Eric Putkonen

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Spiritual Teacher
Nonduality, Nondualism, Advaita, Direct Path
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Chisholm, Minnesota, USA
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A modern-day house-holder yogi, he focuses on nonduality and direct path, but he is not a purist. His two main pillars in his philosophy are "ceasing to do" and "in-joy-meant". He doesn't say he has attained the highest and all that person can do, but he has examined and found substantial peace, contentment, and joy. Life is easy for now.

He began holding meditations and Satsang ("meetings about the Truth of our Essence") in his home in 2006 and met with individuals privately in order to sit together in silence and point towards who/what we really are. He is currently holding satsangs and meetings in his home in St. Petersburg, FL.

Eric speaks from direct experience and understanding, but the most influential teachers for him have been the work and lives of Ramana Maharshi, H.W.L. Poonja, Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts, Mahatma Gandhi, and Paramahansa Yogananda.

What makes Eric's teachings different than another's teachings?

Well, he has realized six truths that he often sees at least one point contrary to other contemporary teachers:

  • Not Two (i.e. Advaita or Nonduality) - Others are a mirage, so is a separate self. Nonduality has always been the case...duality is an illusion.
  • Enlightenment, Awakening, Liberation, Moksha, etc. are equivalent terms for the deep realization of the Self.
  • Enlightenment is sudden & does not come in stages, levels, or over time.
  • Enlightenment is can not be lost or go away in some way.
  • Enlightenment is not the end, and yet there is nothing to do.
  • Enlightenment includes the cessation of suffering in everyday life.

The true meaning of these six points are not easily understood and often are misunderstood, but are given as the basic tenets of Eric's teachings. He speaks and teaches from these, so (for example) he will not talk about stages of or towards Enlightenment...and in fact, he flatly says that is a part of the illusion. Either we are Enlightened...Awake...or we are still asleep.



"...our normal conception of self is a false self. What many people see as themselves is not their true selves."
~ excerpt from "True Self" - January 2006, Edge Life Magazine online)

"Enlightenment is sometimes called the "Natural State" or the "Unconditioned." In Zen, you will hear references to our original face.
Returning to the "Natural State" requires no effort. Actually, anything you do will only get in the way. It is like mixing a jar of water with sand and ice. As long as you keep mixing, the contents will not be at their natural state: sand on the bottom, ice on top, and clear water in between. Anything you do will keep mixing and jumbling the contents."
~ excerpt from "Effortless Meditation" - January 2008, Edge Life Magazine online)

"Remember, no one is in their right mind"
~ tagline from podcast, 'Out of Our Minds'

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Currently residing in Saint Petersburg, FL

Saint Petersburg, FL

current residence

5180 102nd Way North,
St Petersburg, FL 33708, USA
"Madeira Beach area"
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Eric Putkonen
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If you would like to meet with Eric privately or host a satsang, please call or email and something may be arranged. He accepts guests to his home, as well as visits in their homes, or public places in-between. He also conducts live, video satsangs and you can arrange online consultations with him (if you are not local).

Do not call after 8pm (EST)...or before 9am (EST).