Gurulingajangam Maharaj

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Shri Gululingajangam Maharaj, Nimbargi Maharaj
Navnath, Inchagiri Sampradaya
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1800 app.
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Shree Adi Kadsiddheshwar Majaraj.


Sri Gurulingajangam Maharaj is Shishya Of Sri Adi-Kadsiddheshwar maharaj of Siddhagiri Math, Kaneri, Kolhapur.

The tradition of Guru Shishya sampraday is one of the oldest paths pursuing the age old knowledge of Self Realization and Advait principles of Non dualness. This was started by Adiguru Shri Dattatreya, and was further carried in the Navanath Sampraday by the Holy Nine Gurus the Navanaths. One such branch was founded by Adiguru Sri Revanatah who initiated [[Shri Kaadasiddheshwar Swami Maharaj]] who was the founder of Kaneri Ashram in the 13 the century,it became a Dnyan Peeth and many solace seekers were initiated for centuries together. In the mid of the 19th century the then Shri Kaadasiddheshwar Swami Maharaj initiated Shri Gurulingajangam Maharaj also known as "Nimbarji Maharaj". He founded the Nimbargi sampraday and initiated Shri Raghunathpriya Sadhu Maharaj. Shri Samartha Sadaguru Bhausaheb Maharaj Deshpande, was an ardent follower and a devoted disciple of Shri Gurulingajangam Maharaj who was initiated by Shri Raghunathpriya Sadhu Maharaj.


On getting initiated by Sadguru in spiritual life, you should continue to work with hands and repeat the name of God in your mind. Work with your hands, meditate on God Hari, like thread in the spider’s web, watch your breath-inhaling and exhaling (i.e. weave name God through every breath, as the spider weaves the web with its thread).

You should live the domestic life like a labourer, who does his work always with an eye on his wages. In the same way you should work sincerely for the wages, that is, earn enough money to maintain your family, but all the time you should meditate on God. The body alone should be engaged in work while the mind and soul should be completely engrossed in Atman.

Hypocrisy means outward show of meditation on the Self (Atman) while inwardly one is engrossed in thought of worldly objects. We should never entertain hypocrisy because God is omniscient and omnipresent, He knows all. Therefore never try to deceive Him by means of hypocrisy.
(From Bodhe-Sudhe) --



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