Ekkirala Krishnamacharya

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Master E.K.
Veda, Yoga, Theosophy
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India, Europe
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Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh, India
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Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamacharya (Master E.K.), born on August 11, 1926 in Bapatla (India) was a university lecturer for Vedic and oriental literature at the Andhra University of Visakhapatnam. Besides this activity he founded numerous spiritual centres in India and Western Europe as well as schools and more than 100 homoeopathic dispensaries in India, where the sick are treated for free.

He made the work for the well-being of society the centre of his teaching and his life. He lead thousands onto the path of yoga, to a way of life and balance between spirit and matter and of harmony between man and cosmos.

In his 24th year Master CVV appeared to him while meditating. This opened the Path in his life. He identified himself with the work of world goodwill and the Planetary Hierarchy in 1953. He was linked up with the Hierarchy of the Masters of Wisdom in 1958. The Magnum Opus – “Spiritual Astrology“ - was given out by him in 1965. In 1971 he founded The World Teacher Trust for the spiritual fusion of East and West and he travelled extensively all over the globe for spreading the message of Eternal Wisdom and Universal Love. His main work was to sow the seeds of the Aquarian Energy, which was received by Master CVV, who transmitted the energy around the etheric plane of the globe to enable faster individual transformations and the consequent growth.

Master E.K., coming from the second ray ashram of Love-Wisdom, was also entrusted with the age-old teaching and healing work, which is the main work of the Hierarchy. He was a healer of a higher order. His visits to the sick enlivened them, his healing touch alleviated the suffering. He chose homoeopathy as an excellent means of service. He not only practised homeopathy, but also conducted many classes and thus awakened homoeo-consciousness. However he did not despise other branches of medical science, and at several instances he sought the help of allopathy to save the life of the patients.

He authored many books in English and in Telugu. His writings cover Veda, yoga, astrology, homoeopathy, ancient wisdom, spiritual practice, modern novels, drama, poetry ... He had a deep insight into esoteric astrology as well as mundane astrology. At periodical intervals he conducted classes on astrology explaining in detail the correspondence of man and the cosmos.

The work of group building commenced in a very significant way from 1977. Wherever he went, taught and healed, groups emerged to follow the Path, which the Master was indicating, both through teaching and healing. The groups work with the age-old formula of meditation, study, and service.

In all this activity of teaching, healing, and group building he remained impersonal and a witness to all manifestations of work. He was simple and spread simplicity. His way of normal living with human and spiritual values is itself a good demonstration of the teachings he spread. He was a multi-cut diamond shedding forth love and light.

He left his physical sheath on March 17, 1984, on Pisces Full Moon Day. It was a 30 years work of teaching, healing, writing and moulding the lives of people in tune with the Plan.


I have come down to earth not to be worshipped by the crazy dreamers as their God once again in a new name. But I am here to be realized by the workers as their own expression of work. I AM yourself uttered forth as your own Master. Remember that you are not different from your own Master. You are in no way other than your own Master. You have no second to yourself, the 'I AM' in you. Let East and West be fused in 'ME': the 'I AM' of all. Live, work and realize ME in you.

The first step, for every aspirant, is to know that he is a column of consciousness. Other personality identities are illusion. The second step, is to know that the individual unit consciousness has no separate existence, it belongs to the Universal Consciousness. At the first step he realises I Am, at the second step he realises I Am THAT -THAT meaning the Un-definable, Universal Energy. This second step is called AHAM SAHA, I Am THAT. At the third step the individual consciousness absorbs itself into the Universal Consciousness of Existence, only THAT remains, the individual ceases to be. This state of THAT is called in Sanskrit BRAHMA AHAM ASMI. Thereafter, in the fourth step, the individual returns from THAT. He is no more the one that got absorbed into IT. He comes back as THAT only. This fourth step is called THAT I Am.

May the Light in me Be the Light before me.

May I learn to see it in all.

May the sound I utter reveal the Light in me.

May I listen to it while other speak.

May the Silence in and around me Present itself.

The Silence which we break every moment.

May it fill the darkness of noise we do.

and convert it into the Light of our Background.

Let virtue be the strength of my intelligence.

Let realization be my attainment.

Let my purpose shape into the purpose of our Earth.

Let my plan be an epitome of The Divine Plan.

May we speak the Silence without breaking in it.

May we live in the awareness of the Background.

May we transact Light in terms of Joy.

May we be worthy to find place in the Eternal Kingdom OM.



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Books & Media

Recommended Books: 
Cover image

Science of Healing

by Master E.K.


Healing it the age-old art of mankind. The origin of life includes the origin of the principles of life preservation. Knowledge is the heritage of man and primitive ages were no exception to it. All the ancient nations have their own approach to the Art of Healing. The present age of materialism in medicine has narrowed down the scope of healing but it is a passing through a phase which is necessary before a rediscovery of the ancient truth. A few lectures which Dr. Ekkirala Krishnamachary gave out at different places in the Occident have been gathered and published in this book. This contains all the seeds of the various branches of the Healing Wisdom of the ancients.