Guruji Sundar

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Birthname: Sundar Thangaraj
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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
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Sundar obtained deeksha from Yogi Thiruvaasar at the age of 21. In the following 3 years he practiced meditation and then he got a job in a financial institution during which he continued to meditate.

He claims that after seven years of seeking and searching he realized the self in 1993.

During his initial years as a sadhaka, he found it difficult to find a place for meditation, the temples were normally closed during day time and so he decided to travel in local trains from the starting station till the ending station back and forth and meditate there silently unnoticed.

During his quest for truth, He obtained darshan from some living masters like Koti Swami, Mayamma and Kanchi Maha Periyavaa. During this time, he also used to visit Kanchipuram Kamakshi Amman Temple.

He believes that ancient temples actually contain the samadhis of several great masters. Though the masters are in their samadhi state, still out of their compassion they show the way to seekers. Thus, he started to perform sadhana in several ancient temples and Jeeva Samadhi temples. During his sadhana he felt that he received indirect help from several masters while meditating in their samadhi shrines. These masters included Gurulinga Swamigal, Narayana Theertha Swamigal and Arutprakasa Vallalar.

Since then he has been offering spiritual guidance and devised several meditation techniques and a course called A-CUBE which is supposed to take a seeker to high levels of consciousness.

He stresses the importance of Jeeva Samadhis and the inner secrets that exist in these timeless monuments that need to be revered and preserved. He renovated and consecrated six Jeeva Samadhi shrines: Mahan Sir Gurulinga Swamigal, Mahan Sri Thadikara Swamigal, Mahan Sri Kulandaivel Swamigal, Mahan Sri Sanyasi Subedar Swamigal, Mahan Sri Gangadhara Navalar Swamigal and Mahan Sri Niradhisaiananda Swamigal in Chennai.

He founded Aathman Awareness Centre in 2002 for the purpose of teaching meditation to seekers of all walks of life.


Sundar states that the first experience of tasting the truth is like pulling the earth underneath the feet. It shocks the being to its very grassroots and going in it is like crossing the point of no return. Many sadhakas go up to that stage and out of fear they go back.

He claims that there are several experiences and indications happening when a seeker moves towards truth. These include forgeting one's own name and how is face looks. That happens only if every identification is being erased.

There will be a constant fear lurking in the mind when a person is moving towards the unknown. At this point a seeker needs total trust and courage, because this is the point at which a person might go mad if he tries to step back.


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