Elisabeth Haich

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Spiritual Teacher
Yoga, Hatha Yoga
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Date of Birth: 
March 20, 1897
Place of Birth: 
Budapest, Hungary
In His/Her Body ("alive"): 
Date Left His/Her Body: 
July 1, 1994
Other Related Gurus: 
Selvarajan Yesudian - her lifelong Indian Yoga companion


Elisabeth Haich was a spiritual teacher and author of several books dedicated to spiritual subjects.

She was the second of four children born into an upper middle class family in Budapest, Hungary. As a young child, her unique gifts were expressed as a pianist, painter and sculptress. She was an internationally recognized artist in the time after the 1st world war and her sculptures are exhibited in Hungary, as monuments and in plazas.

In addition to her inclination to art, she began from early age to show special interest in esoteric knowledge.

She got married and had one son who later joined her in teaching Yoga in Switzerland.

At this time, Haich began her lifetime spiritual partnership and companionship with an Indian yoga teacher called Selvarajan Yesudian. They are to be together constantly for the following 55 years until her death (Selvarajan Yesudian himself passed away in October 1998). In close connection with Selvarajan Yesudian, she began giving Yoga lectures in 1939.

At the end of World War II she was forced to leave Hungary when yoga teaching became forbidden by the communist government of Hungary. Together with Selvarajan Yesudian, they decided to resettled in North America but on their way they were asked by friends to stop in Switzerland, the stop turned to be permanent, she settled in Switzerland and lived there until the end of her life.

Together with Yesudian, she founded in Zurich the oldest and largest Yoga school in Europe, Yesudian-Haich Yoga School (in german: Yogaschule Yesudian-Haich). At the same time they founded in Diano Marina, Italy, the Yoga Summer School which was moved in the beginning of the 50s to Ponte Tresa, Switzerland. Both schools operated until 1989 when they were closed due to the advanced age of both founders.

In 1953, at the request of her students, Elisabeth Haich wrote her best known book, Initiation (in german: Einweihung) which has been translated into seventeen languages with millions of copies sold worldwide. In the book, she relates the dramatic story of her past life in ancient Egypt and her apprenticeship with Divine Ptahotep.

Her other books include The Day With Yoga, Self Healing, Yoga & Destiny, Sexual Energy and Yoga and Wisdom of the Tarot.

Until the end of her life, Elisabeth Haich lectured and counseled seekers.

Elisabeth Haich died on July 1, 1994. The following is an excerpt from a letter (dated 28th Oct 1994) written by Yesudian to the students of the Yoga School after the death of Haich:

...She left us all at the wonderful age of 98, completely healthy, spiritually aware and conscious - only her body was not capable of containing her great spirit. Her last words were: “I shall held the Exercitium and nobody else”. These determined words will be fulfilled in her next life. She was never a burden to those who looked after her physical needs till the last. She left after fulfilling her universal mission. She will continue to work through her wonderful books and through people who received her enlightening message and pass it on to those in need. Personally I miss her company very much after being with her for about 55 years constantly. It was a great privilege for me to shoulder her responsibilities which needed much strength, which flowed into me the more I served her. She was always a symbol of strength which
will inspire all those who knew her personally...

About Selvarajan Yesudian

Selvarajan Yesudian, son of an Indian doctor, came in 1936 to Europe to study medicine. In Hungary he met Elisabeth Haich and from that time onwards they remained in close companionship for 55 years and share therefore a similar biography.

Soon after they met, he began to give together with her lectures and courses about Hatha yoga.

They wrote their first book “Yoga and Health” which reached an edition of 100,000 in Hungary within three years (Today more than 1,8 millions in numerous languages).

During the 2nd world war Yesudian assisted his pupils and friends unshakably and remained to them a light and support.

At the end of World War II, he relocated with Haich to Switzerland and there they established their famous Yoga schools.

Details about his life and past lives can be found in the book Initiation.

Selvarajan Yesudian passed away in October 1998.


On Suffering and Self Discovery

In the last great epoch in human history, people in the west forgot completely that it isn’t enough to know the secrets of physics, mathematics, and chemistry, and that on the contrary the very first object of man’s study, research and understanding should be man himself, the discoverer of all these secrets. While his attention was directed to things outside himself, he neglected to look inside and ask the question, Who am I? This omission had serious consequences: while technological developments became ever more perfect, man himself became more and more imperfect. At the very time that engineering and technology were enhancing man’s personal comfort, his soul was sinking deeper and deeper into dissatisfaction and misery. A person who has lost himself is plagued by burning unrest, and the result of inner dissatisfaction, tragedy within the man, is always war, destruction, cosmic catastrophe. Humanity plunges into misery for the same reason that people seek happiness outside themselves, instead of in the one and only place where it can be found, within! But the sufferings that often seem to grow and compound themselves finally force us to turn our attention away from things and toward the person who is suffering — ourself! Sooner or later we must learn that the true reason for our sufferings is our abysmal lack of self-understanding and self-control. Man simply does not know his own soul and the principles and forces at work deep within it. He does not know the source of his thoughts or the tree of his wishes, and chained dawn by this ignorance of his own being, cannot control either himself or his destiny. In the same blind way in which he follows his animal instincts and urges, fate buffets him to and fro like a rudderless ship in a storm. On the other hand, when one has learned recognize the various levels at which life goes on within his self, and learn to control himself, he is also able to control his fate. The power which guides our fate did not create man for misery but for happiness. Only blindness pushes him into suffering.

- From Self Healing, Yoga & Destiny by Elisabeth Haich

On Sexuality

. . . sexual desire stems from a feeling of deficiency, from the search for a complementary half which we lack, without which we feel alone and forsaken. If, however, we have found everything in ourselves, if we are a whole, what more do we require? What can we lack?

- From Sexual Energy and Yoga by Elisabeth Haich

On Man's Destiny on Earth

The highest creature on earth is man. It is his task to carry out the completion of the spiritualization of the earth, a task at which all living creatures are at work, each within the limits of its own particular stage of development. And every human being who transforms himself from a being identical with the body into a being reawakened in spirit, a divine being - identifying his consciousness with the divine self - has fulfilled his duty. He has spiritualized a bit of the earth. He has advanced by one step the salvation of the earth. Then he can cooperate as a helper in the salvation of other beings.

- From Initiation by Elisabeth Haich


Unfortunately, the Yesudian-Haich Yoga school doesn’t exist any more. It was closed in 1989 due to the advanced age of both founders.

Secretary office of Yesudian-Haich

The secretary office of Yesudian-Haich still exists in Zürich, Switzerland, from which you can get books in English and some other information.

Restelbergstr. 89,
Zurich, CH-8044, Switzerland

Books & Media

Recommended Books: 
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by Elisabeth Haich


An autobiography that connects the twentieth century European life of internationally beloved teacher Elisabeth Haich and her lucid memories of initiation into the hidden mystical teachings of the priesthood in ancient Egypt. It reveals her insights into the subtle workings of karma, reincarnation, and spiritual development.