College of Engineering Patna. This college is situated at banks of the river Ganges. He would go to Gandhi Ghat in the middle of night and meditate by sitting near the waves of the water of the Ganges. Many times dead bodies would come floating near him while he was engrossed in his Sadhana. As he now says, "I could see the astral bodies of those souls and used to talk to them."

In the summer of 1967 he got in touch with the known Swami Vivekananda. At that time he was spending his summer holidays in his Godfather's residence in Raipura. He claims that Swami Vivekananda used to come daily during a period of about three years in his astral body and teach him about the other world and about yoga techniques.

When he was in the third year of engineering, he says Mahavatar Babaji appeared in his room and gave him works to do.

After getting his degree in engineering he left for the Himalayas where he stayed for about two and a half years and where he says he met some great saints. He says he was directed by them to teach ancient science of yoga without charging any money as the so called Yogis have commercialized Yoga these days. He says similar blessings were given to him in person by Sai Baba, Anandmoi Ma, J Krishnamurthy, Osho, and Devraha Baba.

Later he worked in M/S Balaju Yantra Shala (a joint firm of SATA of Switzerland and NIDC of Nepal) in Kathmandu, Nepal for more than two years. There he got to know Dharm Bhai Bodhisatava Swami Anand Arun the founder of Tapoban Ashram.

Gyan Swami is a working Sanyasi. He earns his own livelihood. He believes that a Sanyasi should not be a burden on the society.


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