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E.J. Gold ,Eugene Jeffrey Gold, Gorebagg
Spiritual Teacher
Fourth Way, Sufism, Shamanism, Zen
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USA, Canada, Spain
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NYC, New York, USA
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EJ Gold was born December 27th, 1941 in New York City to Horace and Evelyn Gold. His father Horace was the editor of Galaxy magazine, a seminal science fiction periodical and his mother Evelyn was a dancer and artist. He grew up surrounded by some of the greatest science fiction writers of this century, artists and intellectuals, the Who’s Who of the Arts in America of the 40’s and 50’s: Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein, Frank Herbert, Alfred Bester, Harlan Ellison, Theodore Sturgeon and Robert Silverberg to name just a few. Other celebrities associated with his family included geniuses from the arts and the sciences like John Cage and Merce Cunningham who were frequent Friday night card players at the Golds'. As an infant he was known to deeply enjoy listening to classical music, a favorite composer of his was observed to be Shostakovitch and he would happily listen to his pieces for hours. He entered as an awakened being.

He is a true "Renaissance Man" and has been involved/worked with/in a multitude of fields/endeavors, some of them include the TV/Film Industry, Intelligence Op, Midwifery, Professional Photographer, The Music/Recording Industry, Tree Planting, Acting, Mime, Gold Mining, Dance, Theatre, Bookstores, Restaurants, Videogame Deign, Art of every type and Plasma Physics just to name a few. There truly is no way to effectively cover all his myriad interests in this forum and i strongly suggest the purchase of "More Color Less Soul" The Photobiography of E.J. Gold as a starting point to all interested seekers, here is a link- www.hei-art.com/books/ejgbio.html

The Institute for the Development of the Harmonious Human Being, Inc. or IDHHB is the school EJ Gold founded beginning in the early 60s, it was incorporated as a non-profit in September 1971. The School is located in Grass Valley, California and has both local and worldwide students. Many of his students have been working with him for 30 years or more. This School has a strong focus on group work and knowledge gained by experience. For more information click here- www.idhhb.com/

At this point we arrive in the NOW, as in, what is EJ Gold doing now? As always, many things! He teaches on a daily basis, creates videogames in the Godd engine, gives regular onsite workshops, caretakes a Zen garden, paints, sculpts, teaches art classes at a local art store each week, runs gorebaggtv- www.justin.tv/gorebaggtv gives online realtime workshops each Saturday and Sunday at 6:30am PST on www.idhhb.com/stream and has recently started a new guitar lessons series called Beginning Guitar, you can watch the first lesson here- http://tinyurl.com/ldmmyk He does all this and more while continuing to teach and guide his many students. On top of all these areas of work he recently invented/created a new and powerful mediation technology called Beta Blockers and spends the greater part of each day producing various pieces for students and non-students alike. The Beta Blockers are created with early 1900s crystal radio technology and each piece is handmade by him. The purpose of this new technology is the blocking of the Beta or "thinking" mind thereby allowing easier access into deep meditation states, creative zones and the psychic/intuitive areas of the mind. EJ works tirelessly each day and every day, producing these so that each and every person that wishes this opportunity can have it.

I thank you for your attention and send you best work wishes. And i strongly urge all those that are interested in EJ Gold's teachings to get in touch, make contact, get online with him...in other words i urge interested seekers to take the opportunity to BE with EJ GOLD right HERE, right NOW.


"Who is E.J. Gold?" This is a common question amongst those who stumble upon his Teaching or hear about him through the ever-present network of "spiritual travelers." I have known E.J. for 20 years having first discovered his name in a listing for a study group in the classified advertising section of a new-age newspaper. Through meeting one of his students I was invited up to his home to visit the man himself. In the first hour of our time together he demonstrated his skills as a fine actor, a consummate comedian, a brilliant scholar, an accomplished chef, and an unerringly intuitive spiritual Teacher. Who is E.J. Gold? Needless to say I was impressed. As our friendship grew and deepened over the years, I found him to also be an amazingly versatile artist (painting, drawing, sculpting, music, jewelry making) an expert gemologist, dealer in antiquities, an extraordinary writer, not only of spiritual topics but humor and science fiction as well (Robert Silverberg has said of E.J.; "Illuminating, outrageous and astounding."), and knowledgeable in the mechanics of the human condition to a degree that one could only call mastery.

E.J. Gold is certainly a man of many talents and many accomplishments. I also found him to be someone who is totally and irrevocably dedicated to service to other beings. The debt I owe him for his acute and trustworthy help in my own growing maturity as a teacher is immeasurable. So why is E.J. not better known, even in his own country? His style is wild, paradoxical, uncompromising and provocative at turns, and so startlingly clear and precise at other times that it is shocking. He teaches experientially, not academically. Sad to say, yet obvious to any sincere seeker, the average person mouthing some simplistic new-age formula for self-improvement is not interested in the genuine experience and process of self-observation and transformation.

E.J. Gold has, nonetheless, been a prominent albeit controversial figure, first in the human potential movement and then in the spiritual movement, for close to 30 years. He is often called a "Teacher's Teacher" having been friend, mentor, trainer, even apprentice master to many of America's contemporary field of spiritual guides. He has authored over two dozen books and is currently the editor of "Galaxy" Magazine. His art has been exhibited in many one-man shows throughout the U.S. and Canada and has been used to illustrate a number of prominent book covers.

Where did E.J. Gold come from? Only he knows and is not interested in telling. Where is he going? In answer to that question I can only say: grab hold and hang on, for no one knows. But one thing is certain, it will be an unforgettable and invaluably opportune ride!

--Lee Lozowick

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